Monster Integration - Chapter 1083 - Leaving

Chapter 1083 - Leaving

Chapter 1083 - Leaving

"No," I replied in a single word.

Even though this is a great opportunity which one would die for, I do not need it. I am confident that I will make something of myself just staying in the Riverfield Academy.

"Sigh, I expected that much." The old man said with a sigh as he looked at my mother and me complicatedly. "See you tomorrow, then, Daughter." The old man said and disappeared with his family.

"Micheal, I and your father are leaving for the Central Continent tomorrow." I had just looked at their disappeared bodies when my mother dropped another bomb at me.

"Why are you leaving for the Central Continent? Did they force you?" I asked hurriedly, seeing my parents made a sudden decision to leave for the Central Continent.

"Sigh, Micheal, it's very complicated; I am extremely lucky that I got twenty-five years of freedom, but now I have to go back whether I am willing or not," she said with sadness.

"I could ask prof.�� I was just saying that when my mother cut me off by shaking her head. "It is a matter of Supremes, even Josephine could not do anything about it," she said with a sigh.

I wanted to say something and opened my mouth and say something, but words couldn't form in my mouth.

"Don't worry; they have already become a laughing stock among all Supremes due to that incident, and if they dared to do something to me, they would become even bigger laughing stock of all." Mother said while having a slightly cruel smile on her face, which I've never seen on her face.

"So, they will be actively protecting me, making sure no harm comes to me," she said, hearing I felt a little good, but I still didn't like my parents going to the central continent against their will.

But it is Supreme we are dealing with; if it were any other lower-level Organisation, then I am sure the professor would have been able to help, but against the Supreme, she is powerless.

We ate dinner and talked till late at night, spent as much together as a family; we don't know when we will meet again.

I returned to my room late at night, and when I woke up, it was already early morning. When I walked out of my room an hour later, I saw my parents in the hall with little Rose playing with Ashlyn.

I took the rose in my hands and played with her for a while before cooking breakfast for my family for the last time. Soon, breakfast is finished, and I ate it with my family.

"Daughter, it's time." We had just finished breakfast when the Old Man and his family suddenly appeared in the kitchen. "Ok." mom said before she turned to me.

"Remember, Micheal, always depend upon yourself, don't be at the mercy of others." Mother said seriously, as she said it, a flash of guilt and regret couldn't help but appear on the face of Old man, Sandra, and her husband.

"I will remember then, mom," I said seriously; after what happened with my mother, I would be an idiot if I ever depend on others to save my life.

"Goodbye, Son, see you in the Central Continent." My parents said as they hugged me, I also kissed little Rose a couple of times on her chubby cheeks. It will be quite a while, at least a few months or even a year, before I could see them again.

They waved and disappeared from my eyes; seeing them disappeared, tears couldn't help but well up in my eyes before I wiped them off and sat on the chair.

With them gone, there is no meaning for me to stay in Cometh City anymore. The sooner I leave for the Grimm Battlefield, the better, the professor said she would drop Elina and me off as she finished with her recruiting business, but I could not wait for that long.

I will take an airs.h.i.+p; a few days of travel will also help me in clearing my mind; the things my mother had told me weighed too much on me; I need some personal time.

So, I got up from my chair and walked toward the Garden where the professor usually is during the morning. I was right; when I got out, I saw Elina and Professor sipping tea while enjoying the morning.

"Have your parents left?" Professor asked as I reached them, "Yes." I said. "Don't worry, the Mistson will not do anything if they want to preserve whatever respect they have left after the incident of twenty-five years ago," she said as she read the worry on the face.

Hearing that, I finally heaved a sigh of relief, mom had said the said, but I still felt worried; she would have said it so I would not worry about her every day.

"Professor, I want to leave for the Grimm Battlefield today." I said, "So, early, wait for a week, aunty will drop both of us to the Grimm Battlefield." Elina said. "No need for that, the airs.h.i.+p will be fine for me. It will give me a few days to think through some things." I said, hearing that both of them fell silent.

"I have been thinking about what to give you since you have won the compet.i.tion." Professor said suddenly, "I think this gift will be very suitable for you." She continued, and the next moment, something big or small by its standard appeared in front of us.

A small, very sleek airs.h.i.+p had appeared in front of me. It is the sleekest model Ive ever seen. It is just thirty meters long and very slim; it does not have a compressed balloon that normal air has; it has the special engines that work on mana crystals.

This is a very rare airs.h.i.+p that I had only seen on the catalogs, even the airs.h.i.+p used by Guild and Adventurers paradise. There is even a sleek logo of Riverfield Academy on its sleek Black body.

"This Hornet's Razor K12, It is quite a popular model among you young people, Ellie also has the same model." Said professor while completely enamored by the beauty in front of me.

"It is extremely fast but also has quite good offensive, defensive, and stealth," Elina said. "I can't take it, this gift is too expensive," I said. Even though I don't know its exact price, I know it is very expensive that I could not afford it even with my current wealth.

"Take it, you deserve it." said the professor; I wanted to reject it again, but seeing the look on the professor, the words died down in my mouth. Rejecting it would be disrespecting her good intentions, and it's not like I don't want it.

I fell in love as soon as I saw it; it is the most beautiful machine I've ever seen. It is so sleek and powerful that I just want to caress its s.h.i.+ny black body.

"Thank you, professor, for such a lovely gift," I said to the professor before I walked toward my new airs.h.i.+p to check it out inside and outside.