Monster Integration - Chapter 1111 - Three Gifts II

Chapter 1111 - Three Gifts II

Chapter 1111 - Three Gifts II

'You have taken one of the Creation Scripture that we Supreme t.i.tans have created.' 'They are difficult to practice, but those who find their ways into them go further into practice than anyone else.' Said The Primordial voice.

As he finished, seven colorful dots appeared in front of me before they started to transform, and a few seconds later, they turned into books.

'These Seven Books are on Seven Elements of your Const.i.tution, each Book contain the very basic information about them, but I am sure this basic information would be more than enough till you get out this little world of yours.' said the Primordial voice as the seven books remain entered inside me before I could touch them.

As they entered inside me, I was waiting for an infusion of knowledge, but nothing came. I am not surprised, seeing how it reacted when I asked it to remove the curse, I don't think knowledge will be directly infused into me, I will have to study them like normal books.

'I have taken everything I could from this little Abomination, only a few specks of it remain, and since you have suffered under it once, I will give it to you.' Said Primordial voice and brought the abomination in front of me, which is now the same size as me.

As it came in front of me, I couldn't help but shudder as I remember those memories. They remain fresh in my mind.

As the abomination came in front of me, it suddenly started to burn away as white flames released from the green chain.

As it burned, there was no change in its eyes; they are still broken and empty. Soon, the fire fully engulfed it, and I was not able to see what was happening inside the flames.

The flame continued for a while before they finally retracted back into green chains and, now in the place of abomination, is finger size small blob which is completely transparent.

As I looked at it, I found it was in the same state as before, there is life there but it was broken. I was just looking at it, when suddenly I found my sword appeared in front of me.

'There is only speck remaining of it but it is a speck of a very powerful being, I had refined Abomination in my Annihilation Flames and removed all the impurities it contains.' 'This speck of refined abomination spirit, would be the highest grade sword spirit you could have.' Said The primordial voice.

As it finished, the blob seeped into my sword, and the next moment, it turned into a blackhole in which many things started to enter, 'Wait a minute.' I said when I saw numerous things entering the black hole of swords.

Many of those things entering inside were my things, the things stored in my storage. There are many precious metals, herbs, and many things I've found in the ruin; the being is throwing all of them into the black hole.

I felt pain seeing many rare and precious things going inside, but I did not say anything. I just watched the whole process with a bleeding heart while remembering the efforts I had put into collecting them. Many times, I had nearly died.

Like one room in the Aferian room where I am taking out the precious metallic parts of the one machine when it had suddenly activated and nearly cleaved into two, many things started to inside, seeing the speed they are going inside, I don't think it would take long for my whole storage to get empty inside.

Time pa.s.sed when finally the black hole started consuming things and disappeared, and in its place is a huge black blob, like the one I had seen back in the forbidden Cavern where it had sucked nearly everything inside the cannon to create the blob.

The Blob appeared but the next moment, those while flames again came out of the vines and covered the whole blob and started burning it. It burned and burned for a few minutes when suddenly, I saw bright yellow golden things falling off from the blob before disappearing.

These yellow golden things seemed to be impurities, something like that had happened last time too. They kept falling down in large amounts till finally, the fire returned to the vines, and I came across my sword, which had completely changed.

Its size and shape remain nearly the same, but other things had a big change. Its crystal ruby blade had now become transparent that I could see the other side through its blade.

The grip had also turned black, and the signet of abomination which was in the center of the crossguard remains empty, there nothing on it, the signet remains blank.

The sword changed and became even better than before. It became not only powerful but also beautiful; the transparent edge of it really adds a great charm to its beauty.

'Now the last part.' said the voice and my refinement. Tower appeared in front of me, 'It really is beautiful.' I thought, but I did not get to admire the tower for long as it started breaking apart soundlessly, including the s.p.a.ce particles that had been stored in its bottle.

Soon the tower completely broke into pieces without any soul and started to melt on its own; not only pieces of the tower began to melt, but tiny particles of s.p.a.ce also began to melt away.

This shocked me; I have read about the s.p.a.ce and know how difficult it is to deal with it; even Tyrants don't have the power to melt the s.p.a.ce. So, I am quite surprised seeing it melting the s.p.a.ce without even taking that dangerous fire.

Sometime later, everything melted and merged into each other before they started taking the shape of the tower. Seconds pa.s.sed, and finally, the tower took a body, and runes began appearing on it.

Finally, after some time, the new refinement tower was fully constructed. Unlike the tower before, which was very beautiful, this one was very primitive. It looked made of simple while marble and had nine floors instead of seven like previous.

This tower feels old and gives the feeling of primality. There is nothing flashy about it. It is plain even the runes on it are very simple, but despite its simplicity whenever one looks at it, one will have an extreme compulsion to bow down in front of it.

'I called it Chaos Devouring Refinement Tower. It can refine any energy that could be found in this small world, even the filthy energies you have from the sp.a.w.ns of abomination could be refined in it.' Said the Primordial voice.

I first did not understand what it is saying but soon realized it refers to the two curses I have in my body. Hearing it have the power to refine them, I couldn't help but feel ecstatic.

The curses are the things that worried me most; the professor had messaged me in the morning telling me to contact her as soon as I finished accepting the Inheritance, so she could take me to her sister, who will help me seal the curse.

'These things are my gift to you; what will you do with them is up to you, but I hope you progress fast and move out of this little world as soon as possible,' said the Primordial voice, and next moment, I found darkness coming across my eyes, and I again found myself on the platform.