Monster Integration - Chapter 1132 - Over

Chapter 1132 - Over

Chapter 1132 - Over

Three days pa.s.sed since I had merged with Template of my Inheritance, and in two days, I will leave for Fort Ardor, and since I have two weeks to go there, I will visit my parents at the Mistson since it is on the way to Fort Ardor.

I had just returned from my hospital s.h.i.+ft and now refining my mana. With regular healing, I am more proficient in healing, but my notoriety has shot to the sky in the hospital and academy.

One of the healers which I've made friends with told me that people started to call me the greatest s.a.d.i.s.t of the Academy who gets pleasure by torturing people. Still, my reputation did not stop people from coming in throngs when I visit the hospital twice a day.

People did not care for an hour of pain when they could get rid of the curse that could kill them.

Every day, I would heal around fifty people, all of them Duke Stage; the teacher had told me to focus on Dukes the most since that is who I will be healing in Fort Ardon.

Currently, I am refining the mana, with the three days of practice. My refinement speed has already increased greatly so now I could fill 45% of my mana storage within an hour.

Knock Knock!

I was just refining when I heard the knock on the door. Hearing the knock, I did not open my eyes and continue refining, and the person who had also knocked was sensible enough that he did not knock again.

I continued refining till I finally filled mana storage full, opened my eyes, and sat on the couch to see who knocked as I could still feel their presence.

I looked at the front door and there were three people waiting by it; seeing them, my eyes went wide that I did not react for a few seconds.


A hollowed voice came out of my mouth, it had been more than a year since she left, and since then, I was not able to contact him; even now, I at least send her one mail every month, but I did not get even a single reply from her.

Feeling my gaze, she looked at me, and our eyes met, she had a complicated expression in her eyes when she looked at me but second later, they smoothed up, and her eyes became tranquil as water.

She has not come alone; beside her is her sister Sarah and ex-boyfriend Samual whom I had beaten. I calmed my emotions as I got up from the couch and walked toward the door.


"It is quite a surprise," I said in a flat voice as I opened the door and invited them in. A flash of guilt appeared on Rachel's face as hearing my words, but it disappeared quickly as it had appeared.

"We have come to apologies for the harm that members of our Organization caused to you," Sarah said, her behavior just as before, the haughtiness she used to have still did not lessen; instead, it increases.

"Harm means trying to kill me every chance they got, going as far as throwing me to s.p.a.ce sea," I replied dryly without any hint of range that is bubbling inside me like an active volcano.

An expression of shame appeared on Sarah's face for a moment before it had despaired. "It was done without the permission of higher-ups, it was done by two of them by their own will, and they have been punished for it," Sarah replied with a stony face.

"I am sure three months of Imprisonment and a year-long ban on resources academy would be big punishment." I again replied dryly, but this time, blazing anger which I had been suppressing inside me had finally leaked through my voice.

The teacher had told me that under the pressure from the Mistson, the Sky Saber design punished people who tried to kill me. Three months ago, when the teacher had told me what punishment they had got, I had nearly burst out in range.

That Tyrant powerhouse behind all the things that were to me was not punished at all, and his two students just got imprisoned in a luxurious vacation manor. As for the resource ban, it is nothing but a hoax created to satiate the pride of Mistson.

"Sky Saber is sorry for what happened to you, and they decided to give you this as a token of their sincere apology." She said and placed a delicate palm-size wooden box on the table between us.

"I do not want the apology nor this token. What happened to me, I will deal with it myself," I said directly.

I would be letting down my pride if I accepted their apology and a little trinket. They had tried to kill me if I did not reciprocate, then I will not be who I am.

Though I am weak right now and could do nothing to the Mighty Force like Sky Saber, there will be a day when Sky Saber will quake under my name.

"Micheal, take it, the organization had made a big concession. The Talisman inside the box could protect you against the attack of Tyrant." She said with a sigh, hearing her, I got both surprised and angry.

Surprise because of the Talisman, it is extremely hard to create and could only be created by only some Peak Tyrants. So, she is right; giving me this talisman is a big concession on the Skysaber's part and that is what made me angry; her saying I should take it.

I thought with our time together, she knew me, knew my nature but seeing she had asked me to take the talisman and accept the apology, she had seemed to forget about my nature.

"What people say is right, time does make people forget certain things," I said with a sigh before looking at Sarah, who is staring at me with her stone-cold eyes. "Tell your organization that I do not need their apology nor their trinket," I said to her.