Monster Integration - Chapter 1102 - Glass Tower

Chapter 1102 - Glass Tower

Chapter 1102 - Gla.s.s Tower

"Other than two Supremes, many Tyrant Level Organisations aligned to two Supremes also kept their inheritances in the academy," Professor said as she walked.

"Accepting Inheritances other than Academy means you became a member of them and will join the Organisation." She said.

Hearing this, no is surprised. No organization will give their Inheritance for nothing; accepting inheritance will mean becoming their member, and many people would die to do that.

"For Supremes, you will have to reach King Stage before you can formally Join them, as for the Tyrant, the conditions are a little lax; you will have to reach the Prince before joining the Tyrant formally," Professor explained.

I could see the eyes of many people s.h.i.+ning; they all are dreaming about getting an inheritance of the Supreme Organisation to become members of the Supreme Organisation.

It will not be easy, though, even if Supremes kept their inheritances here. There will be some heavy conditions before one can get them, as for becoming a member is not a condition but a blessing many people dream to become a member of Supreme Organisations.

The resources and scope that Supreme Organisation could provide are limitless, I am sure many of those talented who did not get selected in Supreme join the academy to get a second chance in joining the Supreme.

Professor continued until we finally stopped in front of a huge building where lots of people could be seen coming and going. "Arnold, register them and explain to them the rules of the academy before setting them to their lodging," Professor said to the middle-aged man who had come with us from Cometh City.

"Micheal, I will come to you in the evening, give you a full tour of the academy," Elina said before she disappeared with the professor. As she disappeared, I found myself becoming the recipient of many jealous gazes, including Arnold.

"Let's get you all registered first before finding your lodging," Arnold said before he took inside the big building.

The registration took two hours, and after that, for half an hour, Armold explained the rules of the Academy before he finally walked us toward our lodging.

The Knights have the biggest population in the Academy; they admitted since they are at the Private Stage of Knight. So, there was a special campus inside the main campus for the knights, and we entered there with Arnold.

This mini campus is beautiful as the Main Campus, filled with State of the Art facilities that helped develop the Knight. We had to walk for ten minutes before we came across a square size fifty story building.

It looks like it is made from a block of steel, thousands of apartments could be seen in a huge building, and all of them house powerful Admantines.

"All of you except for Micheal will live here till you make a breakthrough from the knight," Arnold said before he turned to women in early who followed us from the Administrative office, "Jenna, show them their dodging." He said and turned to me.

"Micheal, let's go, your lodging is not far," said Arnold and started the walk. I don't understand why we aren't flying. In this mini campus, there are no restrictions on Knights flying otherwise I would have not seen hundreds of people flying around.

I followed him, and five minutes later, I found myself staring at the beautiful Tower. It not much tall, just thirty-story tall in the shape of a Bullet or Pill as one sees it.

It looked like it was made of Gla.s.s and green wines covering it, and from the wines, water could be slus.h.i.+ng down. Not to forget the beautiful garden below, the architect must be a genius to design something beautiful as this tower.

"This Gla.s.s Tower, it is where the most exception Knight gets to live." Said Arnold with a slight hint of jealousy. As I walked into the beautiful Garden, I felt many gazes on me; I saw many people sitting on their beautiful green balconies and the garden below cast their eyes on me.

Soon, I reached the saw and saw the beautiful vines which had nearly covered the Gla.s.s Tower whole. The Vine had a pretty powerful aura; I did not expect the vine to be at Prince grade.

It is powerful and beautiful, each piece of vine feels like they have been carved from the beautiful green crystals, and it makes them even more beautiful when water drops down from them.


I was just watching the vine when I felt something; the vine is releasing a faint smell that seems to have the effect of calming the wine; I felt very calm when I was near the vine.

"It is Peace Breath Vine; it has the effect of calming one's mind." Arnold, before he walked into the Elevator, I quickly followed him. Soon the elevator stopped on the 25th floor, and we walked out.

"The tower has 30 Floor, each place in the tower is earned, and now you have directly got a place into the 25th floor, you will have faced quite a challenge before they accept you being worthy of this place.," Arnold said with a laugh.

I first groaned when I heard that before my mood brightened up, the challenges would be good for me to test the true power of my Armor.

"Here is your apartment, and I have also sent you the copy Inheritance details." Arnold said he tapped a few b.u.t.tons on his holowatch, "I wish you good luck in the Academy." He said, and before I could ask him any further questions, he disappeared from my view.


Shaking my head, I flashed my holowatch to the door, and it flashed open. I entered inside with my eyes s.h.i.+ning like stars; the interior is as beautiful as the exterior of the garden.

The inside did not have any plants aside from the gallery, but one could feel the green through the gla.s.s walls. The calming presence of Vines is even dense inside the apartment.

I walked inside, and the first thing I checked was the balcony; it was truly too beautiful; one could see nearly everything in the mini campus from it. Ashlyn, too, who was on my shoulder loving the scenery as she chirped happily before she flew to the wine.