Monster Integration - Chapter 1169 - Archer II

Chapter 1169 - Archer II

Chapter 1169 - Archer II

"Jimmy, it's done," I said to Jimmy who was not far away from me. As he heard it, he stopped and appeared beside me sporting a toothy smile, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d had really made us chase quite a while, now it will pay for that.

"What happened to the lowly humans tired already?" Asked Wind Werewolf from the distance while still hiding. Though it played with us, it always remained cautious and maintained enough difference that it could retreat any moment it wanted.

"No, we stopped because you are already dead." I replied with a nonchalant voice, 'Second Move: Rose Refinement' I muttered inside my mind as I finally activated all the sixteen roses.

"Hahaha, Human brain must have short-circuited if you think you can ki" It said laughingly but midway it stopped when it saw big ten meters long petals coming toward it swiftly, discarding the thick huge trees in between.

It saw the attack and felt something wrong, and tried to run away but it had just covered a few meters when it found roses itself covered in multiple petals which had transformed into the big Rose and now this Rose started burning blazingly.

Jimmy and I appeared beside the rose and saw the Wind Werewolf burning inside. It was first seeing it one place, before every time we saw it, it was a complete blur. Now it is trapped inside the Rose screaming loudly but no sound came out of it.

It is a completely silent process, there are no fluctuations of energy, nor any sound. If I wanted, I would have muted the visuals too, it would just seem like a big tricolor Rose to burn brightly.

It is peak Duke and a very powerful one at that, even with our best efforts we were not able to catch it for the past fifteen minutes. It had taken four minutes for the rose to completely refine it and tuned into the ash.

A few seconds later, the roses returned to me and they seeped back to runes inside me, and their energy transferred into the Inheritance Runes.

The surprising thing about this move is now that it does not damage anything other than the target, the rose had only refined the Grimm Monsters, the ground it was on had complete remained undamaged.

It is one of the changes I had made in this move, earlier its effect used to spread around, wasting much of the precious energy but now it only affects the prey it had targeted and nothing else.

"Your move had changed a little," Jimmy commented seeing the ground where Grimm Monster was burning a few seconds ago. "Yes, earlier my control over it was a little lost, I now have quite a good grip over it," I replied and went to pick up the stuff of the Grimm Monsters.

I have not found time to look at the stuff of the Grimm Monster, even since I had come to the Fort Adorn, I had directly stored whatever I got from the Grimm Monsters in storage, I've never once looked at it.

I stored the stuff on storage pocked, so we divided all the stuff later before we started to move deeper into the forest. We were a lot more careful than earlier, the Archer was an eye-opener for us.

We moved through the forest in silence, talking only in signs. For the first ten minutes, we did not hear anything before hearing faint sounds of fighting. We did not move toward the fight, the rule of Wild is that you do not walk toward the fight, it may be real but it also is fake.

We continued to move when I suddenly stopped as I finally sensed a Grimm Monsters. It is a group of five Grimm Monsters, they too like us are silently moving toward the forest in search of the Grimm Monsters.

Seeing me stopped, my teammates also stopped and looked at me in askance, I quickly performed the signs telling them about the Grimm Monsters and their strength.

Within a minute, we finalize the plan of the attack, we will attack the two sides. On one side there will be me and Gina while on the other side there will be Jimmy and Rove.

With the plan finalized, we started to move toward the Grimm Monsters in the two groups. Our speed is slow, we did not want to alert the Grimm Monster before we attack.

A few minutes later, we finally got into the hundred meters range of Grimm Monsters, seeing that I motioned Gina and she nodded. The next moment, I and Gina burst out of our hiding spot and attacked the Scarlet Lionmen.

The Scarlet Lionmen sensed our attack when we were halfway into the distance and that time, we had already crossed the halfway distance into them and Jimmy and Rove had also attacked from the other side.

"Humans, Die!" The Scarlet Lionmen roared and whipped their huge sword at us. These Grimm Monsters are Scarlet Lionmen, as their names suggest their bodies are completely scarlet with dark red made which burns in the Scarlet flame.

These burning flames gave them a very regal look and with their seven meters tall meaty bodies they became killing machines that very few could content against.

Our luck seemed to be quite good or bad since we have entered the Wild. First, we have come across a powerful Archer, and now are Grimm Monsters from Scarlet Lionman Tribe, which is an above-average tribe in the Grimm Tribes present in the central continent.

All the five Grimm Monsters are Peak Dukes and are very powerful, and now two Grimm Monsters are attacking me.

Our sneak attack has caught them off guard, but it did not give us much of the advantage as we had expected; all five of them reacted very quickly seeing the sneak attack.

Still, I am not disappointed. Attacking sneakily is a procedure to sharpen our stealth; if these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds have died by our sneak attack, they would not be worthy to face us head-on.