Monster Integration - Chapter 1114 - Sealing The Curse II

Chapter 1114 - Sealing The Curse II

Chapter 1114 - Sealing The Curse II

"Interesting, Apex Inheritance with Healing and Curse element, I am sure even Matron would come running when she heard it." a voice said that disturbed the stalemate between the two sisters, and both of them looked at the man glaringly.

"Robert, don't even think about informing Hawthorn Sea about it." Both sisters said in unison, brought down their aura at him. "You know I can't do that, Apex Const.i.tution with Healing and Curse too important, I have to inform the higher-ups." Her husband replied with a smile.

If the world needs anything more than capable fighters, it would be healers; the Curse Masters are a terror on the battlefield; it is very difficult to deal with them. Even she had to give a quarter of her day to heal the people who had come from the battlefield.

They do not know enough healers to deal with the curses brought by the Grimm Monster. That way, whenever someone shows the potential of the Apex Healing Potential, they will fight tooth and nail against each other.

One has to choose between Apex fighting potential and Apex Healing Potential, they will unhesitantly choose the one with Apex Healing Potential. Only when someone with Abyssal Star Inheritance came did the choice move toward the Fighter.

"Honey, Please," I said in my softest most loving voice; I don't want those hounds of Hawthorn Sea to come to the academy before she has a chance to talk properly to the boy and convince him to change his inheritance.

To others, it might take at least a year to recover their lost foundation, but with his Apex Const.i.tution and the resources the academy is willing to spend, he will be able to regain his lost foundation within a month.

"Ok, I will give you one month, after one month, I will report it to the higher-ups." He said with a sigh, "Thank you, honey." she said if she had not been dealing with a powerful curse, she would have definitely hugged and kissed her husband.

Still, she flashed him her most loving smile before she turned to the boy. The Sentient Curse inside him is very dangerous; she will have to work very hard if she wants to seal the curse, as for healing the curse, she did not even think about it, from what she had seen till now, she did not have the power to purify the curse.

She will have to reach the 11th Level of her Inheritance if she wants to do that, and that level is too far for her; she had barely reached the 9th Level a few days ago, and that is after fifteen years of hard work.

An hour pa.s.sed by, and she was finally able to take energy to every inch of the boy's boy; now that is done, it is time to seal the curse.

It is a good thing there is already a sealing formation left by her friend; she is very familiar with it, and she is going to further reinforce the seal she is casting.

'Seal!' she shouted in her mind, and her inheritance energy, which was in Micheal's body, started to transform itself into tiny runic formations that are invisible to common person eyes.

This is a powerful sealing move; it is the first time she is using it since it came from the 9th Level of Inheritance, she had just finished learning it yesterday, and Micheal is the first experiment.

The formation formed all over Micheal's body before they started the move toward the curse strings that spread every inch of Michael's Body. She wants to seal and each and every curse string, so the curse will at least be sealed for a decade.

As the sealing formations started to latch the strings, the powerful curse reacted. The Tar sea bubbled, wanting to burst out the sealing her friend had cast on it, but the seal held. It had not let the curse break it despite being under immense strength.

Seeing that soft smile couldn't help but appear on her face but next moment, the smile on her face froze when suddenly the Tar lake started to glow and started to release a humongous level of curse energy into the strings.

Her face couldn't help but turn pale seeing that before a calmness dawned on her face again and she started to release more energy into the Micheals body like a Raging River.

The Curse was really hiding its true power, if not for her attempt in sealing it, it could have continued to acc.u.mulate even more power before bursting out of seal in one go, and seeing how much power is showing, it would have needed less than two years to do that.

Now I truly understood the meaning of 'Don't underestimate Sentient Curse' that Saint had written in her notes. Nearly all the people who had a sentient curse consumed by it; only a select few were able to survive from it.

She is very happy that she is getting a chance against the Sentient Curse, sealing it will show me a way to break through into the 10th Stage of my Inheritance. The last three stages are notorious for their difficulties; very few people are able to reach them.

I continue to pour more and more energy into Micheal, creating more and more formations to seal it. It was resisting but not much longer. I have confidence within an hour; I will get the upper hand over it.

Till then, Miceal will have to continue bearing the pain. I am shocked by his will power, his boy has become the battlefield of two powers, though my energies are stopping any damage that came to him, the pain he is feeling must be immense but he is still bearing it without any scream.

The only sound that could be heard from him are whimpers.

The clash continued for forty minutes before I finally got the upper hand, and just as I got it, I activated a powerful sealing attack, leveraging the sealing formation my friend had already cast.

My seal cast before the curse could muster any powerful counter-attack by the time I took back my energies from Micheal. I have been completely drained, so drained that my husband and sister supported me as I did not have the energy to even support myself.