Monster Integration - Chapter 1139 - Mistson II

Chapter 1139 - Mistson II

Chapter 1139 - Mistson II

Soon we pa.s.sed through the gigantic gates un.o.bstructed, I was quite surprised when I noticed every Guard in the gate was at King Stage and not at normal King Stage but Peak King Stage.

I did not think about that subject for long as I flew out of the gate; I came across one of the most beautiful scenes I've ever come across. The snowy mountains are laden with beautiful beautiful buildings.

Not only the beautiful scenery but Mana also here is exceptionally thick that I could taste it; I've never come across such thick mana. It is this exceptionally thick mana that makes everything here more beautiful than it already is.

The people, the flora, fauna, and mountains all of them prosper in this beautiful environment.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Joanna asked, looking at the hundreds of mountains. "Yes, it's very beautiful," I replied.

"The Wild Mountains are not only one of the most scenic places on the continent but also most mana reach." "There are total Forbidden Grounds below from where we convert and harness the purest mana." She said proudly.

Hearing that, I couldn't help but sigh. Only the Supreme would dare and have resources and expertise to harness cosmic energy and convert it pure mana.

The forbidden zones are ticking bombs; a slight mishandling of them could create huge explosions that would completely obliterate everything in their path that even Tyrant would vaporize under its explosion.

Still, many organizations had tried it due to the unimaginable benefits it offers, but except for Supreme, all of them failed. Even some idiotic organization tried to these dangerous experiments in their backyard ended being completely wiped.

That did not stop people from trying. If their organization will rise, so many organizations keep experimenting with the forbidden ground in the hope of succeeding one day.

We flew across the mountains with a speed that is neither slow nor fast in silence—marveling at the mesmerizing beauty of this place.

There is an awkward silence between us, n.o.body knew what to talk about, so we remained silent.

"Well, I did not expect Micheal Zaar to be here." I heard from behind, I heard from behind, and Joanna and I stopped. When I looked back, I saw two women coming toward us; one is older while the other is younger.

The older one is of Joanna's age while the younger one looked to be my age, both of them are very beautiful, but one thing is not clear, how do they know my name, I've never met them before.

"Reva," Joanna said to the older girl; her expression seemed normal, but I did not see hostility in it. Though, I saw a flicker of other emotions before it disappeared immediately.

"Joanna," the Reva girl said with the same tone before she turned to me and her smile brightened up. "High, Micheal, I am Reva, and this is little sister Charlotte," she said as she introduced herself and the little girl behind her.

Reva, like Joanna, is at King Stage, and their aura is not only the same but also the feeling they gave. Both of them give off a similar flavor of energy; both likely have the same Inheritance.

As for little shy girl Charlotte, this girl is Peak Lord, and her flavor of energy is very gentle. A flavor I am very familiar with, if I am not wrong, then this Charlotte likely a healer.

"I am sorry, but how do you know me?" I asked directly, "You will know soon." She said with a smile before she left with her sister. "What a strange girl." I said, seeing her leave, "You have no idea." I heard from joanna.

I arched my brow, hearing that, but she did not answer; we continued flying again. We continued to fly for forty-five minutes before the scenery changed in front of me. The vast mountains have disappeared, and now hundreds of small mountains have appeared.

These mountains are small compared to big mountains, if not for these mountains are quite big, with each of them being at least three thousand meters tall.

Some of these mountains are filled with buildings while others have only one or two buildings on them. It is a real city with hones everywhere, not only in the mountains but also in the valley.

It is a dream city, a perfect blend of nature and architecture. I've never seen anything like this before. "This Mountain City where most members of Mistson live," Joanna informed me as we flew into the city.

A few minutes later, we flew toward a n.a.k.e.d mountain, which does not have any architecture except for one at the top. It looked like small hope, which got bigger and bigger until it became a medium-sized manor.

I could see my parents standing by the Gla.s.s railing with my sister in my father's hands. She has grown quite big, but her cheeks are still chubby, which makes her extremely cute.

"Mom, Dad," I said as I flew into the manor, and the icy cold wind had completely disappeared. The whole manor is covered in an invisible forcefield, which helps maintain the desired temperature inside.

It is very cold on top of the mountain; normal people would freeze right away while knights would feel the extreme cold that they would not stay in such temperature for long.

As Lords, common lords would also have colossal problems facing such temperatures. h.e.l.l, even I could not stay the whole day in such temperature before I had to use my abilities to fight off the cold.

"Brother!" My sister, who was sleeping, woke up as I took her from my father's hands and hugged me before she stretched her hands for Ashlyn, who was staying quietly on my shoulders.

"Joanna, your lessons would be canceled for today and tomorrow." My mother said suddenly, "Ok, aunt anna." she said before flying away.

"Lessons?" I asked my mother, I am feeling very jealous right now, for my whole life I've never received a lesson from my mother but some people she met for less than a year started to get lessons from her.