Monster Integration - Chapter 1074 - Cerberus II

Chapter 1074 - Cerberus II

Chapter 1074 - Cerberus II

Soon the tri-colored Arc reached Cerberus, as it did. The fiery Cerberus reacted as it is a living being and moved its claws toward it as if it is a living being.


The Cerberus claws clashed against the tri-colored Arc and what happened next moment had surprised both Edmond and the audience.

The Arc had not stopped by the claw instead it had cut through the claws before cutting through the center head of the fiery Cerberus.

It started to cut through the body of fiery Cerberus and while doing that, it is also releasing hundreds of small arcs around the body of the fiery Cerberus to completely destroy the attack.

Bang bang!

The arc moved out of the body of the Cerberus, with losing more than half of its power on the way. As the arc moved out of the Cerberus boy two halves of it exploded in colorful light creating a beautiful picture while the faint Arc moved toward Edmond.

He looked very surprised seeing the Arc coming toward it and just as it approached it, he swung his sword at it creating another colorful explosion of the colors.

Cheer Cheer Cheer…

The audience cheered loudly seeing the colorful blast and volume increased even more as another Cerberus rose from his sword and this one was, even more, bigger, it was ten meters tall.


I couldn't help but feel my loudly beating heartbeat when I saw the ten-meter Cerberus coming toward me.

It is huge and has completely dwarfed me, not to forget the super threatening aura it is releasing actively that would make any normal adamantine s.h.i.+t his pants in fear.

I had already started preparation for the next Arc, right after I launched the first, and also started my Tower to refine Mystic Energies for me. The Arc attacks of mine need an immense amount of energy.

In the formation that an immense amount of energy gets concentrated to the greatest degree and imprinted with several runic diagrams as it got shaped into the Arc form.

The energies alone are not enough to make the Art this powerful; the true value lies in the runes that I had imprinted on it. Those runic formations are what make the arc very powerful.

I had experimented with such formations many times in conscious s.p.a.ce, but physical applications of it were not possible due to many restrictions.

So, when I got the ability to go around those rules, I've added many interesting things I've experimented with into my Armor.


As the charge finished, I released another arc at the ten-meter long Cerberus that is coming toward me. This time the Arc is bigger, double the size of last. I've decided to make it bigger to deal with such a powerful attack.


The Cerberus roared and jumped at the air, unlike last time this time, the claws of the Cerberus are a lot denser. I could feel the powerful worldly energy around its claws.

Edmond seemed to realize something from the last attack, and this time, instead of equally distributing the power to the whole body of Cerberus, he focused 50% power at the claws to better deal with the arc attack of mine.


Soon the Cerberus and my Art had come to face, and like I had expected, seeing the arc close, the Cerberus used its claws against it.

Zing Zing Zing…

Unlike the last time where my claws went through its claws, this time the claws resisted against the Arcs power and started to struggle against it, and their struggle started to create furious sparks which were enough to destroy them completely.

Their struggle continued as more and more sparks started to release from it. These sparks are like powerful bombs; when they fall on the Arena, they destroy it. The place where the arc and the Cerberus are struggling is in complete shambles.

Seeing such destruction made by just sparks, I couldn't help but feel happy. This is the level of power I had been dreaming about yesterday and now, and I have it.

The struggle lasted for a few seconds before the Arc was finally able to tear through its body. As it reached its body, the arc collapsed into thousands of little Arc and reached every part of its body.


A huge explosion rang out; it was so loud and powerful that I even had to take a jump back so I could not get swept in it. It is more powerful than I had imagined, but that is also good.

I had not expected this fiery Cerberus to be this powerful; the Arc was only supposed to collapse when it did not have the energy to cut through the whole body of the enemy.

To maximize the power of the attack, I added a small collapsing mechanism that will distribute to every part of the enemy's body before creating an explosion dealing with the enemy with the maximum damage.

The explosion was big, and it took some time to clear away, and when it did, I couldn't help but open my mouth in wonder. The explosion had destroyed half of the arena.

The place where the explosion happened, there is nothing but fine dusk. It had made everything into the dust; if it had been yesterday's had swept in this explosion, I would have directly vaporized, that is how much fearful this explosion was.

I looked at Edmond, standing on the other end of the arena like me, watching the destruction our clash had brought; I could see extreme excitement in his eyes when he looked at the explosion.

"Good, Good," Edmond said as he moved his eyes to me from the destruction.

"After watching yesterday's battle, I had made a sudden breakthrough." "It was a huge surprise, but it had also brought quite a disappointment as I thought I would not have anyone to test my new strength in this continent."

"But you have proved me wrong," Edmond said with his eyes blazing with battle intent. "For that, allow me to show you my real power; I hope you will last at least a few minutes in front of it," Edmond said before a horrifyingly powerful aura burst out of his body.