Monster Integration - Chapter 1151 - Battle I

Chapter 1151 - Battle I

Chapter 1151 - Battle I

Soon we flew over the Army and saw a half of the force had nearly a.s.sembled and it was huge. Millions and Millions of people lined in neat lines, standing straight with a battle spirit burning in their eyes.

Such a powerful force would need just a few minutes to crush the whole warzone to the ground.

This Level 4 force will be led by the powerful King Level powerhouses; as for how many of them, I don't know but usually, in such battles, there is a minimum of five King Stage powerhouses partic.i.p.ating.

I am very excited about this battle, not only because it will be months after I am going to fight against the Grimm Monsters but also because I want to try one move on the Grimm Monsters.

I don't know if it will work, but if it did, it would be extremely helpful to me in further developing my moves and my Inheritance. It will not only be helpful to me but also to others who want to research Poison/Curse and etc.

Thud Thud Thud…

We landed at our a.s.signed place and waited for our next order. Within an hour, everybody will be gathered, and we will march toward the Grimm Monsters fortress.

Soon an hour pa.s.sed, and a force of Ten Million people gathered in front of Fort Ardon. Of the Ten Million, either million are Dukes, one million are Lords, and Another million are Princes. We all are led by Kings.

As we were waiting, seven streaks of colorful lines flashed in the sky before they stopped. The seven streaks of Lights are Seven King Level powerhouses, each emitting an extremely powerful aura.

Women who seemed to be in her early twenties are leading the battle. She is wearing tight black Armor and a black spear in her hand. I noticed an interesting thing about her; she is wearing a cape.

I've never seen anyone wear a cape in reality before, it looked amazing on TV but not in reality, but this young woman proved me wrong. The cape suited her very well; she looked very heroic in it.

"So, it is Matilda leading us." Jimmy said as he looked at the women, 'So, Matilda.' I thought. I did not know much about this Matilda except for her topping the Kings Chart of Fort Ardon.

There is a power chart in each fort, where Top 10 powerhouses of each stage are shown, and Matilda has the top position in the Kings Chart. When I checked her battle record, I found it was quite great.

"Forward." She shouted, and all ten million people flew in the air before following her in complete sync. The scene looked amazing. It seems like humans have bloated the Sky completely.

As we reached high in the air, we shot in the sky with great speed. Such speed is above what a Lord could get with the Void Boots. To fly at such speed, one will need to have good command over the worldly energy.

When we flew, my teammates looked at me with surprise; they had thought I would take worldly energy from a huge cloud that millions of people had created, but no, I had summoned my worldly energy and flew according to it.

In the academy, I had given myself one hour daily to worldly energy. It is not only required for flying but also needed for most of my moves. The better I have control over it, the stronger my moves would become.

We continued flying for more than half an hour when finally Fortress of the Grimm Monsters appeared in front of my eyes, and I have to say, the pictures did not do justice to it.

It is Majestic. It is mostly white, with sky-reaching towers, and now it is completely covered in a forcefield.

There is a huge army of Grimm Monsters standing in front of their fortress. The numbers are at least four times higher than us. Even I shuddered slightly, seeing those numbers, but people around me seemed fine; the battle spirit in their eyes burned at even greater ferocity.

"Down!" Matilda's voice rang out, and except for the Kings, everything started to land on the ground. King Level is different from the other levels; here, one received the bigger stage boost. It is not wise for those below King Level to fight in the closer vicinity of them.

Shake Shake Shake…

The ground shook like an earthquake when all of us landed on the ground at the same time, but a little earthquake is nothing in front of people who could tear the earth apart.

"WAR!" "WAR!"

We had just landed on the Ground when the battle cry rang out from the Grimm Monsters, and they came at us at maximum speed. Their King Stag powerhouses and ours also met in the middle of the Battlefield, a very high air.

They have not crossed the weapons yet, but it will not take long for it; any second, the fight between the kings would start, and a minute later, it would be we that would join the battlefield.

"It is time," I said, and my teammates looked at me as Green Black Color Armor appeared on me. 'Rose Domination Forth Move: Rose Protection.' I said in my mind, and three Green Black Roses came out of my hands.

"Flip your hands," I said, they sounded confused, but they did what I asked then and showed me back on their palm; as they did, the three roses went toward them.

Jimmy looked fine with a curious expression on his face while Rove and Gina were visibly scared as if remembering the pain they had when I had extracted the curse of them.

Soon the roses touched the back of their palms and started to seep inside their hands slowly. Three of them did not seem to be in pain; most they feel is slightly cold.

Soon the roses completely seeped inside the back of their palm and became a beautiful tattoo of the rose.