Monster Integration - Chapter 1063 - Squabble

Chapter 1063 - Squabble

Chapter 1063 - Squabble

"The power of Abyssal Star Inheritance is shocking as it is described in records." Said the deep old voice, and the next moment, an Old man with a red-haired middle-aged man came out hiding.

"Lord Camphor, Lord Sylvester." seeing the two, all people stood up and looked at them respectfully. The red middle-aged is the current leader of Mistson while the old man was his teacher, previous leader of Mission.

"You are absolutely right, Camphor." said another old voice, and two people again came out. This time It is a woman in her late twenties and an old man.

"Arther you have come." said the old man from Mistson to newly-arrived at that other old man smiled.

The beautiful woman in her late twenties is the current leader of the Blazing Spear and while the old man was the past generation who have similar strength as the old man from Mistborn.

"Such an unexpected surprise." Another old voice rang out, and two people saw them; a slight surprise flashed in my eyes before hardened when I saw the other person with pet.i.te old women.

The pet.i.te old lady is Angela Leon, the previous leader of the Wisdom Tower, while the middle-aged man is her son Raymond Leon and the current leader of Wisdom Tower and also the person I hate quite much.

More and more people started to come in, and they amicably sat on the platform for their organization. If I did not know there might be earth-shaking fights later, I would have thought these people went for a peace conference.

More and more leader came, charging the atmosphere with their power, some people from weaker organizations have already left as they could stand the pressure mute intimation these powerhouses using against each other/

Soon two people arrived making higher-ups of two organizations; they did not bring the old monster with them and they did not need neet; these two have enough strength to go against the old monsters.

"Sister." said the stunning black woman who looked to be in the early thirties. She is the leader of Crystal Domination and also holds the leader seat of the Pyramid ( previously mentioned as War Tower in chapter 939.)

"Hera, come sit." said lady Vivian, yes, the stunning black woman is the younger sister of Lady Vivian. The reason people fear and revere Lady Vivian is that she is not weaker than her younger sister; some even said she is stronger.

If not for not liking the menial responsibilities, she would have been the leader of Crystal Domination instead of her younger sister.

The other person appeared at the same time is an average looking bald man who looked to be in his late thirties. There is nothing remarkable about him, but no one dared to underestimate him.

He is Lord Sylvian Chalice, the current leader of Hawthorns Sea.

"Gentlemen, since you are all here, let me clearly say that we are going to take that girl, there is no one better than us," "She has the same Inheritance as our founder and organization. She is also a member of our chain organizations." "So according to the rules, It is we who should take," said Lord Sylvian with a smile.

Just as he finished, the powerful auras started to rage across the hall that it was starting to crack; I had to cover Elina with my energy to protect her from such heavy onslaught.

"Snort! Brat, you are talking too much; she will be a member of Sky Saber." The old man from the Sky Saber said authoritatively, without caring for the reason or rules that Lord Sylvian stated.

"Old man shut your mouth, it is our Crystal Domination that will take her." Lady Hera said as she pressed the old man with her aura but the old man had no weak slouch; he easily resisted her aura.

"It will be our blood spear that will take us." said an old person from the Blood Spear before another popped in.

More and more people started to stake their claim and emitting vast auras that would have turned people as Ellie would have into the blood mist.

The egg forcefield is cracking under their auras, and if not for Lady Vivian is covering the forcefield with her energy, or it would have popped up like a balloon.

As time pa.s.sed, the arguments started to get more and more heated, and powerhouses began to reveal their auras, which released outside could vaporize the whole stadium and the city if they fought.

These people are powerful beyond belief; they are the true master of the world and the force that kept Grimm Monsters at bay.

As the argument got more heated, the people even started drawing out their weapons, and I became pretty sure that this continent would experience an earthshaking battle in a few minutes.

"You brats have truly lost it; those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds in graves would be ashamed when they saw you people squabbling like cats and dogs." said the really old voice, her voice was enough to completely neutralize powerful auras that were raging inside the forcefield.

I was just looking from where those words came out when very old women came out. This woman is very old, so old that it looked like she already has one foot in the grave but when one looked at her black eyes, they would shudder as they are scary as an abyss.

When I looked at her, this woman, I did not recognize her, not only me, but others did not seem to recognize her.

"Matron." Said Lord Sylvester with heavy respect; when I heard it, something clicked in my mind, and I remember the old painting we had in Luminous hall was kept the painting of our most distinguished alumnus.

'Mavis Summerfield or Matron Mavis or Abyssal Mavis she had earned many names. She was the leader of the Hawthorns Sea around four hundred years ago and was the person to have Abyssal Inheritance of the Hawthorn Sea.

She is one of the most distinguished people that our world had produced and was the reason why we were able to stop the Grimm Monsters from taking the Central Continent three hundred years ago.

She had not shown herself in the past two centuries, that nearly all people considered her dead.