Monster Integration - Chapter 1094 - Rainbow Constitution I

Chapter 1094 - Rainbow Constitution I

Chapter 1094 - Rainbow Const.i.tution I

I have only one option left right now, and that is to upgrade my const.i.tution; this option only became available after I made a breakthrough into the unknown stage of Knight.

I did not waste any time and added Icerandia Moss into Const.i.tutional formations storage. I was wrong about this moss when I found it, the one that is at the mouth of the bottle is the lowest grade moss while the one that is found deepest is the highest grade, Moss.

I am adding Grade Moss into const.i.tution storage. It just pinches off, I would have added more, but seeing the Grade of Moss, which could even make eyes of King and Emperor Stage powerhouses green with empty, it would be fine.


I just added the Moss when received notification of sort from the formation, it is said one type of her herb could only be used to fill the formation at 50%, I will have another herb or herbs to fill the other 50% of storage.

Without wasting any time, I started to add all herbs I have, not caring how expensive they are or I might need them; later, I simply added them into formations storage with only one goal in mind and that is to fill it as soon as possible.

'99.9%' F.u.c.k! I really want to see that number; after adding every herb I have at my disposal, it still hadn't been filled; there only 0.1% remained to be filled.

Seeing that I felt like going crazy, all of my herbs had been spent, and the one I have in huge quant.i.ty couldn't be used more than 50%, I have to do something and fill that 0.1%.

It is very bad that I could not fill that 0.1% with energy crystals; I have tons of them. I started thinking of the ways to get that 0.1%, even thing about jumping down the s.h.i.+p and adding a bunch of trees, but there is no time I will die before I reach the ground.

I have to find something, but I have added everything I could; there is nothing I could add. Wait, there is one thing! I said, and a small fist size ball came to my mind.

It is an herbal ball made of essences of various herbs and Miracle Fruit. Ellens's teacher had tested it and warned me it had different results when tested, and most of these results are bad, and I might turn into an abomination of some sort if I used it, but I have no choice.

Either that or die within minutes, and since I am going to die anyway, I might as well die; if it became an abomination or something, I would kill myself.

So, without wasting any time, I added the small ball of herbal essences into Const.i.tutional Storage.

Just as I added the battle, the formation lit up brightly before cracks started to appear on formation. "s.h.i.+t!" I couldn't help but curse seeing that as I had expected something like this might have happened.

This small ball not only contains the essence of thousands of precious herbs but also several Miracle Fruits, its completly chaotic with a s.h.i.+t load of energy. If it is a normal herb, the formation would take the amount it needs before throwing out the rest.

But the ball had too many chaotic energies that it directly started to crack the formation made of the Ancient Runes and I could only watch what was happening in despair as time ticked by.


In a minute, I am going to die either by the Curse or the explosion of the energies. I was having thoughts when suddenly two runic chains appeared out of nowhere; one is Green while the other is Silver.

They quickly enveloped the Essence ball in them, which immediately calmed it down, and at the same time, changes started to appear in the formation that is covering my body; it started becoming more complicated than before.

The changes are done in a few seconds before the formation s.h.i.+nes again as the power fills it, but this chaotic power is completely docile under the command of two chains and starts to fill the formation again.


In a second formation completely filled up, and a gentle green mist started to release from the formation, it is the pure life force that began to fill me up, and strangely, the Curse did not react, but that is not the strangest thing that happened.

The strangest thing happened right after that, seven runic chains appeared from the formation. The six went directly to my source while the seventh went toward the large sea of Tar that is hiding in the very core of me.

The seventh chair quickly reached the Curse, and to my surprise, it directly went in the Tyrant Curse, completely disregarding the complex seal placed on the curse.

The six chains that went into my source enveloped my Four Rule Powers and two sources. As it did, the color of the chains started to change, their color and runes began to change; they are becoming what they are holding; the chain holding the representation of my killing Rule has become blood-red as it is.

It is not only happening to the Runic Chains in my source but also happening to the Runic Chain that dipped into Tar like Tyrant curse. Its color and runes started to change before the aura of these chains also began to become like things they are holding.

I am becoming quite flabbergasted seeing such change; of all the times my const.i.tution was upgraded, something like that had never happened.

It was a simple affair. I would add the required herbs and energy crystal into the Const.i.tutional Storage, and the upgrade would start. An hour later, I would have my upgraded Const.i.tution.

But something different is happening here, and I could follow as I do not have the power to change anything. With time, it will become clear what is happening in the formation.