Monster Integration - Chapter 1092 - Limit Of Knight I

Chapter 1092 - Limit Of Knight I

Chapter 1092 - Limit Of Knight I

Hearing the crackling sound, I stopped in my tracks on breaking through the unknown level of Knight.

I am quite surprised that I am breaking through the Secret Method, though I had expected it might happen, it still left me quite surpriced.

The cleansing energy of the Body Cleansing Technique has pushed back the Curse; though it is temporary, it still brought me some time, and with the final Breakthrough of Secrete Method, I am sure it will be able to buy me some more time.

Not to forget to get there is a breakthrough to an unknown level of Knight; I hope it gives me some lifeforce, So I won't die till I reach the Midzone.

Seeing the breakthrough coming, I started to push Supreme Combat Exercise like never before. With only one method in circulation, I completely push my all on it; I hoped when I returned, I would have Ruby Seal; it will help me very much.

Crack Crack Crack...Bang

The cracks spread through the soul, and seconds after that, I heard the loud bang. It was many times louder than the normal band that resounds when I break through the levels of the Secrete Method.

As the Bang resounded, I was enveloped in familiar darkness, and when my vision cleared, I found myself in the Conscious s.p.a.ce.

'Hun! No pain!'

I thought as I found myself free of that soul breaking pain, there is no pain I am feeling, I felt liberated without the pain. Even though the Curse had been pushed back, I was still in pain, but now, there is nothing.

I reveled in my condition for a few minutes before I started to experiment. The time in the consciousness is precious, and I have too many things to experiment on, so after I calmed myself, I started right on with my experiments.

Shake Shake…

Time pa.s.sed by, and I was extremely surprised that I had spent four times more in the Conscious s.p.a.ce before it started shaking, notifying my exit. I was able to do many experiments and changed my Armor a little.

In the fight with Edmond, I had found too many mistakes; I had not only fixed all of the mistakes but also made it better, the huge time I had to help me very much this time.

"F.u.c.k!" I cursed loudly as I came out, the torturous pain descended on me as I had returned to the real world. It had me like a hammer and made me nearly blacked out; if not for me forcefully stealing myself, I would have surely pa.s.sed out.

I don't know how much time has pa.s.sed, but there are big changes that have occurred in my body and soul; I've made huge progress in Supreme Combat Exercise.

The Supreme Cleansing is still going on, and now it has set a target on my Mystic Methods.

The bases of the Mystic Method are flowing out of my body, the Cleansing Energy destroyed them, and now they are flowing out of my body. I am surprised to see that, as I know Supreme Cleansing takes out the Mystic Methods, it considers them impurities of the body.

I am surprised that Tower let it do that; they were under Towers Protection, and if Tower wanted, it could have protected them but looked like it too saw them living out their usefulness and throwing them out.

In the Unknown Level of a Knight, Mystic Method won't be any use to me. They have already been purified by the 7th Level of the Tower; their strength is not going to increase anymore and not to forget, reaching an unknown level, my source will merge with the complete power of Blazing Rose, that alone gives strength like never before.

The Secret Methods breakthrough is still going on, which is very unlike before as normally when I am out of conscious s.p.a.ce, the breakthrough is usually finished, but now it is still going on.

My soul had become clear as spring water, that I could completely see through it; I never saw it so clear before, if not for the torturous pain I am feeling, I would have loved to see its effect.


I was looking at my soul when I noticed something and quickly started refining Mana in the two.

I have created the 300th Seal of Supreme Combat Exercise and the creation of 3rd Ruby Seal. I thought mana stored in Tower would be enough as not only is it extremely pure Mana, but it is also in absolutely huge quant.i.ty, but it seemed like I was wrong.

The 3rd Ruby Seal continued to guzzle up the mana that now there is less than 10% have remained, and if I did not do something soon, it would be finished too. So I started refining more mana with a smile on my face.

The more mana it will take, the greater the benefits it will give it to me; I have so much trouble refining the mana, so I continued to refine the mana, but it is like a hungry wolf that hadn;t eaten guzzle every bit of mana I am producing.

Time pa.s.sed by, and when I finally started worrying, as the Cleansing Energies in boy started to lessen, the curse finally began to push back. Seeing the speed, the curse will completely take over my body and soul again in a minute.

I started to sweat seeing that, despite completion of my two methods, of them just purified my Body and Soul, they did not give me any Vitality and Lifeforce, which means once Curse attack in full strength, I will have barely two minutes to live before it completely zapped me up from living.

I have two minutes because of numerous Amethyst Seals I had created when I am Conscious s.p.a.ce, those seals have added the precious one minute to life, and now I need this Ruby Seal to gain at least ten more minutes, enough that so that I could make my breakthrough to an unknown level of Knight.


The Curse kept pus.h.i.+ng back and about pus.h.i.+ng back the cleansing energies altogether out of my body and soul, the 3rd Ruby Seal finally stopped sucking the Mana and buzzed as it started to release the flood of red energy into my body.

This red energy had is completely Vitality, there feeling of lifeforce in it, which is likely why when it released, the curse became mad and started attacking it like crazy.

The energy of Ruby burned, but its burning speed was slow, and most of it had started to seep into my body. I did not feel anything due to the immense pain that is drawing on me, but I saw a change happening in my body.

The sickly yellow shade of it started fading, and my extremely bony body startled to fill up little, my flesh which had completely stuck up to my bone filling up at very slow speed.

It continued for a few minutes till only a faint shade of yellow remained on me, and my body gained some, though it is far from my original state way better than before.

It gave me quite a good boost, but Seal stopped spreading energy, the curse focused on me fully again, looking at the remaining life force of my body and the speed curse is burning it; I now only have 12 to 15 minutes; let's hope it would be enough for me to reach the unknown level.