Monster Integration - Chapter 1081 - Past

Chapter 1081 - Past

Chapter 1081 - Past

I returned back to Manor at midnight and slept right after, the huge battle and mingle after that had thoroughly tired me like never before.

I had slept through the night and the better part of the morning before I finally woke up. It was around 10:00 AM when I woke up, and it took me forty-five minutes to freshen up and shower before I walked out of my room.

"You woke quite late," Mon said as she served me the breakfast which my father had made some times ago. "The party night was quite tiring," I replied as I ate.

"It usually is, social events are more tiring than the battles." Mom said with a laugh as she took a seat in front of me, as she sat, a smile on her face faded and her mood became somber.

"You must be wondering about your mother's ident.i.ty, right? After yesterday's meeting?" Mom asked that I just nodded. "It is time to tell you some things; you deserve to know about them." Mom said as she gently ruffled my hair.

"As you guessed, my real name Annabell Michealson and I was born in the powerful House Michaelson, which, one of the powerful families that control the Mistson." She said as she took a gentle sip of the tea.

"You could say I am very talented, and I also worked hard that when I was twenty years old, I had been named as one successor of Miston, at twenty-five Ive become Heir Presumptive of House Michealson."

"At the age of twenty-eight, I had finally broken through the Tyrant and defeated all the successors who were higher stages than me and became the Successor Presumptive of Mistson," she said and let out a mirthless laugh at her past glories.

I am quite shocked when I heard it; spending days with professor and Elina, I've come to know how hard it is to level up on the stages above the Knight. As for reaching the Tyrant stage, it is extremely difficult, so difficult that only a select few in the whole world were able to reach there.

"Also, that time, my family had engaged me to a scion of another powerful House without my knowledge when I was on a very important mission." She said slowly, and emotions of both happiness and grief appeared on the face of my mother.

"It was a year-long mission to guard an Important post against the Grimm Monster who attacked that post by millions in number every month." "It was a very challenging a.s.signment, but I liked it, and I started to love it when I met a wonderful woman," she said when she said the last sentence, a beautiful smile couldn't help but appear on her face.

"She was a breath of fresh air and completely different from any other person I've met before. I fell in love with her within a month and proposed to her three months and we married six months later," she said with a smile.

I am shocked to hear about my mother's marriage; I had not known my mother was married before; it is the first time I've heard about it.

"Everyday with her was like a dream, even if we have to fight intense battles against the Grimm Monsters every day, we were happy, but such happiness rarely lasts," she said with her mood becoming somber and clear grief could be seen on her face.

"At the Eleventh month of my mission, the Grimm Monsters sent a huge force with the lead of Eleven Tyrants, of eleven Tyrants Six were early Stage, four were Mid Stage and the leader was Peak Tyrant."

"It is an impressive force sufficient to crush an entire Tyrant Grade Organisation; it was a nightmare for us, there were only four Tyrants among us, and with only one being Mid Stage." Mother said in a shaking voice as if she had relieved her worst nightmare.

"You don't have to tell me anything if it is too painful." I said as I pressed her hands gently, "No, you need to know this, it will be a helpful lesson to you." she said while putting a small smile on her face.

"Seeing such force, we did not even think about fighting, and I ordered the activation of wards and requested reinforcements."

"By my status of Successor Presumptive, I would have gotten reinforcements within an hour through teleportation formations that were present inside the post and those around the post." She said with a grief-filled voice.

"But reinforcements were in the hands of the Madden family, the same Madden Family whose scion my family fixed my engagement without me knowing." "So, when the news of my marriage reached them, they felt like they had lost an honor."

"So, when I requested the reinforcements, they intentionally delayed it for three hours," "and when they finally came, they found everyone was butchered in a worst possible way, with only one person being alive of the force of Million," she said with extreme grief.

I could guess what had happened next, thinking that the tears couldn't help but well up in my eyes.

"That person was me; I was the only person alive. Lea had sacrificed her life to save me by using a very powerful defensive amulet she had gotten in some ruin. If she had used that amulet on herself, them, it would have been her alive, not me." she said.

When she finished, tears were falling from her eyes with overwhelming grief shadowing on her face.

"In that battle, I had also lost all my powers due to a powerful curse and fell into a coma for three months." "When I woke and remembered what had happened, I had broken away all the relationsh.i.p.s with the Mistson and Michealson Family and came to this continent to spend my remaining years," she said.

She wiped her tears and looked me at me with a smile, "Don't be sad; I am extremely lucky. I had experienced love again and have wonderful children like you and Lea Rose." she said with a smile as she gently ruffled my hair with a smile.

"There is something else I want to tell you, Micheal." Mom said with a very guilty expression on her face. "The powerful curse that Grimm Monster afflicted on me and made me lose all my powers has seeped inside you."

"Though its quant.i.ty is not huge as it was sealed inside me, it is still there, and it will put a big hamper on your progress after the knight." she said with guilt, "Don't worry, the little bit of curse will not be a problem for me," I said, pressing her hands gently.

"You are quite lucky to have joined the Riverfield Academy, from what I've heard The Current headmistress of Riverfield Academy is the elder sister of Jospehine." "The headmistress of Riverfield Academy has special Inheritance and Art that is one is one best in dealing with curses."

"She will be able to heal that curse or at least seal it with her powers." she said with smile. "Don't worry, mom, I will be fine," I said, seeing guilt all over her face.

"The Central Continent is full of danger, having strength is not enough; you have to be also aware of the complex political webs that surround everything." she reminded me, to which I nodded.

We talked for quite a while before mom left the kitchen with a tired face; the conversation has been very emotionally draining for her.