Monster Integration - Chapter 1080 - Party

Chapter 1080 - Party

Chapter 1080 - Party

"This seed has good potential, teach him well." A Very old voice said, "After he reaches the King Stage, we will be happy to take him in." Matron Mavis added.

Josephine got quite startled hearing it, she did not think Matron Mavis would talk to her. Though she was also a student of Riverfield Academy, that was the thing of more than four hundred years ago.

"Yes, Matron," I replied happily who just nodded before she softly started talking again with the Jillian girl who was sitting beside her. She is the only person Matron is actively talking with, even when the current leader of Hawthorn's Sea tried to talk to her, she only replied to him with one word.

She is very happy for Micheal, it is not easy to get praise for Matron. She is an old monster, one of the oldest living humans in the world. What hadn;t she saw, even simple praise for her means great things.

Hearing the praise, the faces of those from the Mistborn become a little nasty as if they had eaten something distasteful, but they remain quiet while some of them, especially Sir James and Sandra, glared at the Sky Saber side whose faces are worse than them.

"Please Welcome the Top 10 of the Champions.h.i.+p on the stage." The host said fifteen minutes after the final battle is over. Edmonds and I were already on the stage while Jill, Ellen, and others came after calling.

We stood on a s.h.i.+ny new arena they had erected within fifteen minutes and received our prizes.

I've received a quite good Mystic Artifact, A Sword to be exact, a pa.s.s to ruin which only Supreme Organisations members have access to and place in 1000 in a compet.i.tion that will happen in the Central continent two years later.

This place in 1000 seemed to be a big deal as I've jealous gazes of Edmond and others when the host mentioned it. Elina had many times mentioned the importance of the compet.i.tion during our spars and how she intends to get into Top 100 of it.

This compet.i.tion seemed extremely cutthroat; the very best people of all the world partic.i.p.ate in this compet.i.tion to earn the t.i.tle of Battle King/Queen, and this time it is even special as this time it will be the 10000th year of the compet.i.tion.

That compet.i.tion had begun during the darkest times of our history and continued since then; it even happened when the Central Continent was nearly occupied fully by the Grimm Monsters.

It is considered sacred, and people prepare thoroughly for it, and despite having strict conditions, people flock to partic.i.p.ate in it. Winning it is not proving themselves in front of the young generation of the Continent but also becoming light that takes the human race forward.

Since the Inception of the Compet.i.tion, 95% of those who won it have reached the Tyrant Stage; nearly all the winners of the compet.i.tion end up becoming leaders of their Organisations.

All this makes this compet.i.tion very attractive to every young person in the Central Continent, and some of them work harder so that they could perform better at the compet.i.tion.

The prize distribution and photo ops lasted for nearly two hours before the whole Top 1000 got invited to a party or more like a talent hunt where people from many organizations offer their members.h.i.+p to the partic.i.p.ants of the compet.i.tion.

Even though I already have a member of the Organisation, I still had to go. Professor wanted me to charm some people so that they could join our organization. Not only I, Ellen, and Jill also have to attend these parties with their seniors.

This is the most important part for which all powerhouses have on our continent. They have no interest in the small compet.i.tion; they have come to search for the seeds who, in the future, became a pillar for their organization.

It is quite boring, but I had to spend hours with Elina and the professor smiling and inviting the people that the professor had chosen for the organization.

While mingling with these people and telling them the benefits of the organization, I also looked at their power and performance in compet.i.tion and found that their performance was not that great.

They could be considered average at best, but Elina explained that Riverfield academy had a special way to determine the potential of people, and they will only recruit those who are compatible with their organization.

It is also the method opted by the other powerful Organisations and Supreme. They accept anyone talented; they accept those who are compatible with their organization to their Inheritances, to be exact.

Since the compet.i.tion was going on, these super powerhouses, which was sitting in the tower, were observing each and every partic.i.p.ant with utter scrutiny, determining who is best suitable for them.

Though there are always exceptions, people like me who have a Special Const.i.tution and those with Bloodline or something, the Organisations always make exceptions to these things.

If one calculates me and scrutinizes according to their Inheritances, then it would be Blood Sun that is the most suitable organization for me. Their inheritance is a perfect match for my Const.i.tution and the Rule power that I've comprehended.

They even approached me shamelessly before being shooed away by the Professor. To be honest, their offer was quite great, still, I would not accept it; I would not leave the Riverfield Academy even if they had offered me the Apex Inheritance.

"Here, the teacher said it is a complete poison that I should not even touch." "The energies of several miracle fruits have made something extremely dangerous that creates a different effect every time it is tested," Ellen said as she handed me the box.

In the box is a thing I've found in Aferian Ruin, which contained the essences of various Herbs and Miracle Fruits. I had sent it to Ellen right before I went to the Ruin.

Lady Vivian is also quite an accomplished Alchemist, and I thought she might help me find a way to realize its uses, but it seemed like it's all for naught. Well, it's good; if I used it without knowing, then I might have poisoned myself or turned into an abomination or something else.

"Don't bury it or throw it in the sea; it will only contaminate them. Teacher said the best place to throw it would be a s.p.a.ce crack where it does not do any harm to the land or its organisms," she said with a serious note. I nodded and stored it back to my storage with a disappointed sigh.

"You are leaving today, right?" I asked, hearing that a disappointed sigh appeared on her face, "Yes, teacher said it is time to leave for the Central Continent, we are leaving right after this party is finished." She said.

"I wanted to fight with you before you leave," I said with my voice full of regret; I want to take revenge for the beating she had given me about a year ago.

"It wouldn't have been a problem to sneak a fight before leaving, if not for my Bloodline in the awakening process," she said with regret before a smile appeared on her face.

"Don't worry when you come to the Central Continent, come visit me; I will give you another beating you deserve." she said with a smile, "Only battle will decide who beats who," I replied with a smile.

We talked for a few minutes before we left to mingle again with the seniors of our organization. The party lasted for quite a while and only ended at midnight; by that time, I had been thoroughly tired both physically and mentally.