Monster Integration - Chapter 1133 - Over II

Chapter 1133 - Over II

Chapter 1133 - Over II

Everyone fell silent; Sarah and Samual just glared at me without saying anything. The silence is uncomfortable, but n.o.body had anything to talk about.

"Micheal, can I talk to you alone?" Rachel finally spoke.

"Ok," I said after thinking for a second before walking toward my bedroom with Rachel following behind. Soon we were both alone in my room, silently staring at each other without saying anything.

"So, it is over between us, right," I said, and she nodded after a slight hesitation. I had a feeling this might happen when I saw her by the door and felt very sad about it, but it is the truth.

It is an undeniable fact that in the past year, we have grown distant from each other. I still love her but my feelings for her are not as intense as they were a year ago. I could see the same had happened to her.

Though this is not the sole reason for our break up, which was inevitable with choices in organizations and what her organization did to me, still the major reason was the distance that grew between us.

"You know, you should have at least maintained some contact, it's not like they were restricting you, not after you integrated into the Organisation," I said.

"I know, I just felt that the less you have contact with me, the safer you will be from some people but looks like I've been wrong," she said, and her eyes hardened for a moment.

"I know you won't like me to say it again, but you should take a talisman, it is a precious life-saving object," she said, to that, I just looked at her, and she sighed in disappointment before a gentle smile appeared on her face.

"Congratulations on getting Apex Healing Inheritance; you have become a topic of talk in many organizations," she said. To that, I just smiled. Unlike my Runic Armor, people could not see through the reality of my Inheritance.

The teacher had that my healing power is comparable to that of Apex Healing Inheritance, and people will consider it Apex Healing Inheritance; I should neither deny it and let people form their own opinion.

There are less than five people who know about the reality of my Inheritance, and the fewer people know, the better. The teacher said I should not disclose the reality of my inheritance to people. It will bring trouble if they know it.

With nothing much to talk about, we left the privacy of my room and returned to the hall, where Samual and Sarah are waiting.

"Sarah, to store the Talisman back to your storage; Micheal is not taking it." Rachel said, hearing that Sarah quickly swiped off the delicate wooden box from the table.

"Let's go; our job is finished." Sarah said and stood up from the couch, "Micheal, let's fight. Last time it was a draw between us, but this time I will win." Samuel said suddenly.

Shameless! Last time, I had beaten him in a second, and if not, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d stopped me in a humiliating way; I would have to beat his pretty face black and blue.

"M" "Sure." I said while cutting Rachel off who is telling me not to fight, "I just hope whoever came with you this time is not as shameless as those two." I said, hearing the expression of three of them changed for the worst.

"Let's go; we will fight the underground arena," I said and walked toward the elevator in the corner when I noticed Samuel is not following.

"The arena underground will not be able enough for my full power; let's fight in the campus arena of your Academy." He said.

Hearing that, I was a little surprised, but soon a smile appeared on my face. 'This b.a.s.t.a.r.d has come with intentions of fighting me and likely done all the research before coming.

"Sure," I replied and walked toward the door, soon we flew toward the Campus arena. A few minutes later, we reached Lord's campus Arena and found thousands of people going inside.

I just heard a few words from their mouths and quickly tapped a few b.u.t.tons on my holowatch. 'This b.a.s.t.a.r.d had planned!' I thought.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d directly advertised our fight before even asking; he had posted it when I was talking to Rachel in my room.

In his words, he posted the holder of Supreme Inheritance from Sky Saber and would be fighting against me, Headmistress student. The news spread like wildfire, and people started filling the arena; even now, thousands of people are entering the arena.

As we were entering the arena, he looked at me for my reaction but saw nothing but a soft smile, not a hint of anger on my face. I am not angry about the post; instead, I am grateful I will collect some interest in the humiliation I've received.

Like me, three of them also reached the Lord, Sarah and Rachel are peak Lords already, and Samual is High-Level Lord, one small level below then and one small level above me.

I did not fear him, even though he had Apex Inheritance and had long used to its power. I did not fear him; it is he who should fear me.

I have designed my Inheritance, I know each and every part of it, every small ruin present in my inheritance is placed, keeping me in mind.

Since I designed the Inheritance, I could harness every bit of power it possesses, and I sure the strength my Armor could give me is not lesser than the one given by the Apex Inheritance.

This fight will be the perfect chance for me to measure my strength, which I have not got until now. My fight with the teacher did not count. She is Tyrant Level powerhouses; even if she used Lord Level strength, she could easily beat me.

Soon we were inside the Arena and found it jam-packed; many people were even standing. I am quite surprised to see the Arena of half a million sitting capacity filled to such a degree within a few minutes.

"I hope you will last more than ten minutes," said Samuel as we both entered the center of the arena. "Don't worry about me, you just use your full strength from the start; otherwise, you will lose in a single attack, Again." I quipped, which made him extremely angry.