Monster Integration - Chapter 1071 - Instigation

Chapter 1071 - Instigation

Chapter 1071 - Instigation

"Best of Luck," Professor said when we reached Arena, which seemed bigger than yesterday. It is bigger than yesterday; they had added a few layers into the arena overnight so more people could watch the final battle.

Now the capacity of the Arena has reached 1.5 huge Million, is enormous but it does not seem to be enough. The Arena is packed to the brim, and there are millions of people outside watching the battles through the gigantic screens.

"Thank You, professor," I said to the professor and smiled at the arena before I flew down. Seeing me coming down from the arena, people had started to cheer my name loudly; seeing so many people cheering my name, I felt kind of scared.

I flew down and entered the partic.i.p.ant's area, which had my name marked on it. It is only for me, the one for Edmond is on the other side.

I heaved a sigh of relief as I entered inside, the audience had been too much. Even after days of experiencing the craziness, I still haven't got used to it. I still felt quite scared, seeing millions of people chanting my name.

I heaved a sigh of relief and took a drink from the server holding tray, standing respectfully by my chair. Only when I drank the Ice Cold drink did I feel really good and again became excited by the prospect of the battle.

The battle will start soon, and I could not wait; ever since I had received that ability from Nero, I had been excited about the battle, and now that the Battle draws near, I am barely able to sit tightly on my chair.

Time pa.s.sed by excruciatingly slow before finally, the host appeared in the center of the Arena.

Her appearance had brought a huge cheer from the audience. She had become quite famous by hosting the Champions.h.i.+p, except for Top Contestanstants of the Champions.h.i.+p, she had been the most popular person in the whole continent.

"I am sure all you had been waiting for the final; I will not drag it aimlessly and call the final contestants." She said and called out mine and Edmonds's name. Hearing my name, I calmly got up and walked out of the room.

My excited heart had calmed down, and now there is the only tranquility in it. The excitement would not help in battle; the more I will be, the better I will use my armor and harness more power from it.

Soon, I walked up to Arena and saw Edmond's coming from the other side, wearing dark red Armor. He looked quite handsome and had quite a lot of fans in the arena, especially women who had been cheering from them.

"He is quite a good seed Edmond, he also seems to bear the same name as you." Said the old man to the Middle-aged man while looking at the arena. "It was luck, James, a few years ago I picked this little guy when I was in this continent a few years ago," said Edmond with a laugh.

"Your organization is quite great lately. People with peak const.i.tution and Apex Inheritances seemed to be raining down on you." The old man said, hearing that smile on the middle-aged man's face widened even more.

"Well, I had expected people from Skysaber to be shameless but not people from Mistson would be just as shameless too. "I did not expect you, you lord James chat happily with the man who put the killing Order on your grandson, but well this is the kind thing one would expect from Miston now seeing how you guys handled the matter of Annabell Michealson," Josephine said slowly.

Just as she said, the temperature in the hall has reduced several degrees, and two old monsters from Sky Saber and Mistson looked at Josephine with wrathful eyes.

"Little girl, think before you spear, or there wouldn't be the tongue of yours to speak," the Old man from Mistson said threateningly.

The incident of Annabell Michealson is a gaping wound of Mistborn and whoever tried to mention it, especially in front of old monsters, received the wrath of them.

"Josephine doesn't slander Sky Saber with fict.i.tious accusations," Edmond said threateningly. If it had been any other place, people from both organizations would have drawn arms without hesitation and attack, but here they would think thousand times before doing that.

On the platform of Hawthorns, Seal, that old venomous snake is looking at everything with a gentle smile. If they so much dare to draw the weapon out, there will be a swift attack from her, not only from her, but the old monster from wisdom Tower would also attack immediately.

Riverfield Academy is a soft spot for both of them; if anything happens to their members, they would attack madly without any hesitation.

"Josephine, what are you talking about? When did Sir Edmond put kill order on Archi and Joanna?" Sandra asked unhappily, looked at her two children who were sitting beside her.

"Hehe, how Edmond dares to do anything to your children, Sandra." "It is a Child of Annabell Micheal who anyone could do anything, even throwing him in the s.p.a.ce sea by tinkering his Homing Bacon," she said with a mock.

The temperature of the room decreased even more than people like Elina started shaking, not from cold but from fear. While the other powerhouses had a faint smile on their lips as they watched the drama unfold in front of them.

Hearing what Josephine said, Edmond seemed to have realized something as he was in front of the Arena with a face that looked like it had just eaten a s.h.i.+t.

"Angela, did your organization really put a kill order on Annabelle's child?" Old Monster Camphor asked. He still remembers the mess of twenty-five years ago, the mess so complicated and shameful that old people like themselves had to come out to clean.

That incident had already put a huge stain on Mistson's reputation. They have laughing stock in the eyes of the other Supremes; he did not want to bear that shame again, especially regarding Annabell.

The old monster from Sky Saber looked at Edmond, feeling her gaze, Edmond couldn't help but shudder uncontrollably and curse his students in his mind for not doing a proper background check.

Edmond really understood he had fallen into deep s.h.i.+t. If it had been any other Knight member of Mistson, it would not have been a problem, but now the person is son Annabell Michealson herself, and that is a very sensitive topic in Mistson even after twenty-five years of that incident.

"I did not know he was the son of Annabell," he admitted while gritting his teeth. Denying would make matters even worse, and it's not like these old monsters could not find the truth.

He could feel sharp gazes when he said that extremely pure killing intent; it is not only John whom he was talking smilingly a few minutes but also from the old monster from Mistson.

"Camphor, Sky Saber will give you an answer in a few days." Old monster Angela said a few seconds later, "I will be waiting for it." Old Monster Camphor said before he is turning his gaze toward the arena.

These matters could not be hurried, and seeing the gravity of situations, they are better dealt personally rather in front of the whole crowd.