Monster Integration - Chapter 1065 - 7th Floor I

Chapter 1065 - 7th Floor I

Chapter 1065 - 7th Floor I

Both Ellen and Jill had decided to walk out of the compet.i.tion due to the injuries they have received in the Battle. I could not understand why they did that.

The reason for injuries is completely sham, even if they have received grave wounds that could not be healed by them. It is no problem for the powerhouses that are sitting in the Tower.

To heal the Knights injuries, they will not even need to take a moment, so both of them walking out is extremely confusing to me. I had tried to contact them but both of them had not picked up my call.

I had asked the professor for the reason why they had walked out, she just told me that it involves some secrets which I could not know with my current level and both of my friends are fine.

With both of them walking out of the champions.h.i.+p, the semifinal had been canceled, and now there would be a final Tomorrow where Edmond and I would fight.

I couldn't help but sigh deeply when I thought about tomorrow's battle; I am going to become a joke tomorrow. If I am lucky, then the battle would be finished in a single move, and if I am not, then I will get beaten with every inch of my life.

I have seen the battle between Ellen and Jill, and it is mind blogging. I've never seen anything like that in my life, and never expected, a Knight could possess such terrifying power.

They have destroyed the whole f.u.c.k.i.n.g arena for f.u.c.ks sake, all the championsh.i.p.s held before on the Arena, never able to form more than single cracks, but this the whole area turned to dust.

I was in complete shock when I watched their battle, thinking about how they could produce such power. Even with the strongest defense, I am ashamed to admit that I could not defend against them, even their average attack would take to the death door, and a powerful one will turn to the b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

"Don't be discouraged." "Those two have displayed such incredible power due to their Apex Bloodlines and Inheritance." "If you get the Inheritance with your const.i.tution and energy control, you would not be much weaker than them," Professor said.

I couldn't help but smile mirthlessly when I heard that. She said I would reach closer in strength but not equal to them, even with my Level 12 Const.i.tution and inheritance; I will still not be as powerful as them.

The Apex Inheritance and Bloodlines gives one too much strength; normal people could not be compared to them. If I want to gain power equal to them, I will have to have Apex Inheritance or Bloodline.

And clearly, I don't have that; still, I am not backing down. There is always a way, as long as I find it, I will gain power equal to them and even surpa.s.s them.

It seems like a dream of the fool, but I believe it is possible; as long as I find the way, I will be able to surpa.s.s them.

Thud Thud Thud…

Soon, we landed in the garden of the mansion and sat on the chairs, this time; we usually discussed the strategy of tomorrow's matches and seeds that professors were interested in, but today, n.o.body was in the mood to talk.

Everybody is busy in their own thoughts; even Elina seemed quite lost. If it had been usual, I would have asked her what is burdening her, but now, I was so burdened over my thoughts that I did have the energy to ask about her burdens.

"I will go and prepare for tomorrow," I said and stood up to walk away. "Micheal," said professor after I took a few steps. I stopped hearing her voice and looked at her, which seemed to be filled with a slight worry about me.

"Don't stress yourself too much." said the Professor said softly, nodding before I walked toward my room.

I directly went to my room without stopping at the hall where my parents are this time and directly walked into the shower after taking off all my clothes. This time, I stayed in the shower for quite a while.

For about forty-five minutes, I was under Ice Cold Water lost in my thoughts and only got out when I had all sorted completely.

What is about to happen will happen; there is no need to waste time about it. The only thing I could do is make as many preparations as I could before tomorrow's battle.

Tomorrow I will fight with my all. Whether it will one-shot finish or long embarra.s.sing beating, I did not care.

After coming out of the shower, I walked to the training room. Usually, after a shower, I go to the kitchen to cook dinner, but I had returned early; there is still half a day till the evening.

I will train until the evening before going to the kitchen and cook the food for my family, which I regularly do.

In the training room, I sat in the center of the room cross-legged and looked at my s.p.a.ce at the Tower. I will break into the 7th floor again; the 7th Floor would provide me mana pure like any other.

If I am writing, then the mana from the 7th floor will increase by 100% at the least; this is my modest estimate; it could be more, but I did not want to get my hopes, but before I could even crash into the seventh floor.

I closed my eyes and started to create momentum; yesterday I was able to create the cracks, I am sure; Today, I will blast it open.

Crack Crack Crack…

I began building the momentum and started to crash across the roof, and cracks began forming right after the first clash.

In today's battle, I had made small breakthroughs in my energy control, which have given me full confidence in breaking the entrance and seeing how speedily cracks are forming; my confidence has been reinforced.