Monster Integration - Chapter 1101 - Riverfield Academy

Chapter 1101 - Riverfield Academy

Chapter 1101 - Riverfield Academy

As my feet touched the ground of the Central Continent, I felt intense suppression on every part of my body as if the whole world was weighing on me.

The suppression lessened after a few seconds, but some of it remains and this some of it is huge. Under this suppression, I felt like my power had lessened significantly; it had become a quarter less.

The suppression is not surprising as I had already known about it, and the reason for the suppression.

It is said that the core of the world right below the Central Continent. This suppression is felt by every being of the Central Continent that resides on the continent, those who born in the central continent, only those who came from the other continent need little time to get used to.

I took a deep break as I got used to the suppression and found the energy in the central continent is very thick, far thicker than the energy I've encountered in any ruin, which had quite surprised me.

I had not expected the Central Continent would have such thick energy, no wonder it creates such powerhouses and produces resources to nourish them. The Central Continent is amazing.

As I looked around I found we were square and people are seen everywhere. As I looked around, I found we are in a beautified City with a tense of spread in small parts of the city, which I can see. I am sure there will be hundreds more around the city.

In front of me is a huge wall with big above which 'Riverfield Academy' is written. The writing and design are very simple, but when one looked at it, one couldn't help but revered.

This feeling of reverence is very intense that the feeling I got Professor is nothing in front of it. Whoever wrote those words must be very powerful to create such an effect.

"Have you all got used to it?" Professor asked after a minute, to which everyone nodded, "Then let's go to the Academy." She said, began to walk forward toward the gate.

As we got close to the Gate, I found it is heavily guarded with each guard at least a Duke stage with leaders aura being at the King Stage. Seeing the professor, they became extra alert and looked at her reverently but still did not move from her post.

Only when she took out the badge like the rest of the people and scanned it did move from their spot, "Are these new seeds, Professor Josephine?" The King Stage guard asked as he looked at us.

"Yes, John, they are. We have found quite good seeds this time." She said which quite surprised him, but he did not ask a further question about it, and we followed the professor inside it.

As we walked out of the huge gate, we came across a huge plaza, and the center of the plaza are statues of two women. These are the most lifelike statues Ive ever seen; if not big size and statue figures, I would have thought they are real people.

These two statues are side by side as the women in the statues are holding hands. The women of let had chocolate complexion and average features, but when one looked at the eyes of hers, one would shudder uncontrollably.

They are deep as Abyss and held the power to swallow everything, I had to look away instantly from those eyes. The other statue is of an Enchantingly beautiful woman, the most beautiful I've have seen.

It felt like she had been carved from the moon itself; anyone who would look at her would become enamored by her beauty. When I looked at her, I found myself staring at her for a minute before I forcefully averted my eyes.

"Ramona Hawthorn and Catherine Rosevelt, the brightest stars the Academy ever produced since its inception," Professor said, and there is genuine reverence that could be seen in her eyes when she looked at those statues.

I am not shocked when I heard that; I did not know anything about Catherine Rosevelt, but I have heard a few things about Ramona Hawthorn. She is the strongest powerhouse this world has ever produced and also the founder of the Supreme Organisation Hawthorns Sea.

Jill also had the same Inheritance as Ramona Hawthorn; I had seen Elina salivate hundreds of times when she talked about Abyssal Inheritance that Ramona Hawthorn had created based on her inheritance.

"Riverfield Academy is a very special organization in the Central Continent as it aligned with Two Supreme Organizations instead of one," said Professor with pride as she started to lead us into the Academy.

The Academy is beautiful; there are both small big structures present inside; the bigger ones are one hundred floors tall while the smaller ones are single-storied. All of them are perfect synchronization with the architecture of the Academy.

If one asks what the most beautiful feature of Academy is, then I would say it is the; the are everywhere. People could be seen walking on them or riding the beautiful boats.

There are also many small lakes inside the academy on which many beautiful buildings are constructed. I like the houseboats the most; they are both on the lakes and the, if possible, to make my stay on them.

"The Inheritances that Riverfield Academy offers are more than a hundred in numbers, of which nine of them are from Riverfield Academy while the rest are from the other Organisation," Professor said.

I am quite shocked by what I had heard; any Inheritance is stronger or weaker is the most sacred thing of any organization; it is literally their base. So, keeping their inheritances in other places is quite difficult to comprehend.

"The other Inheritances, half of them are from the Wisdom Tower and Hawthorns Sea. The inheritance they keep are normal inheritances but also their core inheritances."

"Like the Abyssal Inheritance of Hawthorns Sea, which is the core Hawthorns Sea, created by their founder itself, the Academy has that inheritance in incomplete (up to Level 6) form," Professor said.

Some people are so shocked by it that they are literally stopped in their tracks, it is comprehensible if normal organizations kept their inheritances in the Academy, but it is a completely different matter if the Supremes kept it.