Monster Integration - Chapter 1134 - Dual

Chapter 1134 - Dual

Chapter 1134 - Dual

"This little fellow came with a plan, or is it you who made a plan," Marina said non-committal as she cast a glance at the fellow beside her. He may look to be in his mid-thirties, but he is nearly two hundred years old.

These cowardly b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from Sky Saber always live longer than others of their generation. Half of the people of his generations have already been buried in the soil with constant fighting against the Grimm Monsters.

"Headmistress, we never interfere in the business of the young generation as long as it does not affect the organization," said Jordan with a smile.

"Snort!" I snorted; 'What a bull c.r.a.p, these fellows are the noisiest bunch; they would p.r.i.c.k their finger into anything they could'.

"Congratulations, Headmistress, on getting such a wonderful student; the Apex Healing Inheritances are quite rare," Jordan said, though he had a smile on his face, a clear hint of envy could be clearly seen in his eyes.

"Yes, I am truly lucky to get Micheal as my student," I said with a genuine smile. Micheal had true potential to create the whole Inheritance, she had read the notes of those who accepted Creation Heart Inheritance, and they were nothing compared to what Micheal designed in the 1st Stage.

She had even read the notes of Her Majesty that only a select few have access to read and compare her first stage with Micheal's and found his design is equal to her with having more flexibility for improvements than hers.

She was quite shocked seeing it but was also quite happy. If the Academy produced another Salvation, then it can return to its glorious age, just like the time when it produced the Twin stars.

"Your luck is not bad either, getting five hosts of Apex Inheritance at once, if not Hawthorn Sea getting the one who got Abyssal Inheritance, you guys would have been the luckiest," I said, hearing that nauseous smile couldn't help but form on this detestable fellow's face.

"So, who do you think will win Headmistress?" Jordan asked as he turned to me, "Micheal off course." I said without hesitation; Jordan seemed quite surprised by my confident answer but soon that surprised face morphed into a creepy smile.

"Headmistress, you forgot Samual has an Apex Inheritance which had not appeared in the world before." He said with a creepy smile and looked forward as the battle was about to start.

Samuel activated his inheritance, and a beautiful white Robe appeared on his body. This white is not a normal Robe but a Battle Robe; one could have beautiful white armor covering vital parts.

As Armor appeared, his weapon also appeared. It is a White color saber, beautiful as his armor. He looked like a holy being that came to deliver the Death.

The Inheritance these five people received is angel Inheritance, each angel aligned to a domain.

Rachel is the Tribulation (Lightning) Angel, which aligned with Lightning, while Samual is h.e.l.l Angel, which aligned toward Death, which seemed quite poetic seeing his look, which pure white, not many people aligned this color with h.e.l.l and Death.

Seeing him summoning his Inheritance, I too summoned my Inheritance, and soon Silver Armor appeared on my body and my greatsword in my hand. Samuel's eyes flashed in surprise, seeing it.

I've not shown my Battle Armor in public yet; the one I showed to the public is Healing Armor, which is Green - Black in color. So, it is normal he is surprised to see the silver Armor.

"Shall we start?" I asked; he nodded and came at me right away with an unbelievable speed. A faint silhouette of the wings had appeared behind him, and his speed increased again.

Seeing that smile couldn't help but appeared on my face and flashed toward him. I have taken speed moves from my previous runic Armor and improved it ma.s.sively, that with just simple activation, I appeared in front of Samual and swung my sword.

He seemed surprised but reacted quickly and attacked, his saber covered in dense white flames. My eyes couldn't help but contract to see the white flames on his saber, this move of him extremely dangerous that even the average peak burned to death by these flames.


"Ashen Death."

He muttered, just as our weapons clashed, and just as he said, the fire as if became alive danced and moved at my sword. I couldn't help but be surprised to see the fire as it covered my sword before it touched my hand and spread through my entire body in a single movement.


The audience gasped as they saw my whole body covered in extremely dangerous deathly white flames. It happened extremely fast; one moment, our weapons clashed next moment, I am completely covered in deathly white flames.

"Haha… Micheal, how are my flames? This flame is Angelic h.e.l.l Fire of Death Attribute. It will seep into every part of your body and soul and burn from within." Samuel said ecstatically.

"Accept your defeat; you are no match against me now." He said with a laugh, he seemed extremely happy seeing covered in flame, thinking I had already been defeated; unfortunately, he dreams.

"I did not find anything special about these flames; to me, they are flames like any other," I said languidly, and the next moment, the multicolor wings on the chest shone under fire, and an unbelievable scene had occurred.

The Wings emblem started to suck the fire inside speedily and within two seconds, all the fire had been sucked inside the wings emblem with them turning back to normal.

I could have sucked fire to every part of my Armor, but I wanted to create the show, so I only sucked through the wings; seeing expressions around me; it is very well worth it.

I could see the shocked face of Samual; it had a frozen smile. Not only he is shocked but also the audience who had sensed the aura of the fire and knew how dangerous it is.

Even Rachel and Sarah looked at the shock on their faces, they knew how dangerous fire is, but I dealt with it without any problem.