Monster Integration - Chapter 1072 - Final

Chapter 1072 - Final

Chapter 1072 - Final

Edmond and I came face to face, with only ten meters distance between us. Unlike his previous battle, he did not seem to take this battle seriously; it is visible in his eyes.

"Both of you ready?" the beautiful referee asked. "Yes," I said while Edmond nodded.

"Fight!" The host said.

Hearing the fight, n.o.body moved, Edmond and I stayed in my place and just looked at each other in the eyes.

"You should admit defeat; this is the only chance you will get," Edmond said directly. There is no scorn in his voice or mockery, just simple truth. He believes he could defeat and rather not use his weapon to fight.

"Don't worry; I am not as weak as you think," I replied. " Ok, then, I hope you do not disappoint me," he said, and a scary aura shot out from Edmond's body that immediately quieted down the rowdy audience.

Seeing that Silver Armor started appearing on my body, seeing it looked of slight mockery couldn't help but appear in Edmonds's eyes before replacing with clear shock as lines and runes of different colors started to appear on my body.

It is not only Edmond who had an expression of shock appearing on his, even the host had clear shock written all over her face. Her shock is even more prominent as if she could not believe the things happening in front of her.

My Runic Armor now not only contains the power of my fire ability and Rule powers, but now it also contains the Mystic Energies of my six Mystic Methods.

The ability I received from Nero was called Mold. Its ability which can surpa.s.s the natural that defines energy.

The Mystic Energies could not be mended into the runes, the base will not let one do that, but with mold, I pa.s.sed that restriction and molded the mystic energy into the runes I wanted.

Its look has now completely changed; earlier, it used to look very regal, but it became a visual marvel with nine different colors spread over it; I could hide the colors of Mystic Energies and Rule power if I wanted to, but I did not, I wanted to create the effect with my beautiful Armor.

"Well, it looks like the battle would not be as boring as I thought," Edmond said with the battle intent burning his eyes as he came at me with the Brimstones Armor appearing on his body.

This Edmond mat looks carefree, but he is not; seeing the Runic Armor, he had not only used his Inheritance but also integrated his Grade 12 Brimstone Const.i.tution with it, making his power rose to an unbelievable degree.


Seeing him coming at me, I did not stay on my spot, violet runes lit up on my legs, and I disappeared from my spot when I appeared again; I was beside Edmond attacking with red, blue runes flas.h.i.+ng across my arms.

Edmond seemed quite surprised by my speed and attack, seeing me directly appearing in front of him at attacking, but that did not stop him from reacting quickly.

Seeing my Totem Artifact coming at him, he also swung his Brimstone Sword toward me at extreme speed.


Our weapons clashed, and sparks fly, creating a powerful forcefield. Still, some people may not see this attack powerful seeing there was not much of a visual phenomenon; those people just have to look down at faint cracks that have appeared on the tiles of the Arena.

This attack was powerful, and yes, this attack was just a normal attack from my Armor. With the powerful runes hara.s.sing the Real power of Mystic Energies, my strength had grown beyond; I can measure.


I let out a smile before I brought back my sword and attacked again, this time, my speed of attacking even greater than the last time, and the power I am using even stronger.

Clang Clang Clang…

Our weapons clashed again, spreading the cracks on the ground even further, making them spread to an even wider area.

That was just the starting, right after the first attack, I attacked with 2nd before 3rd, 4th, and so on.

Each of my attacks holds even more power than before, making tiles under our feet cracks at the visible speed.

The audience had been completely silenced by such attacks that now they only watch without saying anything. It is very difficult to immerse the audience in the fight that will watch without making any noise.

Usually, there is always a cheer, but now they are watching silently without uttering a single word from their mouth.

If I had not been completely focused on fighting, I would have been quite pleased by such a reaction, which I would be after watching the recording of my a few days later.


"Wow, you have surprised me. I have never thought anyone would be able to bring out this kind of power after those two girls." Edmond said the tile under our feet had been crushed to powder.

It may not look like we are using all our power, but we are using it. Each of the attacks is very powerful, powerful enough to cut the Arena into two if hit directly, if not for that, how could we have turned the tile we have been standing on to dirt with just shockwaves of our attacks.

There is immense power in attacks; each of my attacks possesses power that is more than ten times the strongest explosion that I had created in my fight with Camila.

We are just fighting without any flashy moves; it is a pure power and combat style. We are competing in power and finesse we are fighting. It is a battle completely unfiltered with special moves and arts.

Arts will come soon; we've been fighting without using them for quite a few minutes; I am sure If Edmond did not see any progress in direct fighting, he would surely use his art, which I am very curious about.