Monster Integration - Chapter 1113 - Sealing The Curse I

Chapter 1113 - Sealing The Curse I

Chapter 1113 - Sealing The Curse I

'F.u.c.k.i.n.g Curse!' I had forgotten about it in the giddiness of my toys; the professor had said to me that I should contact her as soon as the Inheritance Imprinting is enough.

I could see the curse strings inside me multiplying crazily while sucking more power from the tar sea and the duke level curse, which had become dormant in the past few days, started to awaken from its slumber.

With my current strength, I don't think the Duke level curse has the power to kill me despite being one level higher, but I still prefer it not to attack me.

I opened my holowatched and tapped on the message that I had already typed, now I just have to wait for the professor who will be coming any second.


Barely a second had pa.s.sed since I messaged the professor when I heard the door of the hall opening and found the Professor appearing in front of me wearing her signature black suit before touching my shoulder.

I could feel her gentle energy spreading inside me, stopping the strings from multiplying, but I don't think the energy will hold the curse for long; at max, it will be able to hold the curse for a minute.

"Let's go!" she said, and next moment, I found myself outside the Inheritance Hall before disappearing with the professor; when I appeared again, I found myself in the hall under the three people's eyes.

Aside from the professor, there are three people: Elina, while the other two are a.d.u.l.ts who looked to be in their early forties. One is a man, and the other is women. The woman is beautiful and has similar features as Elina and the professor.

She is likely Headmistress Marina, Elina's mother, as for man, he is likely Elina's father; she shared many features with her.

"His curse acted," Professor said, hearing that women nodded gently and moved, looked at me concentratedly, "Lie down on the bed." Headmistress Said, her voice is gentle but commanding.

I was stumped, hearing that as I did not see the bed, only noticing Elina's eyes did I notice the bed is right behind me. Seeing I already made a fool of myself, I quickly lie down.

As I did, whole gentle energy enveloped me like an egg before it started to seep inside me.

"Close your eyes and relax. It is going to take a few hours." I heard from the opposite side sh.e.l.l that the Headmistress asked and let her energy enter me without resistance.

I did not want anyone's energy inside me. It will easily reveal many of my secrets and raise many questions, but I did not have a choice. It is the Tyrant level curse, which I am completely hopeless against.

Marina released her energies and made them seeped inside the boy's body, and when her energy finally came in contact with curse strings, she couldn't help but feel surprised. Josephine had told her about the curse being sentient but still seeing it with her own eyes; she couldn't help but feel surprised.

She had dealt with curses all her life, and thousands of curse-inflicted persons have come to her, but in all of them, she had never seen sentient curses in them. It is a very, very rare phenomenon; the last record of the sentient curse was three centuries ago.

As she started to envelop her energies to the strings, her expression suddenly became grave as she noticed the power of the curse. Her sister had too much underestimated the power of the curse. It is way too powerful. It could be said to be the most powerful curse she had ever encountered.

'Why can't it acted before?' she questioned, seeing the power of the curse, it would not have waited till now to act, she had just asked this question when her energy reached the source of the curse, and she saw the formation covering the curse.

Seeing the formation, her eyes couldn't help but open far wide, 'Anna Michealson really could not be underestimated, despite losing her powers, she was able to get the help of that person to seal her son's curse this thoroughly.' she thought.

She knows this sealing runes too well; this person had one of the best sealing powers in the whole world. They could be said to be good friends, seeing both of them specialize in dealing with curses. They met at least once a year to discuss their progress in their own research.


She kept releasing more and more energy into Micheal, spreading into every corner of him when she finally noticed something that made her extremly shocked, and gasp came out of her despite her immense self-control when she noticed two attributes.

"Apex Const.i.tution," she whispered and turned to her sister, who she is really angry with right now.

"Josephine, why didn't you tell me he had the Apex Const.i.tution, especially of the Healing and Curse aspect? You very well aware of what those two attributes mean, right?" she asked her sister with gritted teeth.

This boy had Apex Const.i.tution and the one with Healing and Curse elements. He would be the perfect student for her, take her mantle. If she had known about his Const.i.tution before, she would have tried it all for him to accept her Inheritance.

Those old guys would not have tested him vigorously as they did here when she chose the Inheritance she has; those two aspects of his inheritance would have made them forget their old rules and old ways.

h.e.l.l, even those old b.a.s.t.a.r.ds of various supremes would come running if they came to know about it. The aspects of his Const.i.tution are too great that they will try to have him with everything they got.

"Why did you tell me about him before?" she asked again to her sister, "Everybody should have a choice, with you hovering around him like a ghost, he would have a difficult time choosing the Inheritance that suitable for him." Her sister replied, completly stunning her with her words.