Monster Integration - Chapter 1124 - Completely Changed

Chapter 1124 - Completely Changed

Chapter 1124 - Completely Changed

Finis.h.i.+ng the dinner, I laid on chaise Longue comfortably, enjoying the afternoon view, which I haven't got a chance to enjoy in the past month.

I had decided to take a break today and forbid myself from doing anything of the training or studying.

But that did not seem to work; two hours after that, I started to feel kind of bored without doing anything and began searching for the ways to pa.s.s the time when I saw Ashlyn, who is fis.h.i.+ng.

'Emerald Fis.h.!.+' I thought and decided to go fis.h.i.+ng. Ashlyn likes this Emerald fish very much, and if not for me warning her not to hunt fishes in the lake conventional way, I am sure she would have hunted them into extinction by now.

Hunting emerald fish is forbidden, they are training resources and should only be fished through the poles made of mana, doing it any other way would not one will have to pay a hefty fine but also eviction.

Such a condition did not stop her fis.h.i.+ng; every day, she would stay still for hours to catch some fish. It is a good thing she is catching the fishes this way; if she hunted, it would take her barely minutes to catch a fish.

For other lords, it is nearly impossible to catch the fish with their full power; these fishes are extremely fast, so catching them with speed is extremely difficult, but that is no problem for Ashlyn; I don't think she will have any problem catching the fish with her abilities.

I got up from the chair and slowly walked toward her, without making any sound, and sat beside her. To normal people, she would see like a tiny bird that is sitting in my corner, but if they concentrated, they would see the invisible thread of worldly energy coming out of her is dipping into the water.

Instead of using Mana, she is using worldly energy. Such energy control in the Lord is simply unheard of. Seeing that, I also started to summon worldly energy and willed it into the shape of the fis.h.i.+ng rod.

I had progressed very much in my control of the worldly energy that I became capable of flight within six days of starting the training and since then, I've not used the void boots even once.

My speed of flying using worldly energy is still slow, but it is speedily catching up; I am sure within a month, I will be able to match the speed of the void boots.

After a few minutes of hard work, I had finally morphed the worldly energy into the thick string.

I tried to make it thin as hair-like Ashlyn, but my control over the worldly energy is not strong enough, so I could only go with the thick string. After creating a fish hook and attacking feed to it, I loved the string into the water and wanted to.

Fis.h.i.+ng is a skill of a patient person; I have seen Ashlyn stay by the lake for hours without moving a simple inch to catch the fish. So, like her, I stayed on my spot without moving.

Hours pa.s.sed, and evening came, but I did not catch any fish, compared to me, Ashlyn had caught two. Though I did not catch any fish, I felt quite relaxed; the stress built in my body and mind had been thoroughly released.

I was just finis.h.i.+ng when I felt an intense gaze on me when I looked up; I saw Elina coming with intense speed. I am quite surprised to see her as she had been going through something for more than a month.

The last time I had seen her day when the Headmistress had healed my curse, she had informed me she would be going through something and might be out for a month.


A look of surprise appeared on my face when she appeared in front of me. She had completely changed; the change in her is really big.

Her hair had turned dark blue, and her eyes had become violet, her body had turned even more lithe, she had got the perfect fighters body, and when I got up, I found she had become taller than now she is now barely smaller than me.

She had also leveled up to the Lord, it is very clear by her aura, but one thing is confusing me very much other than the shocking changes in the flavor of her aura; it is completely different than before.

It should not have happened; once the Inheritance accepted, one got the aura of that Inheritance. It does not change unless one destroys that inheritance, but seeing how Elina changed from up to down, I don't think it is the reason or the whole reason behind her aura change.

"What happened to you?" I asked, seeing her completely changed, "Nothing me, just luck had s.h.i.+ned on me." She replied, evading the question that I had asked.

"Congratulations on becoming a Lord," I said. I did not follow up on my earlier question, her secrets were hers, I do not have the right to know about them.

"Yes, thank you." She said before her smile had suddenly turned menacing, "Now, that I have become lord, lets fight." She said and walked inside the cottage and stopped in front of the elevator.

Seeing that, I shook my head, I followed her to the elevator. She is hiding her battle power, so I could not sense it, but I could still feel a threat from her, which is making me believe that with my current strength, I may not be her match.

As we both walked into the elevator, its doors closed, and elevated started to descend down; a few seconds later, the elevator stopped, and its door opened, and we came across the big arena.

It is a public arena of the lake, shared between four tenets but barely used by any of us. Most, if want to fight, go to the Campus Arena, where they could easily find powerful challenges to fight.