Monster Integration - Chapter 1164 - Meeting II

Chapter 1164 - Meeting II

Chapter 1164 - Meeting II

"Come in." A deep voice said from inside, hearing that I opened the door and walked inside. The room was normal office size, there was a wooden desk and behind it was a man in a suit.

He looked to be mid-forties with jet black hair and a small beard, which is cut very professionally.

He is wearing a blue suit and badge of Wisdom Tower; seeing the design and color of the badge, I know he is the Emperor Stage powerhouse, and by the faint aura that is coming from him, he is either at peak stage or a high stage; it is quite hard to distinguish.

"Professor Lucas, thank you for inviting me," I said politely as I entered inside, "It's no trouble, the goods you have are quite good that the tower has sent me to make the deal." He said as he motioned me a seat.

"The Ailment Roses you harvest are very good for the research and teaching young healers, but don't you think you are asking too much." He said, "A drop of Violet Clear Water is very precious and needs quite a lot of effort to harvest it." He added while pressuring me faintly with his aura.

The aura is faint, and I felt like a mountain weighing on me. The Emperor Stage powerhouse is so powerful that the simple breath of the weakest Emperor could turn me into dust.

Still, despite facing such aura, there was no change in my s.p.a.ce; a soft smile on my face has even widened up by a fraction.

In the six month of my lessons with the teacher, she had many times pressured me with her aura. I can't count the number of times I bled and fainted by it.

Compared to what I had faced from the teacher, this is nothing that I did not have to strain myself to bear. His eyes showed faint surprise seeing my nonchalance, but that surprise has disappeared as it came, but the aura continued to pressure me.

"Professor, the Roses are the resource only I could create, and the teacher said that I should ask for three drops of Violet Clear Water instead of one," I replied with a smile.

His expression faltered for a moment when he heard me mention my teacher before the smile on his face widened a little.

"Your teacher, how can I forget about her. An accomplished Healer like her would have seen the value of the roses just as a glance," he said with a sigh before he looked at me directly.

"Are creating these through the Art, if you are then Wisdom Tower willing to finance your practice, no matter how much resources you need for your practice, the tower will give it to you." He said the hope is very apparent in his eyes.

"My apologies, but I could not give you my Art even if I wanted to; it had come with my Inheritance," I replied; a look of disappointment appeared on his face before it turned to normal.

"How many curse Roses can you provide? Wisdom Tower is willing to buy all your have." he asked, "I could provide you at least ten thousand and more if I have left some by the end of the month." I replied.

Wisdom Tower is not the only Organisation I want to squeeze, and there are other organizations who all control other precious resources.

"Ten Thousand is a little less than we expected, but we will take it, and if you get more, then you can give it to Georgina." He said, to which I nodded and pa.s.sed the storage to him.

He took it and scanned it with the senses for a few seconds before looking back at me.

"If you don't mind me asking, you can harvest these Roses from all the Special Energies, right?" He asked, "Yes, as long as it is special energies, I can harvest them into roses." I replied, to which he nodded, and the next moment, a tiny bottle appeared in his hand, which he slid at me.

I looked at a small bottle, which is about my thumb size, filled with thin violet liquid, which had a faint s.h.i.+mmer in it. I couldn't help but feel excited; this resource will be beneficial to me, especially now with my Inheritance.

"Thank You," I said as I stored it in my storage, he nodded and I was about to ask permission to leave when spoke again.

"These Roses are not the only Roses you could create, right. There are better ones right that you have harvested directly from the Grimm Monsters?" He asked and tapped a few b.u.t.tons, and on camera, a very blurry footage of me harvesting rose from Grimm Monsters is shown.

The footage is very blurry that one would not understand what is happening; the inheritance energies make cameras go haywire, especially drone cameras. To capture footage clear, one needs to specialize in cameras that are quite big or imaginary stone, which is very rare.

The footage may not be very clear, but it carries the intentions needed and seeing that I couldn't help but smile mirthlessly. The teacher had said people would come to ask, and I had also expected that much but not this quickly.

"Yes, I can harvest Rose directly from the Grimm Monsters, I called it Essence Rose, but I can't give you that; the teacher had forbidden me to sell it without her permission," I said with an apologetic smile.

He was surprised hearing that, but soon, an understanding smile appeared on his face. "It is for those Essense Roses that Josephine Charleston has come to Fort Ardon earlier, right?" he asked with a knowing smile. I remained silent to his question.

Essence Roses have become special resources of the Academy now, and it is because the Academy has a special relations.h.i.+p with two Supremes, one of which he is a member of.

If it is not for that, he would not be this polite with me and accepted the rates with a smile. These Supreme fear no one, even Tyrant level Academies are trashed in front of them.