Monster Integration - Chapter 1150 - Team

Chapter 1150 - Team

Chapter 1150 - Team

I woke up early in the morning and followed my usual routine. One and a half hours later I am laying on the couch to pa.s.s half an hour before I went to Adventures Paradice to meet my new team.

I am very excited, in the early afternoon the force will move toward the Grimm Monsters for the battle. I will partic.i.p.ate in it with my team; I am very much looking forward to it.

I've never tested my abilities in a real battle; I had many spars in the Academy but not a real crazy battle. Today I will have that, I will get to test my Inheritance in a real battle.

Half an hour pa.s.sed, and I walked out of quarters with Ashlyn over my shoulder. The Adventures Paradise is the center of the city, a little distance from the hospital, but with the teleportation Gate, it only took me a second to reach there.

I walked inside the Adventures Paradise and took the elevator to the 51st floor filled with the offices of Hunter Division. When I got inside, I started to get a look from nearly everyone.

Hunter division is one of Elite Division, and all those who accepted here are Elite Dukes. So, when I, a Mid Level Lord, swaggered inside, all these Elite Dukes will give me the looks.

There is one other type of look, too; these people got complicated expressions on their faces when they saw me. I did not understand it at first before, but when I saw a few familiar faces, something clicked inside me. They were the people I had healed.

Knock Knock…

Soon I reached the office a.s.signed to my room and knocked, and it opened by the young black man sporting a brain bun. "Are you the Healer that is a.s.signed to us?" he asked, looking at me from up to down.

"Yes," I replied. Hearing that, his expressions dimmed a little, probably not expecting a Lord Healer.

"Come in." He said with a sigh as he opened the door ajar; I nodded him thanks and entered the room.

I entered the room and saw the other two members of my team are sitting inside, and seeing me, a drastic change of expression appeared on their face, and their bodies shook a little.

"You." Both said in unison with a face that is remembering something horrible. This young man and woman seemed to know me and I've also found them somewhat familiar, but I don't remember where I had seen them.

"Rove, Gina, do you know him?" The young man who opened the door asked before I could.

"Jimmy, he is the devil we were talking about earlier." The Girl replied but soon, her expression changed again as if realizing what she had said something without realizing.

"You know most people would be grateful to a healer who has healed them, and if I am not wrong, you guys were in quite a serious condition when I healed you," I said with a soft smile.

"I am sorry, it is what everyone is calling you. It somehow slipped in my mouth." She apologized. "Don't worry about it, my name is Micheal, so go around calling me devil anymore," I said with a smile which brought a smile to her face.

"You must have heard our names, but I will introduce myself again. I am Jimmy, leader of the team, and this is Rove and Gina; welcome to Team 103." He introduced.

Gina is a pretty girl with short blond hair, and Rove is a thin young man with platinum hair. All of them look a year older than me and are at Duke Stage; leader and Gina are Peak Duke while young man Rove is at High Duke Stage.

"From what I understand, your healing method is very painful, and at least takes five minutes; you know being loud and time-consuming is not a luxury we could afford in an active battle." Said Jimmy after we sat down on chairs.

"Don't worry, I do not have only one healing move," I replied with a smile, which made them take a sigh of relief. I have created two healing moves; both could be used in battle, but as they said, 'Rose Vine' is painful and time-consuming, it's a good thing my second move did not inflict any pain at all.

I had created it specifically to be used during the active battle; the teacher even said that it is one of the best battle healing moves she had ever seen, her words out to have meant something right.

"Let's get you familiar with our battle strategy before we a.s.semble," Jimmy said, and the next hour we discussed the strategy and their fighting style and how I should fit in.

They had planned to keep on the sidelines. If not for me showing the video of my fight with Samual and telling them my years of Experience in Grimm Battlefield, they would have never let me partic.i.p.ate directly against the target.

Be it a Curse Master, Poison Master, Bug Master, most of these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are protected by a group of people. These special profession Grimm Monsters are very powerful, but fighting strength is average.

Their minions have been specially trained to protect them, so it very hard to get closer to them, but these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds could easily long Close, Mid, and long-range attacks.

I would have very much liked it if I had time to practice with my teammates before Battle. Though I have seen the video they have shown me, the videos did not give a clear idea about their abilities.

But nothing could be done about it. We have to a.s.semble outside within an hour; there is no time for the team practice.

Soon an hour pa.s.sed, and we moved out of the room; we were given the order to a.s.semble outside the city. The attack will happen in the afternoon, the Grimm Monster fortress is very close, an average lord will take an hour to get there with his greatest speed.'