Monster Integration - Chapter 1121 - 1st Lesson

Chapter 1121 - 1st Lesson

Chapter 1121 - 1st Lesson

I have checked everything that I've got after I leveled up to Lord except for one thing, and this thing is equally important as Inheritance, and if I wanted my Inheritance to be strong enough to crush even Apex inheritances, then I would need it very much.

Worldly Energy!

From the Lord Stage, it becomes extremely important; it makes one move stronger and helps one last longer in battle if one wants to fight without worldly energy.

First, I have to control it enough that I could fly using it; nearly all the Lord could do this by the time they reach the Peak level of Lord, and some talented ones manipulate it too enough that they could fly using it just as Initial Stage.

I closed my eyes and took a deep break before recalling the feeling of worldly energy which I had sensed when it was coming inside me. The world energy is present everywhere; I need to have enough comprehension to summon it and control it.

At first, I did not feel anything, but after a minute of trying, I started to feel something, it was a very faint feeling; still, it was enough for me to know that I am walking in the right direction.

So, I started to concentrate on that feeling and acc.u.mulate more and more worldly energy, until I felt I had acc.u.mulated enough. Seeing that, I started to urge the energy to lift me but I soon found the energy I had acc.u.mulated was not to lift me up.

So, I started to acc.u.mulate even more energy, a minute later when I was finished, I again urged the energy to lift me up and this time I was successful, though it had barely lifted me an inch, it lifted me, that's all it matters.

With success in my hand, I started to try again and each time I would go higher. Half an hour later, I was able to lift myself a meter high before losing control over the worldly energy and falling on the floor.

I could have stopped the fall by activating the void boots that I am wearing but I did not, I did not plan to use the Void Boots when I am learning to control the worldly energy.

In the next three hours, I fell on the floor multiple times but the progress I have made is also immense. By the time I ended my practice, I was able to stay in the air for full minutes before falling.

If I continue to progress at such speed then in one week, I will gain enough control over it that I will be able to fly without falling. After practice, I went to my room and slept. When I woke up the next day, it was early morning.

I followed the usual schedule, and after I finished filling my stomach, I laid on the couch like yesterday and entered my inheritance s.p.a.ce and started to study the seven books. I read them until I felt the intense vibration of my alarm.

Seeing that I got out of the Inheritance s.p.a.ce and started to make preparations to go out, it's time for my first cla.s.s with my teacher. After the cla.s.s, I will do some research about the Academy's courses.

I plan on taking a few, most of them would be about runology, but some of them would be about different subjects too. I have to take full advantage of all the resources present in the Academy.

Ten minutes later, I walked out of my cottage and was quite surprised to see Carolyn was fis.h.i.+ng like yesterday. She is completely focused and still with her fish rod, which is crafted from her own mana.

I flew gently without making any noise and increased my speed when I moved out of the lake range.

Soon, I reached the central area and continued flying. Lords can not fly in the central area but I can, it is a privilege that only Headmistress Students have.

Soon, I landed in front of a small palace-like building; this, while the building is not the tallest, longest or biggest building in the Academy and its Architecture is also not that impressive but it is still the Centre of Academy.

The building is quite average compared to other Architecture marvels but this building represents the history of the Academy.

It is the first building of the Academy and since the founder, all the Headmistress/Headmasters have commanded the Academy from this building.

I walked into the building under the gazes of many powerful people but n.o.body dared to stop me, they just looked at me before going their own ways.

Knock Knock…

I soon reached the headmistress office and knocked, it opened the moment after.

"Come in." I heard from the Headmistress, hearing that I went in and saw the Headmistress sitting on her usual chair, and compared to her tired self yesterday, she seemed vibrant today.

"Let's start the lesson with a simple question, what is a curse?" The teacher asked, and I was to answer in the simple definition that I had heard many times but stopped myself from doing that.

Since yesterday my knowledge about the curse had advanced a lot, I now know more than a simple definition. I did not answer it immediately; I thought for a while to form a better answer.

"The Curse is the special way of manipulation of energy with one's will or runes or both," I answered, this is what I had learned after reading the book on curse and healing.

The teacher looked quite surprised before a bright smile appeared on her face, "Wonderful, you surmised the curse quite greatly, though you have missed some points, still what you said is the core essence of the curse." Headmistress said with a smile.

"Now let's start from basic, what the curse is, and how it affects one," Headmistress said, and energy released from her, forming a world of diagrams and visuals that looked completely realistic to the smallest detail.

Seeing such a scene, I couldn't help but marvel at the headmistress's energy control. I will need decades if I want to have such extreme energy control.