Monster Integration - Chapter 1152 - Battle II

Chapter 1152 - Battle II

Chapter 1152 - Battle II

"What is it?" They asked in unison, "It is Rose Protection. It will help you against the Curses, Poison, and energies of the other Special professions." I replied.

They seemed quite surprised by it; most of the healing moves worked after one got afflicted, not before.

"How powerful, is it?" Jimmy asked, "It is quite powerful; it will even save you against a direct full power attack Duke Level Special Profession Grimm Monster." I replied.

A look of shock appeared on their faces; what is the full-power attack of Curse Master? It helps the power of killing; once, it is very difficult for one to survive, I am now telling them they can survive it.

I have little underestimated the power of the rose; this move of mine hadn't been tested on the battlefield before; I don't want to sound the trumpet before the full results are out.

This battle will help me get all the data; it is okay if it worked as it is supposed to. If it is not, I will get to know the reason and fix the move to work as it should.

Jimmy wanted to say something; I could see he had many questions, but Grimm Monsters were almost on us, and in a few seconds, both sides would clash.

"I hope it works as you say," Jimmy said, and he activated his Inheritance like those around him.

Seeing it is time, the color of my Armor also changed; from Healing Mode, it went to the Fighting Mode. The Armor became completely silver with an emblem of multicolor sparrow wings. At the same time, my sword appeared in my hand.

That again surprised my teammates; it is very unlikely for the Healer to have such weapons. They usually have small weapons, but I have one of the biggest, heaviest designs for human standards.

"Keep an eye on the special; we will move at it as soon as we spot it," Jimmy said, and we all nodded. I had already spotted a couple of Curse Masters and one Poison Master on the force of Grimm Monster with special sense my const.i.tution is providing, but their places are constantly changing.


Finally, our forces clashed, and the sound of metal clas.h.i.+ng rang through the battlefield. We are in the middle, so we have reached the Grimm Monsters, but that will happen very soon.

"There are two Curse Masters in the northeast direction; one is at three hundred meters away while the other one five hundred meters away," I roared; my teammates heard it and a look of surprise flashed in their eyes, but they did not ask a question about it.

We started to move toward the northeast toward the direction of the Curse Master in the sea of humans. A few seconds later, we spotted a tide of Grimm Monsters cras.h.i.+ng against the tide of humans at the front.

We unhesitatingly crashed into the tide of Grimm Monsters with our fellow humans. We did plan to enter the wave of Grimm Monsters; that would be idiocy. The Curse Masters will also not act this soon.

In a few minutes, both of the forces will make full contact, and that we would be time for our hunt; till then, we will pa.s.s some time cutting the Gra.s.s.

Seeing the Grimm Monster coming at me, excitement burned through me, and some runes inside my body lit up.

I moved as I was teleported and appeared beside Jimmy who was in the lead and about to attack the Grimm Monster. I appeared beside him and swung my sword at Seven Meters tall, Mid Level Duke Brown Horseman.

It had a vicious smile seeing me appear in front of it, but as it caught my sword, the smile on its face froze, and an expression of dread appeared. It tried to activate its Defensive arts, but it had become too late.

Slas.h.!.+ The transparent blade of my sword with a faint red edge had cut through the Armor and Skin of the seven meters tall Brown Horseman without any resistance, and my engines a.s.saulted both parts of its bodies, killing it immediately.

After killing one Brown Horseman, I moved at another. There is a group of hundred, some of them present. Some of them have noticed the killing of their friends and came to me like wild.

Puch Slash Slash…

I moved like the wind, never staying in one place for more than a moment. Sounds of slash and stabs started to ring out around me as I reap the lives of Brown Hors.e.m.e.n, and they are powerless to stop me.

I would kill them and store their bodies and kill them and store their bodies. I continued doing that for little more than a minute before I realized there were no Grimm monsters in the ten meters range of me; I had killed every Brown Hors.e.m.e.n that were around me.

Seeing there were still a few minutes before both groups started to fight earnestly, I moved toward Snow Leapardmen. These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are known for their speed and long claws, which, if hit even slightly, could freeze one's whole body.

I jumped into the group of Snow Leapardmen and started killing them, they may be fast, but I am faster. Even I enter their group where about two hundred monsters are present; not a single one can touch me despite them at the Duke Stage.

The thrill of killing is great, it has been eight months since I last killed the Grimm Monsters, and now I am killing it, and without any restraint, I am enjoying it.

It is also the first time I am freely using the old set without restraint. Even in my fight against the Samual, I did not get to use the 'Old Set' without restraint as I am doing right now.

It took me a little more than two minutes. I killed nearly all Snow Leopardmen; all of them were at Duke stage, with some of them being peak dukes; I have killed them all.

I was about starting on the other group of Grimm Monster when suddenly, I sensed something. The specialist has started to move forwards, seeing that I smiled as the hunt had started.