Monster Integration - Chapter 1093 - Limit Of Knight II

Chapter 1093 - Limit Of Knight II

Chapter 1093 - Limit Of Knight II

Zhu Zhu…

I did not waste any time and started my breakthrough; as I did, I felt like millions of holes opened in my body and soul, and they sucked unlimited energy from the outside.

It is not just my imagination; when I opened my eyes, I found a cloud of worldly energy gathering above me and funneling the energy into my body. The energy is coming inside me through the Millions of holes into my body.

As the worldly energy came inside me, it started to spread through every inch of my body; I could my strength growing at a visible rate, and the most amazing thing is, the worldly energy is converting itself into lifeforce and filling every inch of my body.

The Sickly color of my body quickly fading, and the weight started to return to my body; it is all happening at the visible rate while all the curse could do wildly attack the worldly energy, which is not doing anything.

Seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face, with my vitality returning, I will have at least an hour, and in that hour, I could easily reach Midzone and call the professor for help.

Seeing that I couldn't help but feel happy, I really thought I was going to die, but now there is a huge chance I will survive, I am really feeling grateful for it.

I watch the change happening to me with an ecstatic face; I am sure as a huge amount of energy that is flooding me every second, my strength will rise incomparably, and if I am not wrong, then lifeforce I will have after the breakthrough will be much larger than before, it means more time against the curse.


I was watching everything with a happy smile when suddenly something happened and brought despair to me again. The invisible strings curse string that spread through every inch of my body became visible as they shone for a second before becoming invisible.

It did not seem to do anything, but I know that is not the case; since it reacted, it must have done something, the Tyrant Level curse would not react for no reason, and I was right.

A second later flash of Curse Strings, the Grey Curse stopped attacking worldly energy wildly and began to conjure in a single place; as it did, I found pain lessening in my body at a visible rate, by the time the curse conjured into the ball, all the pain I am feeling had disappeared, but that did not make me feel relieved.

Instead, I started to feel even more despair, and I was right to feel that, as that conjured curse started to melt and mix with worldly energy as it began to spread through every part of my body.

Horror couldn't help but appear on my face as I saw it and started to try my best to stop it all. Even tried to stop the breakthrough, but it can not be stopped; once the breakthrough began, it can't be stopped.

I watched in despair and more Curse melted into worldly energy before merging the very core of my body. Earlier curses attacked me, but it never attacked this deeply, but now it is seeping at the very core of my body without feeling even a shred of resistance.

It is not doing anything to me right now, but as soon as the breakthrough is over, it will attack me like a Hungry Shark and that time, no matter how much Life Force I will gain, it will all be whittle away in a matter of minutes.

It is going deeper into my body, directly at the core form there it will be able to do anything it wants. Burning my Vitality up would not be a problem for it.

Its all happened to due to that f.u.c.k.i.n.g Tyrant Level Curse that is hiding inside me; it could not stay silent till I broke through the Knight; just have to finger me when everything was going so well.

I couldn't help but curse loudly at it before I opened my eyes and summoned the control of the airs.h.i.+p. Seeing it, my mood worsened even more; it is saying that it will take twenty-five minutes to reach the closest Midzone.

F.u.c.k I don't think I have this much time, I could feel the flow of worldly energy slowing down in my body, in minutes it will be completely slowed down, and the curse will begin its terror again.

Why I always found myself in such scenarios, every few months, something like this happens to me. I happened in Ruin when I was caught by that Blood Red being; it is like I am some kind of trouble magnet.

Every few months, I would attract some kind of deep s.h.i.+t that would take me near the death's door, and I would always survive to hear breath, but this time, chances of it happening seemed very low.

The curse is going into my core; it will be extremely easy for it to burn my life force from there even if my life force is many times more than before, it will be easily able to burn it all.

A minute later, the breakthrough is finally finished, and I couldn't help but marvel the feeling I am getting. I've become extremely powerful, my lifeforce has increased by five times, not to forget my strength, which has advanced by leaps and bounds.


I had just glanced myself when the pain hit me, and this pain was ten times worse than the pain that hit me earlier. It's so painful that I found myself losing consciousness.


Seeing I was about to lose my consciousness, I pulled myself back forcefully and steeled in this Soul Breaking pain and again looked inside me, seeing what was happening, the horror on my face deepened.

The Grey Curse had made my body furnace and now burning my lifeforce furiously, in less than two minutes, all my life force will be burned clean.