Monster Integration - Chapter 1099 - Spar

Chapter 1099 - Spar

Chapter 1099 - Spar

"Where did you find this Limit Fruit?" Elina asked after she calmed down, "It was with one of the Grimm Monsters that attacked me." I lied smoothly.

If I had to pay careful attention to the professor right now, I would have seen her lips curving slightly, and eyes twinkle.

"This fruit is extremely precious, and I will not reject it, I do not want to spend months comprehending something which this fruit could help in an hour," she said, though this fruit did not guarantee the comprehension and breakthrough, those who already got some faint comprehension found it very useful.

"Aunty, I am going to use this fruit now." She said to the Professor as she got up, "Good Luck." Professor said as she saw Elina flashed toward Mansion.

"So, are you ready for the Central Continent?" Professor asked, "Yes." I replied with a smile. "Good, It is a place with millions of chances and extreme danger, but with little luck and hard work, you can be successful there," Professor said. To that, I smiled before I asked the professor about some questions.

There were some questions that were bugging me, and the professor was kind enough to answer them as such half

We were just talking when suddenly, the Professor looked at the Manor, and a smile appeared on her face; I did not have to guess the reason for the smile; Elina had likely reached the Limit of Knight.

Twenty minutes later, Elina finally came out, glowing vibrantly with an aura of unknown level emitting from her every part of her body; it is clear that she had broken through and reached the limit of Knight.

"Congratulations," I said.

"Thank You, if not for the limit fruit you have given me, it would have taken me months to reach the Limit," she said, happiness could be clearly seen on her face as she said it.

"Congratulations, Ellie, did you tell your parents?" Professor asked, "No, I am going to surprise them." Elina said before she turned to me.

"Micheal, do you want to spar?" Elina asked, "Sure." I replied. With her power increased, she will bring out even more power from her Inheritance; she will be an excellent opponent to test my new strength.

The three of us soon reached the familiar arena in the mansion with Elina and me entering inside.

"Let's start," Elina said as we entered the center of the Arena, as she said it, a steel Armor had appeared on her body, which looked even more prominent than before.

An intense aura shot out of her as she came at me; she does not seem to hold back anything; she is using the full power of her Level 3 Inheritance. Seeing her coming at me, a fire started to cover my palms and feet.

Even though I had advanced and got the Apex Const.i.tution, I am still not a match for Elina with her full power. My Apex Const.i.tution is hollow; I will not be brought out its full power without proper inheritance.

If I had the Inheritance then, Level 1 of it would be more than enough to deal with Elina. Apex Const.i.tution is not only for the name.

The fire is now different than before; it is still a Silver in color but had become a lot denser, and also its aura had become a lot stronger than even Elina, who had swiftly closed on me, had noticed it.

As the fire covered my palms and feet, it turned liquid as she spread over them, converting themselves to Silver Gauntlets and Armored shoes, on which colorful lines representing four Rules started to appear.

As it finished, small strings left from the four-part of my armor and connected in my back.

By the time it finished up, Elina had already appeared in front of me and swung her sword at me with incredible speed, seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

My Totem Artifact had appeared in my hands and at the same time a couple of runic formations in my incomplete Armor lit up just as that happened; my sword moved to blur and appeared right before Elina's.


A loud clang rang out, and the body of Elina shook as the faint amount of smoke rose from her body; an expression of shock had appeared in her eyes, and as she looked at me.

"How can your fire ability be this strong?" Elina asked in shock. My fire ability is extremely strong due to merging with Fire of Blazing Rose, but that is not a thing that made it strong.

The thing that made it strong is the fraction of Source hiding in the Blazing Rose; it is from the Super Powerhouse that had cast the attack thousands of years ago.

The source I merged which had weakened and mutated over time, it is still not something that I could digest on my own, but I had Ashlyn who somehow with her amazing abilities had been able to refine it and my fire ability was able to merge with a perfectly compatible high-level source.

If I had been looking at Professor now, I would have seen the twinkle in her eyes and would be able to read her thoughts which said, 'I've found a Gem'.

"It's Secrete," I said with a smile before I whipped my sword back and attacked again, this time using a little more of my power; seeing the attack coming, Elina's eyes became serious as she swung her sword at me to counter.


Our swords clashed again; this time, she did not shake. Last time she was completely unprepared for my attack, but this time experienced the power of my fire and had made ample preparations to deal with it.

Clang Clang Clang…

Right after the second attack finished, she launched the third attack and forth, and so on, we started to fight at blurring speed. I was quite surprised seeing the power Elina is harnessing.

Her strength is great; she is stronger than I had expected; with her current strength, she would have the power to defeat any partic.i.p.ant of the Champions.h.i.+p in one move.

The only people she will not defeat are Me, Elina, Jill, and Edmond, which speaks how powerful she had become after reaching the limit of Knight.