Monster Integration - Chapter 1112 - Lord

Chapter 1112 - Lord

Chapter 1112 - Lord

I returned to the platform, and to my surprise, I am still accepting the Inheritance. The inheritance Core is even taking the energy, though it is only a small trickle, the core is still forming.

I had thought an hour had pa.s.sed when I talked to that being, but in reality, not even a minute had pa.s.sed. Seeing that, I immediately closed my eyes and looked at my Totem Artifact.

Seeing my new Totem Artifact, I couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief. I did not want all those things to be a dream; they are all things I needed for my progress, especially those books.

Thinking of books, I quickly found then in my heart s.p.a.ce beside the Totem Artifact and Tower, the Totem Seed, which was in the process of creating had also disappeared, probably went into the sword.

Which was a little disappointing as I was hoping to create another Totem Artifact with it but with it gone into the sword, that will not happen. Still, I am not sad. The things I got from that being is more than enough to make up for the small loss.

Though they will not increase my power spontaneously, they will help immensely in the long run. Especially those books, if they contain the knowledge as that being boasted, then it will help me most in carving my future path.

I really wanted to check those books right now, but my Inheritance is nearly finished imprinting. I want to watch that process, the books I could read after I reach home.


Seconds pa.s.sed, and finally, the heart stopped taking energy. Just as that happened, a buzz went through me, and I felt the sensation of exploding as every part of me filled to brim with power.

I felt like I could do anything I wanted. The strength I got from Lord Stage is immense that now I can finish off an opponent like Edmond in a single attack with raw physical power.

I've never felt such strength before, and I don't think the normal Lord could have such physical strength. Only those with Apex Inheritance or Bloodline or something could have such immense raw power in them.

This strength I have gained after becoming a lord, and I have to say, I like this power very much.

After calming down from the excitement of my newfound power, I looked at Inheritance Core, which had been produced in my heart. It is a simple white pearl of thumb size. There is nothing remarkable about it.

Other inheritance cores are filled with many runic designs, but mine does not have anything. It is completely plain. It will only have something when I am starting to create, not only its design but also shape and size might also change according to the inheritance I create.

I concentrated on it and soon found myself in the white hall, the hall is completely white, and except for the simple black chair, there is nothing inside it. This is the Inheritance s.p.a.ce of the Creation Heart Method.

The inheritance s.p.a.ce of other Inheritances is the same for everyone, but it is not the same for Creation Heart Inheritance; here, the inheritance s.p.a.ce of everyone is different. It is said the inheritance s.p.a.ce they get is a reflection of themselves.

I walked toward the chair and sat on it. Just as I did that, some information had transmitted into my mind; reading it, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face, this Inheritance s.p.a.ce is a lot like conscious s.p.a.ce, but it could do many things that are impossible for conscious s.p.a.ce to do.

This inheritance s.p.a.ce let me do many things, but it had rules, and one rule is most important; it is due to this Rule Majority of the Creation Heart Inheritances hosts decided to destroy it and start anew.

The Rule is that at every level, your creation has to be better than the past; if it is not, then you will not be able to use the powers of the Inheritance or use your creation. It simply means my Armor of Duke Stage has to be above that of the Lord Stage. If it is not, then I will not be able to use the Armor in Duke Stage.

It is a very harsh rule; it forces one to improve, create something better than the previous. Whoever created this Inheritance must be a s.a.d.i.s.t b.a.s.t.a.r.d./ For others, this rule turns to bane, but for me, it is challenging itself; if I can not improve my Armor at every stage, then I simply don't deserve the path of Armor.

I should destroy my formation and choose some inheritance; failing this Inheritance will only mean following the path chosen by others, not created by oneself, and I will never let that happen.

I will spend years perfecting my own path rather than the one laid down by the others.

Feeling I am going too far with motivational thoughts, I clear my thoughts before I waive my right hand in front of me, and my armor appears in its Runic form, I did not have to wave my hand to summon my Armor, but I did, it feels good.

Armor appeared in front of me, and as I saw, I shook my head in a sigh; with current strength, this armor is useless.

Before I had not thought that I would have to throw away my old design, but the current strength I have, and with the strength I need, I will have to create something from scratch.

This is quite exciting despite having barely any idea about the new armor as my ideas wholly depended on modifying my old armor still. It is a good thing. It is time to start from scratch; it will be fun.

With that thought, I moved the armor in the corner, and the gla.s.s case appeared and covered it wholly. I will keep this Armor in my Inheritance s.p.a.ce as a remembrance; it is an armor that has given me victory in the important milestone of my life; it deserves the place.

With that done, I was about to something when I suddenly sensed something happening in my body, and I paled, "F.u.c.k, I totally forgot about that." I cursed and exited the inheritance s.p.a.ce without wasting any time.