Monster Integration - Chapter 1130 - Rose Domination Third Move: Rose Vines II

Chapter 1130 - Rose Domination Third Move: Rose Vines II

Chapter 1130 - Rose Domination Third Move: Rose Vines II

"Marvelous, my dear student marvelous, today you have really me proud." Teacher's voice rang out behind me. I wanted to say something, but I am still concentrating on extracting curse the hat is left within patients.

Handling these many patients at the same time is a very demanding task. If not for expert energy control and my practice of mult.i.tasking when I used to use my armor, I would have never been able to do something incredible that made the teacher publicly state that she is proud of me.


I was extracting the Curse when Nero contacted me through our link and conveyed something, which made me extremely happy, and that smile blossomed on my face.

I had not thought that Nero would be interested in eating the curses seeing I already had two curses inside me, and he never shows an inclination to eating them.

It is likely due to the level, the curse is higher level than Nero, and since he had not eaten curses before, he had not shown any inclination to eat it but now, since he had asked for roses, I will give him some after I finish extracting the curses.

Fifteen minutes pa.s.sed by, and I finally extracted every bit of curse from their bodies. All people now looked like humans again, though they are very pale, it can be dealt with using a simple potion.

As the Curse extracted, the vines inside them crumbled on its own and transformed into healing energy and spread through their bodies, healing any injuries they had received during the extraction.

I detached the vines from their bodies and started to burn the roses, "Micheal, stop." when teacher had stopped me.

"Let them store these Curse roses; they will be good resources for research and teaching." Teacher said, I nodded.

Soon the King Stage powerhouses carefully started to cut the roses and stored them into boxes with an excited expression. The extraction of a curse and transforming it into a curse may seem simple, but it is extremely hard, even for the powerhouse.

I was able to efficiently do that because of my Apex Const.i.tution, which has a Curse and Healing element. If not for that, I would not be able to do it no matter how good the move I've designed is.

One by one, all the roses were being plucked and stored in the boxes when there were only five roses left; I took the vines inside me, including the roses that are sticking on them.

All the healers were shocked to see it, including the Emperor grade powerhouse, but they did not say anything seeing my teacher did not stop it.

Both teacher and professor know about my Const.i.tution and Duke level curse that is inside me. So me taking a couple of lord level curses will not affect me much.

As I took five roses inside me, Nero came out and started munching them, he seemed to enjoy eating the curse, and there is no adverse effect could be seen on his body seeing that, I heaved a sigh of relief.

"Micheal, can you deal with the Duke level curse?" The teacher asked, "Yes, but I need to take half an hour rest before I start." I replied, "Take half an hour rest then." she said.

I sat on the corner of Ward and closed my eyes while the teacher and other's started to check on the condition of the Lord stage patients whom I just healed.

Those people are completely healed; they just drink some potions to recover their health, and they will be ready to discharge from the hospital and could even join the battle a day later.

While the teacher and others checked the condition, I started to refine the mana. I am tired but not that much; the reason I had asked for a break is to refine the mana.

The healing just now had emptied 10% of mana storage, and now I have only 1o% remaining in me, which I do not think would be enough to heal Duke level powerhouses, so I decided to refine the mana in the guise of taking a break.

Still, I am surprised, the energy needed for healing is far greater than I thought. 10% energy is huge considering how big the tower's energy storage is; with such energy, I am sure I would have killed at least a hundred average lords.

Soon half an hour is over, and I open my eyes, ready to extract the curse for the dukes.

I was surprised when I got up as I found forty people that I had healed had disappeared, their beds are empty. Now only healers and ten Duke stage patients remain in the room ward now.

I again activated my Inheritance Armor in Healing More and walked toward the ten duke level patients who are looking at me like I am some kind of devil. These people likely heard the screams of earlier Lords.

Though there is fear in their eyes and there are also expectations, these people also wanted to get healed and which is why they did not make a sound when the th.o.r.n.y vine pierced their stomach.

Like the lords, they also started to scream when vines began to spread through their bodies. It is really a painful process; very few people could bear such pain without screaming as loud as they can.

Soon the vine spread through every inch of them, and I started to extract the Curse from them. The process is harder with them because their Curse is stronger; I had to give my all to extract the curse from them.

The roses started to bloom as the curse was being extracted, and this time, the shade of the roses is a lot darker. It is normal since the Duke level curse is powerful.

It took me forty minutes to extract all the curse from them, and by the time I had finished, I had become very tired, with only 2% of energy remaining in my Tower storage.