Monster Integration - Chapter 1163 - Meeting I

Chapter 1163 - Meeting I

Chapter 1163 - Meeting I

Teacher continued to look at them for a while before she tapped on a few b.u.t.tons of her holowatch and a few seconds later an old man appeared in the room. Seeing the old man, the professor's expression changed as a smile appeared on her.

Seeing her lying like a lazy cat old man said something but the professor did not seem to care for whoops, she smiled and said something to the old man which again made him angry and he said something, the professor opened her mouth to reply when the teacher said something which shut the professor.

While their banter is going on, there is a surprise flashed on my face. This old man is very familiar to me, he is the same foul-mouthed old man who was guarding the Creation Heart Inheritance.

I have a.s.sumed him to be King Stage powerhouse, at max Emperor stage but seeing how Teacher is being respectful to him, it seemed like this old Man is Tyrant and not an ordinary Tyrant either.

After the teacher's angry shout, the old man walked beside the teacher and looked at roses, he too seemed to be using some sort of Optical Skill as his eyes also turned silvery.

Both started to observe the Essence Roses before they started to talk between them. The old man had a look of amazement for a while before his eyes began to s.h.i.+ne brighter, and as he observed more.

This continued for more than fifteen minutes before the s.h.i.+ne in the teachers' eyes had died down, and she looked at me.

"You have not traded these Roses with anyone, did you?" She asked. I felt happy that she unmuted the sound for the past twenty minutes; I have no clue what they were talking about.

"No, I wanted to go over with you before starting to make any design about them," I said. I had clearly understood the value of the roses and wanted to ask the teacher about her view about it.

"It's a good thing you did not make deals, these Essense Roses are far more precious than you imagine." She said, hearing that I am not surprised. I kind of expected it after an hour of research into them.

"They not only could be used in research but also in Alchemy and as the main material for the Totem Artifact."

"We will be doing research on them, finding a perfect usage for them." The teacher said she seemed very excited when she said that, almost fanatic. "Ok, I will try to get them as much as I can," I said, seeing the importance of Essense Roses.

"Don't take too many risks." The teacher said, and her voice had become firm when she said it.

"Don't worry; I will not take risks." I lied. The battle two days ago was full of risks; every battle contains huge risks, especially for the people like me who usually deal with Special Profession Grimm Monsters.

"Just take care of yourself." The teacher said with a sigh, understanding the futility of words; we talked for a few more minutes before I finally cut the call. I closed my eyes for a few seconds, and before opening them, I have loads of research to do.

I have to make a breakthrough to the high stage; I will have to improve my Inheritance. I hope to make those improvements in a week or two before finally breaking through the high stage of Knight.

Before, it would have been difficult, but now it is possible with Essense Rose. I continued to research the Essence Rose till late afternoon before getting off the chair and went to my room and laid on my soft bed.

Essence Roses are not the only thing I need to improve my Inheritance; I have to study other things. It is a good thing that at my current stage, I do not lack in research materials.

I not only have the Seven Books that contain the complete knowledge of seven Elements of my const.i.tution, but I also have Inheritance notes that I had read before and perfectly recall them in my inheritance s.p.a.ce.

Those Inheritance notes have been filled with knowledge. It contains the ideas of a writer, but there is also reference about other Inheritances the author had researched to create his inheritance.

Time pa.s.sed quickly even in Inheritance s.p.a.ce that before I knew it, my holowatch buzzed. A few minutes later, I opened my eyes, and as I had expected, there was a mail from the wisdom tower about the meeting.

It was at 9:00 PM; I had plenty of time to cook and eat before going to the meeting.

Getting out of bed, I freshened up to wash away my tiredness before I walked to the kitchen and started to cook.

An hour later, I finished cooking dinner and served. The dinner was not fancy, just a regular meal, but it was delicious as always. Day by day, my cooking skill is improving, and it also helps now that I have one of the best ingredients for cooking.

We finished eating in half an hour, and a few minutes after that, I laid down and rested; there was still quite a time before the meeting, and I plan to rest till then as I will not have any for a few hours.

After my meeting with powerhouses from Wisdom Tower is done, I will swing by the hospital for a few hours. Though I now do not need a normal curse, Roses, I am still a healer who has a job to heal.

Not to forget, content practice will improve my skill and give me new ideas, and also the way I will earn myself wealth.

They will still have to go to the Academy; the normal Roses still have great value to the Academy and me getting resources from other Organisations in exchange.

Soon it was 8:30 PM, I quickly changed, and a few minutes later, I walked out of my quarters towards the Adventurers Paradise.