Monster Integration - Chapter 1122 - Inheritance Notes I

Chapter 1122 - Inheritance Notes I

Chapter 1122 - Inheritance Notes I

"It is enough for today; still I will say it again, Micheal consider changing your Inheritance." Teacher said, and all the visuals she has created around us vanished.

The lesson lasted for two hours, and in these two hours, I've learned many new things and understood some things which I had not understood when I was reading the book on the curse. Teacher is extremely knowledgeable about the curse.

"Teacher, I have a small request?" I said, "What is it?" She asked, "Um, I was hoping that I could get access to notes of some complete Inheritance." I said, "As you know, I am creating my own Inheritance, and those notes would be really helpful." I added.

Truth to be told, I have no d.a.m.n idea about creating the Inheritance, I could go on my own, but I don't think that will help me create the powerful Inheritance I want, for that I will have to look at the predecessor's notes and see how the real inheritance could be created.

"I was waiting for this question; I had thought it might take you at least a week to ask, but you asked about it earlier than I had imagined." She said as she looked at me.

"Normally, the Academy did not let anyone see notes of, but since you have accepted that Inheritance, there are special provisions Academy's rules that let you see the notes of one Inheritance." Teacher said.

"Usually, you would have to go through some strict tests that took more than a month, but since you are my student, you won't have to go through all that," the Teacher said and took the golden badge off her chest.

The next second, a holographic screen popped out of it with Academy Logo hovering on it. The teacher tapped on the logo, and another screen popped up before she clicked several times again.

A minute later teacher finally closed the hologram and put the badge back to the chest. "I've given you the access, you can go to the Grand Library to read the Inheritance Notes." Teacher Said.

"Thank You, Teacher," I said and walked out of her office excitedly; when I walked out of the building, I took the air and flew toward the Grand Library at my greatest speed.

Fifteen minutes later, I found myself in front of the Grand Building. The Grand Library looked like a humongous palace. Not only is it big, but it is also very beautiful, with a towering tower and a huge garden where thousands of people study without disturbing each other.

The academy had 11 libraries, but the Grand Library is the biggest; it also has huge numbers of books. Some of them are dated more than ten thousand years old; it is said that aside from Supremes and Pyramid, the academy has the most number of books in their collection.


I landed in front of the garden and walked into the park, which is bigger than I had expected. There are thousands of people who could be seen studying in the Garden; some were on the open gra.s.s whole others were in under the shadow of trees while some in small kiosks that were all around the Garden.

Soon, I reached the huge palace that is a library and entered inside and saw rows and rows of books in every direction and with people sitting on chairs studying the books.

I looked all before climbing the stairs; despite the library being so huge, there is no elevator. One will have to climb the stairs if they want to get to the top, no one is complaining about, with the strength everyone has, reaching the top in a minute is not a problem for anyone.

A few seconds later, I reached the top and found the area completely deserted. And like Inheritance Hall, I started to feel tingling all over my body; thought is not as intense as it is the Inheritance Hall, it is still pretty intense.

The security here is powerful; not only is this floor had the protection of the extremely powerful formation, but it is guarded by a lot of powerful people; I am sure those people must be hiding somewhere on this floor somewhere.

As I entered the top floor, I took out my badge and opened the map inside it. The rooms here are unmarked; the only way one could find what they needed is through the badge.

I followed the mark on the map and soon stopped in front of the door. It is like every other door I had pa.s.sed by. It is the same as others down to the hole which is made for the badge.

Seeing I reached my destination, I placed my badge into the hole as I did, the badge lit up, and next, a scanning ray shot out from above and started to scan through every inch of my body.



The words flashed before me, and doors opened with a zipping sound. I walked inside the room without taking my badge out; I will get it back when I walk out.

I went inside and saw a medium side hall filled to the brim with books, everywhere I see, I see books.

It's a good thing there is a table in the center; otherwise, I would have hard sat on the floor to read. The storages, artifact, and holowatch did not work here; I also could not use my strength.

In this room, I am a normal person; I am quite surprised by such strong formation but soon thought it is normal seeing things that are stored here. Here are the notes of the creator of Inheritance, aside from the Inheritance, this most valuable thing of the creator.

Inheritance is heart and blood to create an amalgamation of their life's work. Keeping notes and not destroying them is already a big thing, which is why it is hard for even Tyrant to get entry into this place.

I was lucky to have chosen Creation Heart Inheritance and also a student of Headmistress to gain access to this place.

This hall contains the notes of 'Slayer Fountain Inheritance.' It is the Inheritance of the Academy and one of the weakest ones. This inheritance is considered weakest, the only inheritance that is weaker than its Creation Heart Inheritance, which I imprinted.

Still, it did not matter to me whether it is a weak inheritance or strong, what mattress seeing process of inheritance making, so I get a better idea of how to create an inheritance.

The hall is filled with books, but one could easily find what one needed with just one glance; everything is marked perfectly, and looking around, I know from where I should start.

I started on the 1st shelf; it is the smallest shelf and does not have many books. The books on the shelves discuss the ideas the author had when he decided to create the inheritance.

Most people might skip this shelf as there is nothing much about the Inheritance he had created, only about various ideas he got when he finally decided to create the inheritance.

I found this shelf very important as; it holds one of the two things for which I came to this place: Ideas and Design, and I am going to start with Ideas before I started to Designs.