Monster Integration - Chapter 1082 - Chance

Chapter 1082 - Chance

Chapter 1082 - Chance

After mom left, I started to make preparations for lunch. I wanted to cook something good to celebrate my victory.

It took me one and a half hours to make the feast. I've invited the professor and Elina for lunch, but they are somewhere important to meet some people; they will return in the evening.

"As always, Micheal, it is delicious," Father said as he took a bite of his food; I smiled at his praise while continuing eating. Time to time, I would feed the rose, who would stop eating to feed her food to Ashlyn and her parents.

We ate before we talked for a while before we left for our respective rooms. I went to my room and laid on it. Since the compet.i.tion has been a woman, there is no immediate need to increase my strength, but still, there is a goal in my mind.

I have to fully practice Body Cleansing Technique and Secrete Method, and also create three hundred seals of Supreme Combat Exercise.

It's a good thing I am only one level away from both of the methods completions, as for creating three hundred seals, I am a little far, but as long as I worked hard, I will be able to accomplish it.

The other goal I had set up is reaching an unknown level of Knight. It is a very important target, and I am willing to give one year for it. After talking with a blood-red being who wanted to occupy my body and professor, I know its importance.

I am willing to give it one year, but I did not think it will take me that much; after fighting with the Edmond, I've got a clear idea what this level and what I have to do, so, as long as I comprehend on the feeling I got from the Edward, I would be able to reach the unknown level within six months.

I thought about my goal for a while before I sat crossed-legged on the bed and meditated with the feeling I had gotten from Edmond.

Professor had said that I should find my own feeling to break into that unknown level, but I think I should comprehend the feeling I got from Edmond before finding my own.

When I opened my eyes again, I found it in the evening. Without knowing, I had meditated for the whole afternoon. After seeing the time, I walked out of bed, freshened up before walking toward the kitchen.

It is time for dinner. I had checked up on the Professor and Elina, but both of them were still out, and they were eating dinner at their host place so that it would be my family and me again.

My parents and rose were already in the hall and came to the kitchen with me. Like morning, I talked with my parents as I cooked. It felt good to spend the time with family again, with a calm and peaceful atmosphere, very unlike the Grimm Battlefield, where chaos is everywhere.


We were just talking when suddenly five people appeared in the kitchen, startling everyone other than my mother. Seeing them, my mood couldn't help but sour, blood relatives or not, after what my mother told me, I felt no belonging to these people.

"Daughter, sorry for disturbing your family, but we have some important business to discuss." old man, "Ok." Mother said, "Micheal, keep an on the Rose." mother said as she looked at the rose, who is busy munching on the beans with Ashlyn.

"Yes, Mom." I said, "Archie, Joanna, stay here with your cousin while we talk with your aunt." Sandra said she left with others while I and my sister remained awkwardly in the kitchen.

Rose is fine; she just looked at two people for a while before she started munching on the bowl with Ashlyn while I remained in an awkward atmosphere with my new cousins.

"Will you guys stay for dinner?" I asked, trying to make conversation, "Eating trash once a week is enough." said the man rudely, hearing that anger couldn't help but a bubble in my heart.

I don't like anyone disrespecting food at my house; if they don't like it, they don't have to eat it, but they can't just disrespect it, and I was about to say something without caring how powerful they were when the girls spoke.

"I am sorry for my brother's burst; he is just cranky for some personal reasons." "We would have loved to eat the dinner with you, but we have already made plans," she said.

There was no apology on her face when she said sorry, but she had uttered the 'Sorry' so I can't make too much fuss about it. So, I just nodded and went back to cooking.

Time pa.s.sed by, and we did not talk; the only people talking in the kitchen were my sister and me, while those two remained quiet, which is fine to me; the less they talk, the better it is for me.

Finally, an hour later, my parents and others returned to the kitchen, and when they saw the atmosphere, the old man couldn't help but sigh before he turned at me.

"Micheal, lord Abraham asked me to ask you if you are willing to join the Mistson? We are willing to offer you the Core Inheritance and als" "No." The old man was just talking when I stopped him with a definite 'No.'

I was already unwilling to change the Organisation. After what my mother told me, I will not join the Mistson, no matter what they offer to me, but the old man did not seem discouraged by my rude behavior and continued.

"He said that he would also give you the opportunity to enter the Apex Inheritance Ground that we control." He said, hearing I couldn't help but get shocked as I know how big this thing is.

The Wisdom Tower and Hawthorns Sea had offered many things to me, but they never offered me a chance at Apex Inheritance Ground that they hold.