Monster Integration - Chapter 1167 - Wild

Chapter 1167 - Wild

Chapter 1167 - Wild

"Such strength!" I said as I gripped my hands; the enhancements are obvious. I could feel strength running through every part of me, giving me the feeling that I could crush anything.

I checked myself for a few minutes before I activated my Inheritance. The advancement in my Physical and Soul Strength is minor; the real Advancement is my Inheritance.

As Silver Armor appeared on me, I could feel every part of it pulsing with strength. Ready to burst with immense power at the moment's notice, seeing such strength, I really want to fight something right now.

I controlled my impulse and inspected every part of it.

On the outside, there was not much difference, there is only a slight change in its feeling, and that also is very faint; very few people would be able to notice it.

I inspected the changes of Battle Mode Inheritance for a few minutes before I switched Healing Mode Inheritance, and Green Black Armor has appeared on me.

It also barely showed any change outside, but inside, it had changed considerably. Feeling changed, I want to try it immediately, but it is not the time; I have some other things to do before I try the effects.

I called off the inheritance and walked out of the practice room, and went to shower. The solution had mostly been absorbed, but it had some dregs, making me feel a little itchy.

Fifteen minutes later, I walked out of the shower and went to the kitchen after wearing the clothes. I had breakfast a few hours ago, but I am feeling hungry again, so I decided to cook something simple.

Forty-five minutes later, I finished cooking something simple; I and Ashlyn ate in silence before we both laid our places to rest.

"Tring Tring"

I am planning to swing by Hospital and Duling Hall after that when my Holowtched buzzed with a call, it was from my team leader Jimmy.

"Micheal, we got it. We got the permit to enter the Wild." Jimmy's excited voice rang out of my holowatch. "Really?" I asked; I had known that Jimmy applied for permission to go the wind, but I did not think it would get accepted, and this soon.

The permit to the Wild is very hard to get; one will have to be very powerful in their level to get that. Even in hunters, barely 20% of the teams have to be permitted to enter the Wild.

It is because of our exceptional performance in the battle we have able to get it this soon. Our team has broken numerous records, and currently, we hold the most kill record of special Profession Grimm Monsters in Fort Adorn.

We have broken the record in our first battle by killing more than a hundred Special profession Grimm Monsters and broke that record in the battles that came after. I am quite surprised about getting permits to enter the Wild, though.

Wild means outside, and unlike Grimm Battlefield of my native continent, here everyone can not go out. There three Grimm Monsters Fortresses in the hour range of the Fort and contain a huge number of Grimm Monsters.

This makes the Wild exceptionally dangerous. There are Grimm Monsters that are hunters, and we are their prey, not to mention all the Grimm Monsters that came out of only Elite; sending normal Grimm Monsters out is akin to making them meat under humans blade.

In the Wild, Grimm Monsters are not the only danger. There are other dangers, too; these dangers are far more lethal than the Grimm Monsters.

Micheal, we are leaving in an hour; get ready." He said and cut the call before saying anything more, seeing that I couldn't help but smile.

I did waste any time and changed into different clothes and wore all my artifacts. It is a little late but not much, seeing we will return by evening.

"You have come finally, Micheal; let's go," Jimmy said just as I walked out of the teleportation Gate. Seeing it had been barely half an hour since his call, I thought I had come early, but these people came earlier than me; it looked like they were just waiting for the permit.

Jimmy seemed very excited that he is barely able to control himself; going into the Wild is extremely dangerous, but it is also here one could find worthy opponents that one makes challenge one's limit.

In the battle, it is quite difficult to find a worthy opponent; one has to go through all the trash before one could find something good. Though unlike others, nearly all our opponents are, seeing we only target Special Profession Grimm Monsters, the allure of the wild is something else.

We walked toward the Gate and showed the permit to the powerful Guards who are guarding it. After a few minutes of strict checking, we were allowed to go out.

As we walked out of the city, the excitement in the faces of my teammates died down, and all of them became serious.

"Battle may seem dangerous with millions of people fighting, but it is Wild that it is most dangerous," Jimmy said softly.

"We have walked out of the city gates and become the prey; from now on, every Grimm Monsters we see will try to hunt us, and that Grimm Monsters will be a powerful one; the trash doesn't survive in the wild." He added before he turned toward us.

"We will move by foot, at our speed, it will take us an hour to cross the safe zone and enter the wild," Jimmy said and gave some instructions before we started moving toward the west at a swift speed.

The direct road between Fort Ardon and Grimm Monsters Fortresses is barren due to countless battles, but the area around it is filled with tall and thick trees.

Wild is dangerous and filled with monsters, I just hope we do not see them. It hurts to hurt one kin, even knowing they have been brainwashed since birth.