Monster Integration - Chapter 1166 - Inheritance Strengthening

Chapter 1166 - Inheritance Strengthening

Chapter 1166 - Inheritance Strengthening

I opened the bottle of Langstone Solution and poured it on my hands before it started spreading it on my body like a lotion, not leaving a single part of my body.

This is a very precious resource, and it worked as I expected to, then it would give me quite great enhancements.

Soon the whole bottle emptied; not even a single drop had remained inside. Seeing every part of my body covered in Langstone Solution, I sat on the ground, closed my eyes, and activated my Inheritance.

The whole runic circuits inside me lit up and suction was created; they had created a huge suction of energy.

The Langstone Solution is made of very precious resources and contains immense energies that, despite runes sucking it all at intense speed, there is no change that could be seen in its reserves.

Few seconds had just happened when I felt two other sources joining in taking energy, which surprised me.

It is Ashlyn and Nero who are taking me energy, and I am quite surprised by that. I am not surprised that Ashlyn is taking my energy; I had expected it; I am surprised because of Nero. It was quite surprising.

It is likely a change occurred due to his new mutation. In a battle a week ago, I have come across Lord Stage Poison Master. I was quite shocked seeing it as Lord Stage did not appear on the battlefield, it was pretty good, but I and my team had finished it off and harvested it.

That Poison Essence Rose that I had harvested from Lord Stage Poison Master Grimm Monster, I had fed to Nero, and within a week of eating it, he had gone through complete mutation.

His energy body has become even more prominent, and that is not the only change that mutation brought, seeing how Nero is taking the energies from me. I could feel his contentment as he had such energy; he was very much loving it.

Well, I would have been surprised if he hadn't. The Langstone Solution contains not only rare and precious resources but also has Miracle Fruit in it.

The level of Miracle fruit is fairly low and was just normal level up Miracle Fruit, still, when it is added with those rare, the solution it creates is pretty good.

This was the main reason there why Tyrant Stage Alchemist was needed. Not everyone could handle the Miracle Fruit energies; one needs to be exceptionally skilled in Alchemy craft it.

Ten minutes pa.s.sed by when suddenly, energies began to release from the Inheritance Runes; these energies started to spread through every inch of me, strengthening my body and Soul.

The energies that these Inheritance Runes are spread are 10% of what they are sucking. Most of the energies of Langstone Solution went to strengthening the Inheritance Runes, which is a necessity for my inheritance.

One needed to strengthen their inheritances, but to most Inheritances, it happened naturally.

These Inheritances are made from the comprehension of Super Powerhouses and capable of self-drawing the energies they need to strengthen them, but my Inheritance does not have that luxury.

I do have enough comprehension of powerful worldly energy that I could design the formation like this. So, I have to do things another way, use outside sources to strengthen my Inheritance.

It may look disadvantageous compared to other Inheritances, but I am a complete advantage. With this much control with Inheritance, I could strengthen it the way I want to help me make my Inheritance even stronger.

This is my first Inheritance Strengthening, and I choose Langstone Solution for it specially. Miracle Fruit Energy, I know the importance of Miracle Fruit energies, and I want to strengthen my Inheritances completely through it.

When I created Inheritance, the teacher let me know the snippets of very confidential information.

This information came from notes of SK, the past headmistress, and the only person who is able to successfully create the Inheritance to its completion, and only through these snippets do I was able to choose the Langstone Solution for my 1st strengthening.

This is just the first strengthening, but I already needed such rare resources; as I advanced, the resources would increase too. I don't know the things I've given Academy and Essense Roses would be enough to get such resources.

There is a Garden too. After I reach the Duke Stage, I will have to find the time and excuse to return to my continent. There I have seen some amazing resources; they will be a great help to my future strengthening.

If these things are not enough, I could always scourge some Ruins; there are many ruins that are still unexplored due to danger then represent.

In a conversation between the teacher and Professor Josephine that I heard, they said there are a lot of Ruins around our world, and some are dangerous enough that most powerful Tyrants won't dare to go there.

It is a thing of the future; I don't know how long it will take me to reach Tyrant before I could think about those excessively dangerous Runes.

It has been twenty minutes since the suction had started, and it is still going; the Inheritance and two monsters of mine weren't able to fully suck off its energy.

It would not take long though, I could feel the energy of the solution, and in a few minutes, the three sources would be finished with sucking all the energy present in the Langstone Solution.

I was right, about five minutes later, the suctions started to slow down till it completely stopped. The Langstone solution had been completely spent.

"So soon," I muttered as I opened my eyes. The teacher had warned about the power of solution, though its nature is gentle; it had immense energy that teacher had warned to take a couple of sessions to use the complete solutions.

I couldn't help imagine the look on her face if I told her I had finished with the solution in one session and only needed me about twenty-five minutes. I am sure she would be shocked.