Monster Integration - Chapter 1095 - Rainbow Constitution II

Chapter 1095 - Rainbow Constitution II

Chapter 1095 - Rainbow Const.i.tution II

Time pa.s.sed, and minutes later, the chains have finally moved; they started to entangle themselves from things they are holding and now returning.

Every chain is now completely changed; they now have the color of the things they are holding and sending off a similar type of aura, all the seven chains doing the same.

Soon the chains returned to the formation and the life force that released from it stopped, and the next moment, the pain came back in full force as lifeforce started to burn away again, but this time, I did not even care about it.

In the past few hours, I had come close to death so many times that I lost the fear of it, and now, I am more interested in change that is in the formation; it is changing again, becoming more complex by the second.


The change continued for a minute before it stopped, and the whole formation shook, and the next moment, rainbow-like dust started coming out from the formations in huge quant.i.ties.

This rainbow-like dusk has the same color as the things that Runic Chained had latched on to. The dust started to spread through my body, and I began to feel a very comfortable sensation.

I am quite surprised seeing that as with the pain I am feeling, no other sensation should be able to make such an effect on it but did; it made me feel very comfortable as a mother's embrace.


Seeing that, I concentrated on the dust and let out a gasp a moment later as I noticed the things I am a.s.suming are dust is very tiny runic formations that are seeping into every part of my body, including the parts which are covered by two of the Curses.

A huge amount of dust kept spreading into my body and soul when I suddenly noticed something. I saw as the time pa.s.sed, the pain I am feeling due to the curse burning my Life Force is dimming down with time.

I first thought it is due to my focusing completely on the comforting sensation of the runes that I am finding the feeling of the pain is lessening, but that is not the case.

When I looked at the curse, I saw it was burning less and less life force. The power of the curse is still present, but it is not using it fully, and as time pa.s.sed, it is using it even less.

I had guessed the reason for it, but I will remain quiet for the time as there might be another reason for it.

I watched the process for a while before I opened my eyes and tapped a few b.u.t.tons on the holowatch and control panel of the s.h.i.+p before I closed my eyes and continued to watch the whole process.

The more I watch, the more I become sure that I will not die. Since I am not dying, there is no need to hurry and reach the midzone.

Milfred is ten minutes away, but I am not going there; I had put instruction on the s.h.i.+p that as soon it picked up the single, it should stop and hide in clouds and activate full stealth mode.

If something goes wrong, I will immediately call the Professor for help, and if everything goes as I think it will go, I don't think there will be a need to call the professor.


I watched the whole process when I sensed happy emotions from Nero; when I looked at him, I found he was going through the mutation.

When two chains connected, they not only stabilized the formation but also started taking energy from it. The ball seemed to hold infinite energy; two chains and formation covering me had been sucking energy from it, but barely any change had occurred in its size.

As Ashlyn sucked energy through the Silver Chains, she also gave some of that energy to Nero, who is extremely happy to take it.

Miracle fruit energy is the most favorite food of Nero, and it is also the thing that made him mute at fast speed.

Soon the mutation of the Nero is finished, but it is not over; a minute later, the mutation finished; another mutation started occurring through Nero. Nero had begun on another mutation.

As long Ashlyn keeps providing Nero the energy, Nero will continue to mutate, and I am happy with that; the powerful Nero will become, the greater help he will provide to me.

An hour pa.s.sed by the process far from being over, the essence ball size had only reduced by a quarter, and the formation was still sending dust which was merging into every part of my body and soul.

Nero also has gone through another three mutations, and now I could see faint crystalline veins started to appear on its body.

This is a very big change; till now, Nero was made completely of the energy, but now there are faint crystalline veins appearing on his body.

As for the Curse, it's barely burning my lifeforce; its speed is so slow that I have started recovering my Lifeforce eating the herbs and medicine. Though these medicines are low grade, still, when you eat enough of them, you will see improvements.

The change happening to me is very big, and it is continuing; I don't know what I will become of me when change is complete, but one thing is sure that by the time the change is finished, I will become very strong.

Another hour pa.s.sed by, and now the size of the Essence ball had been brought to half. There are many great changes that had happened to me, first is the Curse stopped burning my Lifeforce, now is just moving around my body without doing anything.

Even when it swims through the life force, it did not react to it as if it did not see the lifeforce.

Aside from the curse, the change in Nero also deepened; the faint veins on his body became slightly more prominent, and again, his eyes have become even more life-like, full of emotions.

Changes kept occurring as the time pa.s.sed, and finally, two hours later, the battle of essence finally sucked dry by the formations and two chains. Just as that happened, the two chains disappeared, and the formation started to s.h.i.+ne brightly.

Crack Crack Crack…

As it shone, the cracks had started to form on formation, one could see cracks appearing on each and every rune, and unlike before, I did not feel any danger from the formation.


The more and more cracks appeared before a band occurred, and complete formation turned into the dust before seeping into every part of my body and soul. The comfortable feeling intensified by a hundred times as the dust of formation started to merge in me.

It is such a good feeling that I felt like I am in heaven; regretfully, the feeling lasted only a few seconds before it was over. I couldn't help but feel sad seeing that, but I soon controlled myself and started to check every inch of my body.

"My Const.i.tution should now be called Rainbow Const.i.tution now instead of Sin Const.i.tution," I muttered seeing the changes in the const.i.tution.