Monster Integration - Chapter 1073 - Cerberus I

Chapter 1073 - Cerberus I

Chapter 1073 - Cerberus I

"Looks like I have to start using some strength if I want to defeat you," Edmond said as we separated again.

We had been fighting for ten minutes and used enough power that we had not only crushed the tile we were fighting on but also crushed the surrounding tiles with the shockwaves of the attack.

"I am thinking the same," I replied, and several runes on my Runic Armor lit up. It is time to get serious; I've gotten the basic control over my new Armor, and now it is time to use the real power.

"Now experience the real power of Level 5 Inheritance." He said, and his aura sky rocked. The changes also started to occur on his body as the Armor he is wearing started to change.

Its red color became even deeper that it became deep red with a shade of brown. It looked like his Armor is made of Brimstone. Various cracks on his armor could be seen, and in those cracks, the fire could be seen burning inside.

A heavy smell of sulfur could be smelled through the air as the faint fumes released from the Armor. Edmonds' look has become quite demonic in his Brimstone Armor.


He smiled faintly and came at me, his speed is extremely fast. If I had not seen him through the vision of Killing Rule, it would have been very difficult for me to see his movements.

It is a really great speed, and I intend to match it. Just as he came at me, the violet runes lit across my legs, and I moved toward him with a speed that is greater than him.

These times he seemed to be prepared and was not surprised when I appeared next to him; instead, his lips curved like an arc, and he attacked with the clear hint worldly energies swirling around him.

At the same time, a big hexagonal phantom appeared behind him, and on that hexagonal phantom, there is an image of a fiery three-headed dog carved on it; it looks quite scary.

Seeing him using his Art that is being powered with the inheritance, I've become quite vigilant. It an Inheritance Art which's power boosted by a special Const.i.tution; such an attack will be extremely dangerous.

Nothing had happened; his sword is coming at me like it usually does, this time it is just packing a lot more power, but I did not let vigilance down. The inheritance Art is extremely dangerous and tricky; one has to be very vigilant when dealing with.


The sword had reached halfway when suddenly it suddenly burst into the flames and divided into three parts that came at me. Seeing such a sudden change, I am not surprised; I would have been surprised if nothing suspicious had happened.

Seeing the three swords, my eyes turned serious, and Violet and Blue runes lit up across my Armor, and the speed of my sword's speed increased suddenly, so much that even Edmond got surprised by it.

Clang Clang Clang…

I moved my sword speedily and clashed across all the three swords within a moment. Creating a fiery blue forcefield that crushed all the tiles in the ten meters radius.

'F.u.c.k, What an attack.' I said in my mind, as I activated a couple of formations to crush and covert the h.e.l.l energy that came at me.

This attack by Edmond was extremely dangerous. Three coordinated sword strikes with the power of h.e.l.lfire. If they had touched my n.a.k.e.d body, then I would have surely turned to dust, but of course, that is impossible to happen.

My whole body was covered in Runic Armor, including my head; even if his attack had hit me directly on the head, I would have been fine. To break this Armor mine, his attacks had to be more powerful than they are now.

As I defended against his attack, he looked at me for a second before he attacked again and what an attack it was. It was like h.e.l.lfire raining down on me; his sword burst into flame again but this time on a much grander scale.

As it burst into the h.e.l.lfire, it transformed into the silhouette of Cerberus, and he launched that Cerberus at me. He launched it; it became even bigger until it turned five meters large.


The fiery Cerberus let out a fiery roar like a real being as he came at me. The Cerberus looked extremely real; if not for it made for a real fire, I thought it is a real Cerberus.

It is now coming at me with its three mouths opened, wanting to swallow me whole. Seeing it, I couldn't help but gulp down my saliva. This Cerberus is really big and dangerous.

'Now the fight battle had turned truly interesting, I guess it is time to use that.' I thought and lighted up the special attacking formation I had created last night. As I activated the formation, three types of energies started to rush into that formation.

The first energy is, of course, my fire ability, while the other two are Mystic Energies. First is from the Domain of Withering Sand and the other from Red Arc, my new offensive Mystic Method.

The formation is being flooded with three energies, but its hunger did not seem to satiate, seeing that I couldn't help but worry slightly as the Cerberus is coming at me with the extremely fast speed; if the attack did not charge up soon, then I will have to dodge the attack.

Finally, what seemed an hour, the formation stopped sucking the energies when the Cereberus was just two meters ahead of me, seeing that I did not wait and slashed down my sword toward its direction.


A beautiful arc came out of my sword; this arc holds a combination of three colors Silver, Grey, and Red, which made it look very beautiful. It is not only beautiful but also very deadly.