Monster Integration - Chapter 1062 - Abyssal Star III

Chapter 1062 - Abyssal Star III

Chapter 1062 - Abyssal Star III

I had never thought the supreme Abyssal Star Inheritance could appear in the world again. I still remember the hundreds of chronicles we have in our Archive about Ramona Hawthorn, the last host of Abyssal Star Inheritance.

Some of them were written by the Headmistress herself, who is also a teacher of Ramona Hawthorn.

Her deeds are endless, but most distinguished is her pus.h.i.+ng back the Grimm Monsters into their impregnable hive. Under her leaders.h.i.+p, the Grimm Monsters were uprooted from every continent, including the Central continent.

No one was able to do that in more than ten thousand-year histories of the Grimm Monsters invasion.

She uprooted each and every Grimm Monsters, and if not for the indestructible hive of their where they had hidden, at last, she would have uprooted them from the face of the world.

Now that Inheritance appeared again and people looking at it with hungry, greedy, hopeful eyes.

This is Inheritance that gives the promise of creating another Ramona Hawthorn and bring glory to their organization and the whole human race.

All the nine Supremes wanted her; it did not matter what Organisational chains she belonged to before, they wanted her at any cost and looking at their s.h.i.+ning eyes and various devices that appeared in their hands, including that of Lady Vivian, it wouldn't be long before those monsters appeared.

The Abyssal Star Inheritance is a huge matter, not only the heads of their organizations but some of the fossils which were hiding for decades and centuries will also come up.

I also took out the emergency Artifact and sent the message to the academy what had happened here.

This small compet.i.tion has now become the turning point of world history; even if that little does become second Ramona Hawthorn, she will become someone who will be reckoned as long as she survived.

Despite the appearance of Abyssal Star Inheritance, n.o.body took any actions; they had taken their artifacts for a moment before looking at Arena; the real show will start when this battle is finished.

Both girls have summoned their full strength and have now looked at each other with battle intent. I am feeling quite excited about this battle; I saw the power of the Inheritance that changed the world.

They continue looking at each other for a few seconds before they shoot toward each other with power that is beyond the Knight should possess.

Soon they reached close and clashed; their clashes made the deafening sounds and ma.s.sive shockwave that created the cracks in the Arena they were standing in.

I am quite surprised by the cracks; I am aware of how much strength is needed to create such cracks.

Even Micheals strongest explosion has to be ten times stronger to create cracks that these girls' attacks had created, and this is just a start.

These are just their casual attacks, they haven't used the real attacks filled with the power of their inheritance energy and Bloodline power.

After the first clash, they started clas.h.i.+ng intensely with each other other than others, with each attack having more power than the previous. The cracks continue forming visibly till the time they are on collapsed under the pressure.

Despite the collapsing of the tile, these girls did not move from their spots; they continued fighting with the earth-shaking power.

The eyes of people s.h.i.+ning brightly as they watch the battle, the more power she will show, the harder they will fight for her.

Each and everyone wants that girl in their organization to create new Ramona Hawthorn who will bring glory to their organizations.

The girls finally used their Arts and oh my, what are they? They are leagues above the Arts that Knights could comprehend. I could see that Jillian girl using one of Nine Inheritance of Abyssal Star inheritance, The Abyssal Sea Art.

This Art is one of the most destructive Art ever used in the other world; it creates a tide of Abyssal Flames; she released this Art on the Ellen girl.

A huge tide of Abyssal Flames moved toward Ellen, crus.h.i.+ng every tile of Arena that came in their way; seeing a destructive tide of Abyssal flames, I started to worry about that Ellen girl.

But Ellen did not seem to be worried; seeing the destructive tide that was coming toward her, a wide smile appeared on her face, and her sword started to light up, creating a coin size ball of energy which is half the size of thumb before releasing it toward the huge abyssal flame.

The small ball of holy looking moth that is moving toward the forest, one would guess it would not do anything to the huge destructive abyssal tide, but they are wrong.

As that small ball hit the abyssal tide, it lightened up like the holy sun, which can purify anything.

The purifying rays started to spread across the abyssal wave, and before long, it completely purified, but by that time, the battle small ball also lost all of its energy.

The audience gasped loudly as half of the Arena which had made contact with the tide had been decimated, the tiles turned to ash the hard blocks that are below them had a huge crack on them.

The attacks after that became more and more intense. They have destroyed the whole area. If not for s.h.i.+elds being reinforced seeing the condition of the Arena, it would have been destroyed too.

Still, I am quite shocked by the power these girls are displaying; this is not power that Knight Level should have; even those who reached the unmanned Knight level, very few of them could release this kind of power.

I still remember the time I had reached the unnamed Knight level, the power I could display that time was comparable to these girls who are still at Admantime. If these girls survive until they reach a peak, they will become a terror for the Grimm Monsters.

The attacks become more and more powerful, and girls also get injured, but they do not seem to care about their injuries as they are fighting madly without care for the injuries.

Healing from such injuries is not a problem for these girls but injuries they have are far from normal serious injuries. These injuries contain their opponent's powers, which makes them very hard to heal.


As I watched the battle, I sensed something and smiled; others also sensed it and had various expressions. They have finally come, as soon as battle finished, they will show themselves.

On the other hand, the battle had become completely insane; both girls had a huge amount of injuries; they were bleeding from head to toe, but they were still fighting intensely.

They again launched another battle, but this attack is different from previous attacks; the scale of it is too huge. It looks like these girls want to finish up the battle in this single attack.


Finally, both of their attacks clashed and a huge boom rang out which had completely decimated the Arena or what's left of it and threw the girls at the s.h.i.+elds at rocket speed which had rippled under the powerful shockwave created by the clash of their attacks.

The battle is over, and it is a tie; coincidentally, both of them were thrown out of the arena at the same time which made this battle tie.