Monster Integration - Chapter 1131 - War Med

Chapter 1131 - War Med

Chapter 1131 - War Med

"You have outperformed my expectations, Micheal." The teacher said as we returned to her office, "But the road from now on would only get harder, you have to continue polis.h.i.+ng your Inheritance and make it better, only then you will be able to reach the peak." She added with a serious note.

"I understand, teacher," I said. I truly understood how difficult the road is going to be. Every moment, I will have to keep improving my inheritance if I want to advance forward.

"When will you apply for Battlefield?" The teacher asked, "By evening." I said, "I have seen your healing power and designated you a profession with my Authority, so remember to apply by that designation." Teacher advised.

I don't want to go by designation, but now that she has verified my designation by authority, even if I applied by designation, they will still process my application by that designation.

"Good, our lessons will continue till you leave for the battlefield." The teacher said the teacher gave me some instructions and before I was able to leave her office.

A few minutes later, I reached my lake house, and the first thing I did was to sleep; I went directly to my room and slept.

It was early evening when I woke up; the first thing I took was a bunch of resources and sat cross-legged. In the past six month, I have advanced in many things and even gained comprehension of Lord Stage in just two month.

If I wanted to, I could have broken through the Mid Level of Lord Stage at that time, but I've waited. I wanted to wait till I take the first step into my Inheritance before I make the breakthrough, and now I did. Is time to do that.


A loud buzz rang out as I initiated the breakthrough. My body and inheritance core became a whirlpool and started to suck energy from the resources I spread around me, and a small cloud of worldly energy.

My body and soul merged energy into itself. At the same time, my Inheritance Core transferred the most the energy to the Inheritance runes that have spread about my body, and those runes started to suck the energy that Inheritance Core sent toward them greedily while taking a bite at the energy that my body and soul are taking for themselves.

The breakthrough lasted for fifteen minutes before everything had calmed down. I had now formally entered the Mid Level of Lord Stage.

I still have enough comprehension that will let me reach the High level of Lord Stage, but I did not want to make breakthroughs through it now.

I will make that breakthrough after I make some changes in my Inheritance; that way, I will take maximum benefits from it.

The breakthrough was small, but the enhancements it had given me were quite surprising, seeing it, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

With breakthroughs done, I opened the page of Pyramid and started to fill the application. Normal people apply through the guilds they have, but since I am not a member of any guild, I could only apply through them.

So, I could only apply through the Pyramid, which controls all Adventurers Paradise around the world. The form was tedious, and finally, I came to the part where I had to fill the designation or profession as they called it the Central continent.

There are two five professors, but two are important; one is Fighter, and the other Healer and these two also have many sub professions. As I touched the blank like, it got automatically filled with 'War Medic,' it is verified by a teacher itself earlier.

Not all Tyrants have verifying authority, only those who are best in their fields like the Teacher have that authority, and through her authority, she verified me as Warmedic. I could change its fighter or common healer, but it will not change much anything.

Seeing scarcity of 'Warmedics,' the people who had exceptional fighting strength and healing powers. The Pyramid will definitely a.s.sign me as Warmedic, so I confirmed my profession that was already filled and submitted the form.

I should reply in a day; the Pyramid is exceptionally fast in processing these applications.

With the form done, I walked to the shower, which I had not taken today, before walking into the kitchen to cook.

I am feeling quite hungry, and I plan to make something good today. So, I started without wasting time; an hour later, there was a small feast in front of my and Ashlyn, which began to gobble up like hungry wolves.

After eating, I walked to the porch, sat under the moonlit sky, after half an hour. I closed my eyes and looked at how my Inheritance core had changed, it is still around the pearl, but now there is a strange fractal diagram on it.

I had thought that runes would appear on it, but there are completely strange fractals. The only thing that it seemed to have in common with my inheritance that it is also made of the seven colors of the same shade, which represent seven Elements of my Const.i.tution.

I observed those fractals for a few seconds before going into my inheritance s.p.a.ce, which changed slightly. s.p.a.ce became bigger, seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

s.p.a.ce is completely filled with various humanoid runic, and I don't want to destroy them as each of them contains a different idea. I might not use that now or use certain limiting factors, but I might need them in the future. So, with a huge s.p.a.ce, I could have more s.p.a.ce to work.

The center of the hall is the same five-meter long Runic Humanoid, the one I chose as my template. The change had happened on it too; there is a golden ring above its head, which made it different.

I looked at the whole hall before I started to fiddle; I worked till my holowatch vibrated and opened my eyes in the real world.

"I have to refine the mana," I said as I looked at the time before I left for the Hospital. I have been given a job by a teacher in the hospital; I have to fill two s.h.i.+fts of two hours every day.

My night s.h.i.+ft is one and a half-hour away, so I better refine some mana to heal patients.