Monster Integration - Chapter 1153 - Hunt

Chapter 1153 - Hunt

Chapter 1153 - Hunt

"Jimmy, let's move north," I said to Jimmy as flashed near him; he nodded as he killed the Grimm Monster he was fighting. Jimmy and I quickly finished off the Grimm Monsters that our teammates had been entangled with before moving toward our real targets.

Four of us started moving north speedily, cutting any Grimm Monsters that came in our path, and five minutes later, we have finally seen the Curse Master.

It is an Onix Eyed Ratman wearing Blue Regal Robes floating in the air with both of its hands filled with gaseous black flames, which it is throwing at any human it sees.

Ten meters around it, there are about fifty heavily armored Onix Eyed Ratmen. Each with the power of Mid Level dukes and above, this force is pretty strong and would easily be able to go against a group of average Prince stage powerhouses.

These curses of Onix Eyed Ratman are working as a bomb, inflicting wide damage, anyone who is unlucky enough to get in touch with them.

Normally this amount of curse would not deal with damage right when it is, but once enough time pa.s.sed, it will burst out with great strength and incapacitate them.

But humans have also learned to deal with the curse. Those who got cursed have the freedom to leave the battlefield. It is not only done in mercy but to save others from getting inflicted with a curse.

After the curse bursts out, it will blow up human-like a bomb spreading curse in all directions, infecting even more people. This is the main reason why these special professions are so dangerous in battle.

Seeing our team coming toward it, the Onix Eyed Ratmen got alert, and their defense got even more powerful while the Curse Master Ratman hands blazed with powerful curse fire.

"You three handle this minion; I will attack the Curse Master," Jimmy said; all of us nodded and moved to the group of Onix Eyed Ratmen.

The first Ratmen Guards seemed to be very well trained, they immediately came at the use we entered our range.

Jimmy was even attacked by five Peak Dukes Onix Eyed Ratmen. These Onix Eyed Ratmen are not the same as the Grimm Monster we have dealt with earlier; these are powerful; we will have to try hard if we want to have any chance at these Ratmen.

We were about to crash against the Ratmen when Black Curse fire came toward Jimmy and Gina. Seeing them Peak Duke, Ratman Decided to wait to attack them first.

I took one glance at my Teammates before focusing on the Nine Ratmen that are coming toward me. Seeing them, runes inside my body lit and up, and I appeared beside them and swung my sword.


I decapitated one Onix Eyed Ratmen before others could do anything. This had shocked the Onix Eyed Ratmen, and their Onix eyes started the blaze in rage as they looked at the decapitated body of their friends.

"You wretched human!" They shouted and attacked me. They are in a rage, but they have not lost a reason; they have attacked information; this formation made it hard to find the Blind Spot.

For an average person, it would be difficult, but I do not. My Killing Const.i.tution, which is being powered by my High Intermediate killing Rule, has helped me quickly a.n.a.lyze their battle formation and find the weakest link.

Their powerful Inheritance attacks on me when I suddenly disappeared from my spot and appeared behind a Mid Stage Onix Eyed Ratman.


I stabbed my sword into its chest before disappearing again, and the Ratmen reacted immediately. If I stayed in my spot a moment more, I could have been hit by numerous attacks.

I again appeared behind another weakest link and attacked, and but this they were ready; just as my sword was about to cut through the neck of one Onix Eyed Ratman, a black spear appeared to block my path.


My sword clashed against the spear, "Humans, you have luck with two attacks, but you will not anymore." said Ratman as a couple of attacks came at me. Seeing that smile appeared on my face, seeing that the spear holding Ratmen shuddered uncontrollably.

"Puchi!" It is about to say something when it found a sword of humans had pierced through its back. It had finished speaking when it lost its life.

Seeing me killing three of their friends within a second, the Onix Eyed Ratmen got serious, and are not the only ones.

The Curse Master also noticed it and sent the Ball of Curse at me at rocket speed. The Ratman had predicted the timing well, and according to it, this attack I could not dodge or defend with speed it is coming at me.

The attack is very fast, but I could dodge, but I will not; the curse is no threat. My body will handle it without any problem.

"Bang!" I let the curse attack me intentionally.

"Hahaha, Human b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you are dead; there is no way you will survive after directly getting hit by the curse." Shouted a couple of Ratmen and came at me, and at the same time, black veins started to appear all over my body.

I am at Mid Lord Stage, and if I am hit by the curse attack of Peak Duke, I will experience these symptoms. Seeing the symptoms, the Curse Master Ratman smirked and started to focus on my Duke Stage teammates.

"Human Die." Shouted Ratmen in a sharp squeaky voice and launched attacks at me. I, who is cursed, gritted my teeth and dodged the attacks, but some of them were still grazing me and injured me heavily.

These Onix Eyed, seeing my injured condition, quickly surrounded me and started to launch an attack indiscriminately. I dodged most of the attacks, but some of them still injured me.

In just a few seconds, I became completely bloodied, and I started to look like I might collapse at second. Even my Teammates became worried despite me showing them some glimpse of my power.

'It is time.' I said after a minute pa.s.sed, It was finally time to launch the attack that I had prepared for so long.