Monster Integration - Chapter 1064 - Choice

Chapter 1064 - Choice

Chapter 1064 - Choice

"Matron Mavis." All of them greeted her respectfully while thinking about why she hadn't died yet as most of the people of her generation.

But there is another question: will these women take the girl, with her power taking a girl would not have been a problem before anyone could react.

She did not do that, but that does not mean she will not do it; they all became vigilant ready to stop with all their might.

"Snort, what are you brats looking at. Even though it is we who should take her, we will not take her forcefully," "Each of you brats will get ten minutes with her to make a case for your organization." She said.

All of them looked hesitant before nodding, she is the strongest human in the world. Even if they have fossils of her generation tucked away in their organization, they would not be this women's match.

So, they might as well accept the condition, and it's not like they are unfair; as old women said, all organizations will take ten minutes with her.

Soon they brought the Jillion girl to the Tower; she is completely healed and now is looking around nervously and scared, seeing the hungry gazes of all old monsters.

"Little girl, you don't have to feel scared seeing their creepy hungry eyes; all these brats want to take you to their organizations." Lady Mavis said to the scared girl.

"Each of us will get ten minutes with you to make their organization's case for you, and you can make your decision after hearing all of us," said Lady mavis and transparent energy released from her and created a small room around jill.

"Who will talk to the girl first?" she asked, "We will." said the old man before Sky saber before lady Mavis even finished speaking. "You bunch from Sky Saber always first to hump on any opportunity and first to run from any danger." Lady Mavis said dryly as she motioned an old man and middle-aged man to go inside the room.

Everyone laughed hearing that what she said is true—these guys from Sky Saber are renowned for Shamelessness.

Both of them went inside the energy and started to talk to Jill, first her expression was that fear but seeing the kind smile on both of their faces, and sugary words, her words, her expressions eased up a little, and she started to talk back a little.

Soon ten minutes pa.s.sed, and they walked out but not before hearing the reminder from the lady Mavis.

One by one, people from each supreme organization went in to make their case for their organizations. Soon Lady Vivian and Lady Hera went inside and got the most bright response from her; for the first time, she smiled.

Ten minutes later, they came out, and finally, Matron Mavis' energy, after entering she did not speak, she just unfolded her withered hand, and an abyssal fire came out which shocked that Jillian girl.

After a few seconds, Matron Mavis spoke for a few minutes before she came out; she did not even state the room for five minutes. Everyone heard what she spoke; she did not hide it.

She just straightforwardly said that she is the same as their founders, and the Inheritance Matron Mavis has is based on the Apex inheritance she had received, so there is no better in the world to each her than Matron Mavis herself.

She is right, Matron Mavis is the only person who reached a high level with Abyssal inheritance, and that Ramon Hawthorn created inheritance. It is a watered-down version of her inheritance.

"Give her half an hour to decide." Matron Mavis said and turned, the complete silence descended in the hall. Everybody took their seats and waited with no care for the compet.i.tion.

After finis.h.i.+ng the Quarterfinals, there would be semi-final matches, but clearly, there is nothing but the airshow in the Arena.

Time pa.s.sed by, and I continue to chat with my sister, telling her about the developments around here. She is very amused by the squabble of the powerhouses, but at the same time, she is happy this inheritance has reappeared again.

With the emergence of this inheritance, we will get another super powerhouse. If she turned out anything like her predecessor Ramona Hawthorn, then we will again be able to push back the Grimm Monsters from the Central continent and other continents.

I hope something like that happens, the Grimm Monster becoming more and more scrupulous. Producing more powerhouses, capturing more territories. There are even indications that they are preparing for the Era War.

There had been four Era Wars since the evasion; the last Era War was three thousand years ago. That time we had people like Ramona Hawthorn, Saint Isabell to lead, but this time, we have been grossly unprepared.

We do not have such powerhouses, there are very few capable like Lady Mavis, but they are at their last leg. If any Era War happened in the next decade, then we will be f.u.c.k.i.e.d.

"The half an hour is over." Lady Mavis said, bringing me out my thoughts and also dissolving the room that girl was in.

As lady Mavis dissolved the energy room, all the gazes fell on the girl who is now looking at her hungrily, which again scarred, but this time, she steeled her gazes and met them directly; I have to commend her for that; not many people have will to do that.

" Tell you to answer, girl, which organization you have chosen?" Matron Mavis asked. "Hawthorns Sea." The girls said after some time. The silence descended but a second later, the ecstatic laugh broke out of Matron Mavis.

"Good, Good you have made the right choice, there is no one better than us to guide you in your inheritance," she said as she appeared beside the girl and started to talk to her under the glowering gazes of many top powerhouses.

"Um, did the semifinal matches begin?" the girl after some hesitation, "Girl, forget about fighting for a week." "The holy energies of Crystal's girl had awakened your Inheritance further; you should let that happen without interference." Added Matron Mavis.