Monster Integration - Chapter 1123 - Inheritance Notes II

Chapter 1123 - Inheritance Notes II

Chapter 1123 - Inheritance Notes II

It took me the whole afternoon to read all the books on small shelves, and I've to say I am very impressed, to the point of shock. When I read about the ideas of the author about creating the Inheritance.

The name of the author is James Ester, he was a student of the Academy before he joined the Wisdom Tower when he reached the King Stage, but after two centuries, he returned to Academy to spend his retirement and created the Inheritance for the future generation.

He was also the possessor of the powerful bloodline, which had suddenly awakened when he was at Prince Stage. The Inheritance he created was based on the Bloodline he had.

His ideas were quite amazing and reading them. I got whole new respect for the Water Element, which he was specialized in.

I put the last binder back into the shelf and looked at the 2nd shelf; from this Shelf, the real creation of Inheritance has started. I looked at the shelf before taking out the first binder that is placed there.

I sat back into a chair and started to read it, and in just a few pages, I was shocked. In this binder, the author talked about the idea which he had selected and will construct his Inheritance according to it.

The more I read, the more shocked I became, and in two hours, I finished the book and immediately 2nd one excitedly.

From the 2nd book the designing started, I started to see the rough sketches of the sh.e.l.l, an extremely complex formation containing more than twenty fifty thousand runes.

It is a good thing the author had made his notes on the magic paper, which could expand up to a hundred times; otherwise, to see the formations, I would have to use the magnifying formation with the help of my killing rule.

To expand the page at maximum, I had to throw away the chair and table into the corner and expand the paper in the center so that I could see the formation a little more clearly.

The runes still seemed tiny, but I can't do anything about it due to the limitations of the s.p.a.ce. After expanding the page, I started to study carefully, reading every rune, understanding every tiny formation.

"Chew, Chew!"

The creator of the formation was simply genius; I've never seen such a complicated formation worked so efficiently. I was completely enamored by the formation that if not for the angry chirp from Ashlyn, I would have not woken up from my reverie.

Hearing her chirp, I got away from the page and took out food packets from my storage. I could feel Ashlynn's glare when I gave her ready made food, but I quickly averted my eyes and started to eat the bland food.

'I should have brought some ready-made food here.' These food packets are from my native continent. Compared to what we have eaten the past few days, it is simply trash.

I could go down to the library kitchen, but I don't want to leave the room yet. So, I quickly finished eating before I continued studying the sh.e.l.l again.

The sh.e.l.l had excited me very much, and it's like a whole new door had opened in my eyes. This sh.e.l.l is one few he made. There are others, too, more perfected ones. I could have started with them, but I wanted to start with the basic ones.

Time pa.s.sed by as I continued to study, and by the time I had finished, it had already been an early morning, and to be honest, I am not feeling a bit tired; h.e.l.l, I am excited and wanted to start on another sh.e.l.l, but I did not.

It is not healthy and it's not like; this is my only chance to study here. I could come here anytime I wanted, and I planned to come here daily.

There is another reason I am not staying, and that is Ashlyn; if I did not feed her smoking good, then she might be burned down in a whole room in her anger, and I don't want something to happen.

So, after I placed the books on their respective places and arranged the table and chair where they should be, I walked out of the room and a few minutes later, the Library before speeding toward the cottage.

When I reached my lake cottage, I freshened up and cooked something before eating with Ashlyn; only after that, I laid on the bed to sleep and woke three before my cla.s.s.

After showering, I ate before entering my Inheritance s.p.a.ce. I began studying the books until my watch vibrated, telling me it is time for me to attend my lessons with the Headmistress.

Days pa.s.sed by and after a few days of crazy studying, which did not give me more than four hours of sleep. I crafted the time table for my activities and strictly started to follow it.

My schedule would include my lesson with the Headmistress, studying the Inheritance, studying the seven books, learning the control of the worldly energy, and taking at least five hours to sleep.

Five weeks pa.s.sed by as such since I took my first lesson with the Headmistress, and in these six weeks, I studied like never before. Day and night, I would study something, I've never studied so much even before I bonded with Ashlyn.

The five weeks had been very fruitful through, I've studied the Inheritance so much that now it had become so advanced that I could not understand it, but still, I am extremely happy, I've got what I needed from their place, and since three days, I stopped going there.

Whatever I studied, I could recall in my inheritance s.p.a.ce, and so do not need to go there unless my knowledge had advanced. The teacher also started teaching me about the runes aside from healing and curses; she even took to her hospital to give me practical experience.

It should be called 'Curse Hospital of Powerhouses.' It is a hospital where the weakest patient is the Emperor Stage powerhouse; there are several Tyrants too; all of them have been sent from the battlefield to heal the curses that had been cast on them

When I saw the effect of some curses, I couldnt help but feel horrified. Some of the curses have turned humans into abominations; two weeks ago, I've seen Teacher turning an abomination back to human.

That man cried like a baby when he was healed and even kneeled to the teacher who was quite a shocking sight seeing the man was a Tyrant level powerhouse—these scenarios are quite common across the hospital, which was handled by teachers and some retired powerhouses.

The teacher also many times tried to convince me to destroy my Inheritance and choose her, but like always, I've rejected the idea.

Every experience I got in the past six months helped me very much, and now I finally have an Idea about the Inheritance I wanted to create.

Today, I took a break to relax my mind, as from tomorrow, I will start creating my own inheritance; now that I know what I want to create and how I want to create, it is time to create it.

I don't know how much time it will take before I create the Sh.e.l.l, it might take months or even years, but unless I create it, I will not take a step outside of the Academy.