Monster Integration - Chapter 1168 - Archer I

Chapter 1168 - Archer I

Chapter 1168 - Archer I

We slowed down our pace as we reached the edge of the Forest and our expressions have become extra serious. The moment we take a step inside the forest, we will become prey, every Grimm Monsters we come across will try to kill us.

According to data, the Grimm Monsters in the Wild have at least twenty times more numbers than us which is a lot seeing all of them are Elite. This makes us their prey but today these groups of prey will hunt the hunters.

"Let's enter," Jimmy said softly and led us into the forest. The forest is completely silent, not a sound of a single animal could be heard. The Grimm Monsters like a scourge, they will destroy everything that came into their way.

Poor monsters, in the territory of Grimm Monsters all of them are nearly exterminated. Only in the human territory are they present, where hunting them is forbidden.

n.o.body is unhappy about it, there are tens of ruins where all-powerful monsters are present, they could easily go hunt those monsters.

We slowly entered the forest and were careful about not making any noise, we don't want to alert any Grimm Monsters by our noise.

"Watch Out." I and Jimmy shouted at the same time when suddenly I sensed torpedo-like attacks coming toward us at an intense speed. As I sensed the attacks, I immediately appeared beside Jimmy with my sword in hands.

Just as I appeared besides Jimmy, I saw huge arrows in front of us, they are big, each arrow is about four meters long covered in thick wind type Inheritance energy. The Tip of it is extremely sharp with a powerful Runic Array carved on it.

As I saw the arrows, the Old Set inside me were fully completely lit and the edge of my sword started to s.h.i.+ne in red as I swung my sword against the arrows. I had expected we will come across Grimm Monsters but not this soon and with these powerful attacks.


My sword clashed against the arrow and I felt like I had crashed against some super fast train, if not for me using the old set and increasing weight of my sword, I would have had to take a step back and that would have been bad as it is not the only arrow that is coming at us.


After the initial clash, my sword tore through the Arrow like it was b.u.t.ter before moving toward another arrow that was coming at Rove while Jimmy handled the one that was going after Gina.

Clang Clang Krrrrr Krrrrr….

I tore through one arrow after another and I have to say, these arrows are extremely dangerous. I am using the full power of my set to deal with it and still barely able to defend against them.

Jimmy is great at sharing the burden without him; it would have been very difficult to deal with these arrows, which seemed to be coming in all directions.

Whoever the Archer is, it is very skillful; it knows how to attack at weak points, dealing maximum damage, it is the best Grimm Monster Archer I've come untill now.

"Jimmy, let's go deal with Archer," I said, Rove and Gina had got their bearings and were now defending against the arrows fine. Though Rove is having a small problem, he could still handle it as long as Gina controlled the pace of arrows.

Jimmy looked at the two teammates before we both moved toward the Archer; I had already locked my senses on the Archer and knew where it was. Seeing us coming, the barrage of arrows increased, but we handled it and closed toward Archer speedily.

"This f.u.c.k.i.n.g wind werewolf is very fast!" Jimmy cursed as we moved toward the Archer. The archer is not only fast but also fearless; it is playing with us without any fear.

As we move toward it, it moves away speedily; it is not running away and is just changing its position at a very fast speed that even after trying our all, we are not able to catch it.

Not to forget its forest, which made it quite difficult to move around, but this is a problem for us, not an Archer. It looked like the b.a.s.t.a.r.d had trained extensively in the forest and had art, which let move flexibility in the woods without losing the speed.

Seeing that, I made a mental note to myself to train in a forest environment and make a change in the Old Set that I could move as flawlessly as the Wind Werewolves we are chasing.

I am still doing better than Jimmy, though; despite using top-speed art, he was not as fast as me in the forest.

The Old Set gives me complete flexibility to operate; after small calibration, I could better, but it was still not enough to catch the b.a.s.t.a.r.d leading on a chase like a joker.

"Jimmy, I am going to refine this b.a.s.t.a.r.d." I went to Jimmy, who immediately understood my meaning and moved away from me. It is a little risky, but it is our only option to finish this b.a.s.t.a.r.d as soon as possible without attacking other Grimm Monsters.

A small tricolor rose released from the foot as I chased the Wind Werewolf; unlike the attacks I had launched before, it did not float away; instead, it remained in its place.

The forest may be an excellent place for it, but it is also a great place for me too, here I could easily launch my attack without it getting noticed.

These Tri Colored Roses are made from my inheritance energy and are invisible to the senses due to the killing aspect of my Const.i.tution and Rule power that I add.

If it had been plain field, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d would have noticed them, but here there is no chance of it, once all the roses were placed in their position, no will able to save it from getting refined.