Monster Integration - Chapter 1142 - Domain Of Blood II

Chapter 1142 - Domain Of Blood II

Chapter 1142 - Domain Of Blood II

The Domain of Blood is not related to any Rule powers power or the domain-related abilities. It is simply a manifestation of one's killing Intent.

Though I and others are seeing blood-red everywhere, it is not. It is just our killing intent reacting and showing us the blood-red world of the Killing Intent my mother is emitting. If I looked through the camera of my holowatch, everything would be seen normal.

Mothers killing intent had erupted and it became completely focused on the group led by Old man. There are only four people in the Old man's group, including him, and to my surprise, all of them are Tyrants.

Seeing the killing intent being directed at them, three people around the old man covered themselves in their energy, only the old man remained unaffected by this ma.s.sive killing intent as he stared directly into the vengeance filled eyes of my mother without flinching.

I could see a crowd gathering around us and whispering among themselves with a knowing look. They seem to have a clear idea about my mother's sudden eruption and have a faint idea about it, but it is not a time to think about it.

The staring contest between the mother and the old man lasted for more than a minute before Mother's killing intent disappeared suddenly. "Micheal, let's go." Said Mom in a low voice.

I flew to her, and we started flying back toward the manor. I could see the old man is still looking at my mom after we are flying and as if feeling my gaze, he looked at me.

I shuddered under his cold hard gaze, but I continued, it is very hard to do it under the gaze of the old man. Though he is not using his or any strength, I still felt like there are thousands of Kg's weighing on me.

When a second later, he moved away from his gaze, I found myself sweating from head to two in such a cold environment. That old man is very powerful; his strength might even be greater than the professor Josephine.

"That old man is Wilhelm Agustus; he was the one that withheld reinforcements in that battle." She said, her voice reeked with the killing intent as she wants to tear that man apart by limb by limb.

If I had been in her place, I would want to do the same. From what I could understand, that old man was solely responsible for what had happened twenty-six years ago; if not for him, the reality would be completely different today.

Two hours later, we reached the manor. There we ate lunch together that father had already prepared before I went to the room, taking my sister with me who I am playing with.

I played with her for half an hour before getting tired and slept while I also closed my eyes and went to my Inheritance s.p.a.ce to study. I have too much material to study, not only the seven books but also the Inheritance Notes I've read before.

My Inheritance s.p.a.ce is a little more special than the other Inheritance s.p.a.ces; here, I could do nearly all things I could do in the conscious s.p.a.ce and much more, which means I could recall whatever Ive seen in my life, whatever I had read.

Now, I recall the Inheritance Notes that I had read before, I need some fresh ideas and want to take inspiration from the author of these notes.

Few hours pa.s.sed by when suddenly, I felt a touch on me; I immediately opened my eyes and greeted with big cute eyes of my sister, "Brother, give me snacks." She said with the cutest smile on her face.

"You have just woken up, and you already want to snack?" I asked. Though I said it, I had already taken out a packet of snacks and given her after she gave me a couple of kisses on my cheeks.

I put her in Ashlyn's care and went to freshen up; when I returned a minute later, I took her in hands and walked out of the room. Though she can perfectly walk now, I still liked to carry this little bundle of joy.

As I was reaching the hall, I heard a one familiar voice, and when I walked into the hall later, I saw Reva and her sister talking with my parents. "Micheal, you have come at the right time." Mother said while waving her hands.

"This is Reva, the student I took, and this is her sister Charlotte." Mom said as she introduced herself. I am not surprised to hear that mother had told me she had accepted a student.

These two girls are granddaughters of her friend, a Tyrant Stage powerhouse that died in battle twenty-six years ago. Mom blames herself for their death, and since this girl, Reva, has the same inheritance as her, she decided to accept Reva as her student.

"Micheal, Mother has a small request of you." Mom said, "What is it, mother?" I asked while looking at two girls; I am sure that her request might be related to these two girls.

"This little girl had got posting in Fort Ardon, and she is also a healer like you." Mother said as she motioned toward the younger shy girl. "She had always been in the Academy and had no experience of the outside world. I hope you look out for her in Fort Ardon." Mother said.

I doubt anyone would give her trouble since she is from Supreme; even members of Supreme will not give her trouble. She is a healer, and it is not wise to get into trouble with the healer unless one wants to die when they are most vulnerable.

So, I don't think the mother's words meant that she is likely meaning for me to help her deal with real-time healing.

Teacher said it could turn very gory when a constant influx of patients came to the hospital during the battle; such an environment could easily break a rookie who had trained in the control environment.

"Ok," I replied, and that brought a smile to the big sister, and the younger one nodded shyly in gratefulness.