Monster Integration - Chapter 1066 - 7th Floor II

Chapter 1066 - 7th Floor II

Chapter 1066 - 7th Floor II


After hundreds of tries, the floor had been finally broken, and now energy is climbing the seven-floor while reducing at a visible pace.

The mana I am circulating is getting more and more concentrated and pure as it reaches higher and higher on the 7th floor. As the mana goes Higher, the dense green runes on the 7th floor also start to light up brightly.

By the time it reached the top, it had remained a fraction of what it was but the purity of it astounding.

My mana has now become seven times purer than before, and if I am not wrong, such pure mana will increase the power of my Armor by 300%, which is a big thing.

If I had such purity in today's battle, I would have had a little easier time winning my battle against Camila.

Though the advancement is huge, it will not be able to bring many changes in tomorrow's battle, still, I am very happy about it.

I started to refine my mana, it is a very tedious process, but I had completed it with just little more than an hour. Now that my mana has been refined on the 7th floor, it is time to refine the Mystic Energies.

I hesitated a little when I looked at the Mystic Energies. They had already been quite purified, and now, if I too purify them further into the 7th Floor, I don't know their bases will be able to bear such pure energy.

I could not refine them, as even if they were refined by the 7th floor, they would not provide me as much strength as my Runic Armor, but I still decided to purify them but not before opening a specific page on my holowatch.

It is an emergency b.u.t.ton that the professor had given me; if something weird happens during the refinement, I will simply call the professor. I am very sure she will be able to help me with whatever danger I will fall into.

So, after opening the page, I closed my eyes again and entered the s.p.a.ce. The first Mystic energy I am refining is from the Domain Of Withering Sand; it is the most useful method I have.

I took a healthy amount of energy and brought it into the tower. In a second, that energy reached the top of the 6th flood where it got refined before, and now I am taking it even higher.

As I started taking the energy dark grey energy of the Domain of Withering Sand into the 7th floor.

It started to become darker and darker as it became even more concentrated till it began to gain a faint red hue; as this red s.h.i.+ne had appeared, the aura of mistake suddenly became powerful.

It shocked me completely, seeing the change happening into the mystic energy as I thought it would get more powerful as it gets more refined. Some small changes like change of color may occur as that has happened many times.

But I did not expect; a faint red hue to come over and its power had increased explosively. It looked like after the Mystic energy got purified enough, the change occurred in it.

I wonder if the change will only occur in the other Mystic Energies, too, or it is only specified to the Mystic Energy of the withering sand.

I continued to purify the energy till it reached the Top of the Tower; the red hue in Grey energy became even more prominent, and the aura it released is even more powerful than before.

If I am not wrong, then the domain created through it will be very powerful, and if the same changes occurred in the other mystic energies, then their powers will only be slightly less that of my Runic Armor.

But I could think; further, I worried about its base. Seeing the aura of energy, I am sure the base is hard-pressed to house such energy, but the energy had already been purified, and I have released it from Tower.

I took a sigh and readied myself to press the emergency b.u.t.ton for the professor's help as I released purified energy from the Tower.

The small cloud of dark grey energy with a tinge of red flew toward the Runic Flower that represented the Domain of Withering Sand Mystic Method. Soon it reached it and filled into it.

Crack Crack Crack…

Just the whole cloud of energy-filled into it, the cracks started forming in the Runic Flower. Seeing that, I couldn't help but curse into my mind.

I had expected something like this to happen but did not expect it to happen in the first bout of purified energy.

I had thoughts it would take a couple of more refined energy infusions before something like this to happen, but it looked like I had been wrong.

The cracks continue spreading, and before long, they spread to the whole runic flower, and now the flower started shaking, ready to break any moment.

Seeing that, I took a disappointed sigh and made my mind to press emergency b.u.t.tons.

The base and Mystic energy are poisonous to the body, and I am confident my body and healing energy can handle it. However, I still like to prefer to call the professor in case any accident occurs.


With that I thought, I was about to open my eyes and tap that b.u.t.ton when suddenly, I heard a buzz from the tower, and the next moment, the very top of the Tower lip up and covered the whole runic flower in its energy.

The next thing that happened had shocked me quite much, the Runic Flower, which had cracks all over it, there were no rules which had not been cracked, started healing.

The Runic Flower that was on the verge of collapsing started healing, and within a moment, it completely healed, and the top of the tower turned normal, but the Runic flower is still covered with faint green energy.

Seeing that, an idea came to my mind; I took another bout of Mystic Energy of Domain of Withering Sand and purified it through the 7th floor of the tower, and when the cloud energy released filled it in, there were no changes happening.

The flower is still covered in the faint green energy of the Tower, seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face. The Tower had saved me again.

Seeing nothing will happen to the Runic Flower of the Domain of Withering Sand. I took a large bout of energy. I took to the refinement Tower.

I continued refining Mystic Energy, and finally, after more than half an hour later, I completely refined the whole Mystic Energy of Domain of Withering Sand.

And the flower is completely fine; there are no cracks, no other signs of breakage, it is still covered in faint green energy.

I looked at it for a while before moving to another Mystic Method; if the tower could save one Mystic Method, then it wouldn't be a problem for it to save another if something like that had happened.

So, without waiting, I started to refine the Mystic Energy of Wolf Lords Armor through the 7th floor of the Tower.