Monster Integration - Chapter 1165 - High Level Of Lord

Chapter 1165 - High Level Of Lord

Chapter 1165 - High Level Of Lord

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"Could you show me the Essence Rose? I am sure you have kept at least one with you." He asked, I looked at him hesitantly. "Don't worry, I will not take it." He said with a smile but still saw the hesitation on my face.

"I just want to take a look at it, so I better gauge its value and tell higher-ups about it who will talk to your teacher." He said, hearing that my expressions finally relaxed and took an outbox from my storage and slid toward him.

He took the open and opened it, inside was a black rose with purple veins. He looked at the rose with normal eyes first before he used his Optical Skill.

"My G.o.d!" he gasped a few seconds after activating his optical skill, he seemed as amazed as the teacher was.

He continued to look at Rose for twenty minutes before he finally looked up and when he looked, his gaze about me had completely changed and now he is looking at me as if I am some kind of precious treasure, I couldn't help but shudder feeling his gaze.

"Do you have another type of Essence Rose? Can I look at it?" He asked, hearing that I hesitated for a second before I took our poison rose and gave it to him.

He opened the box and spent another half an hour looking at that rose before he closed both of the boxes and gave them back to me.

"I really want to take these Essence Roses." He said with a sigh before he looked at me. "Looks the higher-ups will be visiting the Academy soon," he said to that, I just smiled.

A minute later, I w.a.n.ked out of his office with a bright smile thinking about the precious resources I will soon be getting. In the six months, I've used quite a bit of resource, the teacher even gave me rare ones.

Due to me having an Apex Const.i.tution, there are very few resources that worked on me. Common resources do nothing to me. The const.i.tution has increased my strength tremendously but it also became an endless well that I have to fill to get any effects.

After getting out of Adventures paradise, I directly went to the hospital and started to heal those that were already waiting for me. Knowing about specialization, Georgina had started giving me patients with complications that require a specific set of skills.

I spent a few hours in the hospital before going back to my apartment and slept on the bed within a minute.

Days pa.s.sed by and two weeks went into a blur, In these two weeks I have partic.i.p.ated in three battles, each battle was tough and many times, I and my team walked on the edge of life and death to defeat the opponent.

Not only have I fought battles, but I have also visited the hospital nearly every day to heal patients and continued with my research which had finally borne fruit. I have made enough progress in it that I could now finally level up.

I placed the resources in my hands, and before I closed my eyes and went inside my Inheritance Place. There, I tapped several times on the runic Humanoid with the Golden Ring above its head.

With the last tap, it started to s.h.i.+ne brightly, and I was thrown out of the Inheritance s.p.a.ce. My eyes remained closed, and I gritted my teeth as the pain began to course through my body as change started to occur inside me.

Some runes got destroyed while new runes appeared on their faces, changing the structure of the formation. Every optimization felt like a software upgrade of my Holowatch; there will be some optimization or change at every upgrade.

The process lasted for fifteen minutes, and I finally reached the High Level of Lord Stage; and there were also some good changes in my inheritance, which increased its power.

I could feel the power coursing through my body, and I fought the enemies of my last battle; now, I will have an easier time defeating them.

'With breakthrough done, I could finally use that thing the teacher had sent.' I thought as I started to undress.

After I undressed my birthday suit, I picked up the bottle from the ground. It is a bottle size of half of an a.d.u.l.t palm, and inside it milky, while liquefied shades of blue and red.

'This is Langstone Solution.' It is made from very rare resources, that four resources came from three Resources came from the Three Supremes, and one Tyrant organization and that teacher had gotten exchanging my Roses.

Currently, the Teacher had made a complete ban on my Essense Roses, but she said she would not be able to keep that ban for much longer; the pressure from the Supreme Organisation is too great to share these resources, especially from Wisdom Tower and Hawthorn Sea to which we are a.s.sociated.

Like the teacher had expected, the news about both types of roses has spread into Supremes in a matter of a few days that sent their members to the academy after I threw all the responsibility to teach.

Currently, we are sharing normal roses with Supreme and a few Tyrants, but in less than half a month, we will have to share Essence Roses with Supreme too; the pressure is too great that even the teacher was unable to stall them for longer.

The teacher said she and a bunch of guys are doing research on it, and very soon, they will get a concrete result that will help her negotiate better for the Essence Roses.

I have given all that responsibility to the teacher, the only thing I need is resources and data of her research, which she is providing, and Langstone Solution is one of the resources.

This is a very precious alchemical product that needs Tyrant Level Alchemist to craft it, and now I have. I couldn't help wondering how much progress I will make from it.