Monster Integration - Chapter 1140 - The Day I

Chapter 1140 - The Day I

Chapter 1140 - The Day I

"She has the same Inheritance as me, and her mother asked me to guide her for some time," she said with a sigh.

Hearing that, Family, no matter how much you are angry with them, you will always help when they are in need, and the one my mother is helping is her niece.

I nodded, and we all walked back into the Manor; though I am sad about my mother teaching Joanna, it is her choice and it's not like she is wrong.

"I have seen your battle with that kid from Sky Saber; it was quite good." Mother commented when we reached the living room, the mother rarely said anything about the battles, so I was quite surprised when she said it.

"Yes, it was a good battle," I said with a smile; though I did not use all my moves in that battle, I had used two of my powerful moves, which alone was enough to tell how difficult opponent Samual was.

"And congratulations on becoming a student of Marina Charleston; she is one of the best healers of her generations." "Sandra had many good words about her." She said. She seemed genuinely happy about me becoming a student of Marina Charleston.

"Yes, she is the best," I said the teacher is the best. It is because of her constant guidance I was able to create the Inheritance this early.

We continued chatting for a few minutes when suddenly, the mother's expression became severe.

"Did Marina healed the curse inside you? Front her recent advancement; it would have been easy for her to deal with the curse that was seeped inside you?" Mother asked, hearing that smile on my face faltered, and a mirthless smile appeared on my face.

Soon my expressions smoothed, and I decided to tell the truth about the curse. I would have liked to lie very much, but I could not; the curse inside her and me are from the same source, she will just have to focus for a few minutes, and she will easily know that curse is still inside me.

"It had become sentient," I said finally, hearing that expression on my mother's faces stilled before a look of horror appeared on her face. She clearly understands the horror of the curse as I've received it from her, and now it has become sentient.

"Don't worry, mom, there are already two seals cast over the curse, and my Inheritance is very resistant against the curse, and its resistance will increase as I level up."

"So, I will at least have a decade before that curse could do anything against me," I said, and her horror-filled expressions had finally eased up.

"I had no idea it would gain the sentient, It was sealed right after your birth, and the seal had been reinforced over a decade." Mother said softly.

Even the teacher did not know the answer to that question. It is extremely, almost impossible for non living ent.i.ties to gain the Sentient. Only when that non living thing goes through all right types of circ.u.mstances before getting sentient?

"Your Inheritance is dual attributed one, right?" Mom asked after some time, to which I nodded, "You are very lucky." she said, and a smile returned on her sad face.

I did not want to lie about my Inheritance to my mother, but I did not have any choice; if I told her the truth, she would worry about me very much.

So, it is better she did not know the truth about my inheritance and what I had said is not wrong. My leveling up will help me resist the Curse, as the higher I go, the more powerful my const.i.tution would become, and the more power I will harness from it to deal with the curse.

It's a good thing, only I have a curse. I had just checked on my sister and know she did not have even an ounce of curse energy in her body. I don't know how that happened, but the mother must have made preparations seeing the curse had seeped inside me.

Mom is not as weak as she seemed. The teacher said that my mom is still a Tyrant, but all her power is sealed fighting against the curse. They are both locked against each other; all her power is sealed to deal with the curse.

Silence fell into the room; the only sounds that could be heard is the sound of my sister and Ashlyn eating the candies.

"It's a good thing you arrived today; I will take you to meet someone tomorrow." Mother said, her voice has become very soft, and grief and sadness could be seen on her face.

"Ok," I said. We talked for a while before I went back to my room; soon, the evening came, and I cooked as usual and ate together before sleeping a few hours later.

Soon, a new day, I freshened up and showered and was about to leave for the kitchen when something suddenly clicked in my mind.

"So, it is that day," I muttered, since growing up. My mother's mood would turn sad; that day, we would usually leave her alone. Now that I think about it, one of those days came in early winter, and it is early winter in my native continent, they seemed right.

Thinking for a while, I went into the kitchen and surprised to find mother sitting there drinking coffee. Her eyes seemed red, and her face was quite tired. She seemed to be so lost in thoughts that she did not notice me entering the kitchen.

I did not disturb her and continue to make breakfast; by the time I was finis.h.i.+ng, my father also came holding my sister. All of us remain silent; even my sister, who is usually loud, played silently with my sister.

Soon I finished making breakfast and served, and everyone ate silently. If it were any other day, this much silence would have felt weird, but today is different; the long silence suits the day.

"Micheal, let's go." Mother said after we finished our breakfast, I nodded and waved my sister bye, who is in my father's hands.