Monster Integration - Chapter 1061 - Abyssal Star II

Chapter 1061 - Abyssal Star II

Chapter 1061 - Abyssal Star II

Both of the girls are intensely fighting without showing their real strength, but one could still marvel at their combat style.

In just the knight stage, both of them have an impeccable fighting style. Each of their moves is refined to the limit and could be said to be perfect at their level, even Micheal, which I had through becoming almost perfect in combat style, is a little pale in front of these two little girls.

Ellen has such a fighting style I could understand since she had been personally taught by Lady Vivian for more than a year but this little Jillian girl. She does not seem to have any teacher from what I have read from her intel.

The more she fights, the more mysterious she seems to become, and I could wait to see what other secrets this girl will show in Battle.

These people are already salivating after seeing Abyssal Energy from her; I wonder what they will do after she shows something concrete. Will, those powerful people from their Organisations, will also come if she shows enough promise.

The battle continued and became more intense, and now the holy white glow started to come out of Lady Vivian's student body. She could handle the increasing strength of that Jillina with her physical strength and now started to show little of her power.

This is very little intel on Lady Vivian's student aside from the fact that she had Apex Bloodline, and it is not fully awakened yet.

It takes time for Bloodline to f awaken, the more powerful it, the more time it will take.

But awakening bloodline will not be much a problem for the Lady Vivians student with her guidance. This little is very fortunate that she had gotten such a powerful and knowledgeable teacher at the time her bloodline awakened; it saved her a lot of trouble.

'Apex Bloodline' I guess mine would have also fallen in that category if not that problem. That problem had not only slowed down my progress but also stopping me using my full power not to forget the loss of lifeforce I have when I use my full powerfully.


I could not help but sigh when I think about it; if I had that thing, just one drop of it would have been enough for me to get out of my predictions and use the full potential that my bloodline had to offer.

But how easy it is getting that thing, it is always a bloodbath whenever that thing is found. It is one of the most precious things in the world which could bring back one from the dead.

The last time that thing appeared, It was three hundred years ago; It was consumed by the Leader of Miston, which helped reach the level which only reached by the very few.

The battle between two girls is raging, and so is a discussion of the people sitting here and watching the fight. Jealousy and desire had become common emotions as they looked at these two girls.

Picking up the seed is a very important job, and many people used their connections in their organizations to get such an a.s.signment. A good seed could help his Organisation reach higher, and the one who picked that seed heavily rewards.

It is also a job that needs most wisdom and insight, and that is why the Organisations sent their top dogs for their job, not only to select great seed but also to take that seed to their organization.

As the battle progressed, both girls started to show more and more of their powers, and now they have finally begun to use their Arts, and I have to say, their Arts are very powerful and unique.

The Art that Lady Vivian's student uses, Arachne's Web is Offensive/Support type Art, helps one create extraordinarily sharp and strong strings of energies that have the power to cut through anything, but it is also used to trap the enemies.

Lady Vivian's student had converted her Totem Artifact into a pair of gauntlets and is releasing energy strings through them.

I am quite surprised to see the Converting Type Totem Artifact in her hand.

It is a very high-level Totem Blueprint and treasured by Crystal Domination that they only let successor level member practice and she using it means she had already become one of the Successors of Crystal Domination.

Since Lady Vivian's student, her becoming leader of Crystal Dominant, would not be surprising.

Twenty minutes pa.s.sed by, and the girls are still fighting, but now the power they are showing is great; if Micheal had taken one of place, he would have lost by a single attack with his Explosion Art and amazing Armor. The funny thing is, these girls had not even shown their real powers.

It would not be long, though; they had already fought long enough without showing their real strength. The way they are increasing their strength, they will show their real power in minutes or two.

I was right a minute later, both of the girls separated and started looking at each other in the eyes without speaking before suddenly their auras started to rise explosively that sensing, I had to straighten my back.

The power they are projecting has made me serious, and this level of power could only be projected by those who reached the unnamed level of Knight, even the best among them have such strong aura.

As their aura exploded, the visual phenomenon started to appear; the phenomenon appeared behind Ellen when fain humanoid women appeared behind her. The human is a woman and looked like a human, but it is clearly not.

The faint phantom that appeared behind is an extremely beautiful winged woman bathed in holy light. She is releasing an aura that made one want to kneel in front of her, even at my level, I am feeling the compulsion to bow in front of that figure.

Here everyone easily resisted the compulsion to bow, but in the audience, nearly everyone had bowed with a pious expression on their faces.

'Such compulsion even when it is not fully awakened, it is really an Apex Bloodline.' I thought before turning to the Jillian girl whose whole body is bathing in the Abyssal flame, and those who looked at it found their very soul shudder.

Its effect no less than the other girl, which quite surprised me as Inheritances are always weaker than the Bloodlines.

The scene felt quite poetic; at one side, a girl emitting a holy feeling that possesses the power to cleanse all evil while on the other side, there are abyssal flames which usually consider evil among commands.

I was watching and thought the visual phenomenon over when suddenly the abyssal flames started to move back and began to form shape first, it was not clear soon it started to become clear, and when I saw what shape it is taking, my whole body shuddered.

Not only me but others too straightened up; if this flames took the shape of the Star that I am thinking it is taking, then within a few, all help will break loose, something very big will happen.

Seconds pa.s.sed by, and finally, about a minute later, a nine-pointed runic star appeared behind the girl.

The Star of Abyss!

This Inheritance only appeared one time in the world. That is about three thousand five hundred years ago, and the host was Ramona Hawthorn, the founder of Hawthorns Sea, the most powerful powerhouse this world had ever produced and also the most exceptional pupil of Riverfield Academy.