Monster Integration - Chapter 1141 - Lea

Chapter 1141 - Lea

Chapter 1141 - Lea

Mom seems to be fine; the cold did not seem to affect her. Even though she has become weak as Knight, she is still a Tyrant; this little bit of cold would not do anything.

I did not ask where we were going, I just followed her in silence, and soon an hour pa.s.sed by, and we flew past the city and now moved toward the main campus of the Mistson.

But instead of flying toward the huge mountains, we flew toward the back of the huge mountains, and after flying for another one and half hour, we came across a big beautiful valley which had many crystalline streams running through it.

As the valley came before us, mother started to descend and with her, I. Soon we descended and came across a normal size gate which had 'Martyrs Cemetery' written on it, the words seemed faded but there was still a strong intent to them.

It gives off a similar feeling as the gate Academy, but this one feels less intense than one, but it has more ancientness. "This cemetery is one of the Oldest Cemeteries in the world, some Martyrs of the 1st Era War are buried here." Mother said softly before she started walking inside.

We started walking inside, as we did, I feel tense of gazes on me. Nearly everyone who is going in and out of the Cemetery is looking at us and whispering something.

All of these people are pretty powerful, every a.d.u.l.t male is King Stage or above; I've even sensed one Tyrant and a couple of Emperors in the mix.

I did not focus on them as I saw intense grief start to appear on my mother's face and silent tears started to fall from her eyes, and she did not stop them as if she did not notice them at all.

I wanted to do something, but I don't know what to do; I've never seen my mother like this. So, I just placed her hand in mine and pressed it gently as the a.s.surance. This seemed to help a little as her tears slowed down a little.

We walked through the cemetery, which looked like a garden crafted by some Grandmaster; if not for the tombstones and very silent environment, I would have thought we are a Garden.

There are tombstones everywhere; some are new, while others are old. Some are so old that barely a stone of them has remained. These really old tombstones are likely from the 1st era war when the Grimm Monster invaded and took over nearly the whole world.

The humans continued to fight back from every corner of the world before they finally acc.u.mulated enough strength to launch the counterattack. That counterattack was known as the 1st Era War.

Few more Era Wars happened after that, every few thousands of years. The last Era war had happened around three and a half thousand years ago. In that Era war, we have received the greatest victory under the lead of Ramona Hawthorn.

We have nearly uprooted the Grimm Monster from our world. If not for their indestructible fortress on the edge of the world, they would have been completely uprooted at that time.

After half an hour of walking, my mother finally stopped and slowly walked toward the lone Tombstone under a small tree. It is a simple white tombstone, with only a few words written on it.

'In the loving Memory of Lea' mother walked toward the tombstone before stopping right in front of it. She stared at it for a moment before she kneeled in front of it on both legs, and broke into the sobs.

I've rarely seen my mother cry, and most of the time, it is a tear or two; today is the day I saw her cry the most in my life; now she is sobbing like a child.

I may not know much, but I could tell that this is the tombstone of my mother's dead wife, which she had lost twenty-five years ago.

"You would have loved her." Mom said suddenly as she gently caressed the tombstone. "She had a very lovable nature, once you get to know her." she mused as she remembered her wife.

She calmed down a little after then and took out a single frost orchid, "She loved frost Orchid very much." Mon whispered as he placed a single orchid on the gravestone gently.

An hour pa.s.sed when mother finally wiped the tears off her face and looked at the gravestone with a loving smile, "I miss you very much, my Love." she said before she touched the gravestone gently and got up.

"Let's go." Mother said after taking one long glance at the tombstone. We just walked a few steps when suddenly we came across a family of five, two of them I know. They were the two girls I met yesterday.

Aside from those, there is a little boy around six or seven and two a.d.u.l.ts of my parent's age. They seemed to know the mother well, and as they gave her a soft smile and nodded at her, the mother also nodded back before we started walking on our way.

Soon we reached the gates of the cemetery and walked out; mother looked back at Cemetery for a few seconds before she finally took in the air.

We had just flown for a few minutes when mother abruptly stopped, and her eyes started blazing in rage, and killing intent that I never have seen before had erupted from her.

As it erupted, it felt like the whole world had turned red. I've never felt such horrendous killing intent in my life ever before. Even if I am completely s.h.i.+elded by it, I had paled wholly and shot back at my most incredible speed.

While shooting back, I noticed my Killing Rule which had been stuck at the Mid-level of Intermediate Stage had broken through the High Stage. If It had been a normal time, I would have erupted in joy but now it is not time.

The Killing Intent that mother had erupted with was truly shocking, I had never thought anyone could have such an amount of killing intent.

'Just how many people did she kill to get such killing intent.' I thought when I reached a safe distance; the killing intent had created the Domain of Blood. One needs to kill in millions and have extreme emotions to create something like this.

The eruption of the Domain of Blood attracted everyone, and those poor souls under it directly lost control and fell down. Anyone below the Emperor is defenseless against this domain, and even Emperors have to quickly move away from it.

Seeing even Emperors phasing away hastily, I felt relieved. Mother is truly not defenseless. If she concentrated her killing intent on the Emperor, she would easily be able to turn it into a vegetable or kill one outright.

I've read about Killing Intent having the power to kill if one was able to ama.s.s a huge amount but I've never believed it but seeing mother erupting with such killing intent that even making Emperors move away, I've finally believed it.