Monster Integration - Chapter 1100 - Central Continent

Chapter 1100 - Central Continent

Chapter 1100 - Central Continent

Clang Clang Clang…

She continued to attack me intensely, but I did not have problems in countering them. Her attacks are powerful but not powerful enough to make me harness all the power of my Incomplete Armor.

The fire ability had made the Armor of mine so powerful that I am confident that if I fought an Edmond right now, I would be able to defeat him using this Incomplete Runic Armor.

Our spar continued, Elina attacked me with every single move, ability, and the method she has, but the result was the same; I had dealt with each and every attack of her virtually without feeling any problem.

But it is clear she is not sad about it, while fighting she is getting better and better control over her new strength. She is not the only one that is benefitting from this spar.

I have also got to know a few cool things about my const.i.tution, and first and foremost, now I now barely need any effects to draw out my strength, be it my fire ability or rule powers.

Even using rule power, I now only had to use ¼ of the Soul Energy to use the Rule powers before, which is a big relief. Operating the Armor is a very stressful affair and needs ma.s.sive soul energy; with Rule powers needing less soul power, I will have more to use for the other things.

"Looks like I will have to use my Art," Elina said finally; the next moment, another Elina came out of her, and both Elina came at me with speed like never before.

This Art of her is also amazing, it lets one make an exact copy of one with similar power, but not everyone could practice this Art. It had a very high requirement that very few people could practice it.

Elina had said her mother had prepared her from childhood for this Art; only then she was able to possess what it needs to practice. I like this Art, if possible, I will try it.

Clang Clang Clang…

The fight had become little challenging when two Elina had appeared, but I am still able to deal with them easily and use my most of focus on her Art. Despite fighting with her tense of time, I was never able to find a sure way to pick up a real one and a fake one.

Whenever I fight her, I would track both of her. I had many times found fake ones during spars but never through the single method; I was able to find them through the little hints I found here and there during our fight.

I want to find a definite way, a real weakness of this Art, but that harder said than done. This is so masterfully crafted that even those with powerful sensory abilities would not able to find the weakness of it.

In all fights I've fought with her, I have never been able to find a secret of this Art, and this time did not seem different either. I had literally drowned both of the Elinas in my killing rule, but I was still not able to find a definite way.

"Let's stop now," Elina said after an hour of fighting, sweat could be seen coming down from her body heavily; in this spar, she had really tried everything, which had made her quite tired.

"You have grown quite powerful; I could only think about beating you after I accepted the complete inheritance." She said, to that I could only smile.

Once I reach the Central Continent, I will not remain empty-handed. I will get Inheritance as soon as possible so that I could level up to Lord Stage. I have accomplished everything I had to in the Knight Stage, and now it is time to level up.

She will have to try very hard to beat me once I have accepted the Inheritance.

Time pa.s.sed by in Cometh City, and the professor continued with her business. In the days spent, I would usually spar with Elina twice a day before spending most of my time focusing on comprehending the 2nd Chapter Eldritch Art and reading.

As such time of leaving had finally arrived, today we are going to leave for the Central Continent.

I am now in the main hall of the Mansion with Elina, talking to eleven people in front of me. These Eleven people agreed to join the Academy; all of them had partic.i.p.ated in the Champions.h.i.+p and are quite powerful by the standards of this continent.

"Is everyone ready?" I asked the professor as she walked inside the hall; behind her several people, they were the people who had come to the academy and did most of the job in recruiting.

"Stay Calm, the journey will only take a few hours," Professor said, and the next moment, Aqua blue energy of the professor covered us all before the gap in s.p.a.ce tore open, and we all went inside.

I once again came across the s.p.a.ce Sea, seeing it, I couldn't help but shudder. The few minutes I've spent here last time were the most dangerous period of my life; if I did not have the protection of the protection amulet, I would have ground into the fine powder by these waves.

I had experienced the terror of tiny s.p.a.ce particles and saw how they tore through everything without feeling slight resistance. I still remember the pain I had experienced when those particles tore through my body.

Time pa.s.sed in the s.p.a.ce sea as we sailed inside it; the expression of the professor is extremely serious; every step she took inside the s.p.a.ce seal is extremely calculated; the smallest mistake in s.p.a.ce could cost one their life.

I don't know how much time pa.s.sed when suddenly, I felt a change in s.p.a.ce. This change is not visible; it is just a feeling I am having that something has changed.

We continued for a few hours more when suddenly, Aqua blue energy covering us flared up, and we found ourselves on the solid ground.

"Welcome to the Central Continent," Professor Said cheerfully.